The sick left

Harvard Hires PLO Executive to Mentor Students

Featured image The Clarion Project reports that Harvard University has selected Saeb Erekat — who serves as secretary general of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) — to be a fellow at the Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Erekat’s duties will include mentoring students and giving seminars in the school’s “The Future of Diplomacy Project.” Erekat is rabidly anti-Israel, as one would expect from a »

Looting Goes Mainstream on NPR

Featured image With lawlessness and organized looting threatening to take down Joe Biden (which is why I’ve been calling the riots “spontaneous pro-Trump rallies”—have they filed their in-kind contribution reports with the FEC by the way?), we’ve seen leading Democrats like AOC say looting is just desperate people trying to get necessities. Like flat screen TVs and Nike shoes, though I haven’t been able to find the FDA’s nutritional guidance on any »

It can happen here. In fact, it is happening here.

Featured image The authoritarian left isn’t content just to block speech it disagrees with. It also wants to force people into making leftist utterances and gestures. Today, at various restaurants in Washington, D.C, BLM protesters demanded that diners eating outdoors raise their fists in support. Most diners did — this is Washington — but a few did not. Those who did not were berated. The mob chanted “white silence is violence” at »

Lefty pundit: Democrats are going too easy on Trump

Featured image In September 1972, just before the start of my second year of law school, I was eating dinner with a group of law students, including a female first-year whom I had just met. The topic turned to the Democratic National Convention. Never shy with an opinion, I said that the Dems had spent too much time bragging about how many (American) Indians were included among the delegates, and not enough »

Washington Post celebrates destruction of books

Featured image Today, the Washington Post’s Sunday “Outlook” section ran a piece in which Lawrence Downes, formerly of the New York Times editorial board, boasts about feeding books by Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Laura Ingraham, and other conservative authors to worms. Downes says he purchases these books on sale from his public library. He then takes them home for “quarantine.” In this way, he prevents people who might want to buy and »

The mob comes for Seattle’s mayor

Featured image No one with a passing knowledge of history will be surprised by this Fox News report: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Councilmembers Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez have had offensive messages written outside their homes by some protesters who support defunding the city’s police department. Messages written on a street at Durkan’s home read “Guillotine Jenny” and “Resign Bi—,” according to The Seattle Times. Windows at Pedersen’s home read “F— »

Learning from France ’68

Featured image Anticipating the 50th anniversary of what the French euphemistically call “the events” of ’68, Professor Daniel Mahoney provided a retrospective assessment based on the work of Raymond Aron, Roger Scruton, and Pierre Manent in the Law & Liberty essay “France’s psychodrama of 1968.” Steve revisited the subject with Professor Mahoney last week in the podcast posted here. Rereading Professor Mahoney’s 2018 essay, I was most struck by this paragraph toward »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (12)

Featured image So here are some of the news items of the day, starting with the crazy left protesting at Mount Rushmore: BREAKING: Protesters have slashed the tires on vans and are blocking the road leading to Mt. Rushmore where President Trump is scheduled to speak tonight in honor of the 4th of July — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 3, 2020 Protestors otherwise known as “the Ad Hoc Committee to Re-Elect »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (7)

Featured image I’m actually pretty busy at the moment, even though school is over for the summer, so I’m having trouble keeping up with the tsunami of craziness washing over the land. But I’ll try to continue this chronicle of the most egregious and significant events. • Who would have thought that sense and resolve against statue-toppling repudiation would come from the president of France, Emmanuel Macron. The Daily Wire reports: “We »

Imagine there’s no MPD

Featured image The Minneapolis City Council has 13 members. Of the 13, 12 are leftist DFL loons. The 13th is a leftist Green Party loon. They are missing only a local member of the Legal Marijuana Now Party for the trifecta. Minneapolis sits within the congressional district represented by Ilhan Omar in Congress. Perhaps she makes the trifecta. The Minneapolis City Council made big news when 9 of its 13 members pledged »

Cancel yourselves, you lousy twits

Featured image Tyler O’Neil draws attention to Tom Cotton’s resistance to the mass hysteria of the past few weeks in “Tom Cotton EVISCERATES Cancel Culture in ‘Obelisk of Wokeness’ Speech” (conclusion in video below). Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Cotton let the fur fly. The leftist twits have labored to mock his speech, but the evidence he cited speaks for itself and supports his conclusion. The greatest defense against against tyranny, »

Chronicles of the Crazy Time (2)

Featured image I may have made a big mistake starting this particular series, because now that I am trying to keep a running inventory of the absurd capitulations taking place every day I’m finding a deluge. What is going on right now is not simply an angry reaction to the death of George Floyd, or a contagion of opportunistic (or organized) rioting. The late Roger Scruton offered the best phrase to describe »

Sheldon Whitehouse beclowns himself

Featured image Last week, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse tweeted this about Judge Neomi Rao: Where you see Neomi Rao, you can expect a lot of Trumpy dirt to follow. She’s a cartoon of a fake judge. Watch this space. I’m fine with politicians criticizing judges, but this tweet isn’t criticism, it’s just name-calling. If President Trump said this, liberals would rip him for it, with Whitehouse probably leading the charge. Whitehouse’s outburst was »

The addled mind of Max Baucus

Featured image Max Baucus is the former U.S. Senator from Montana. For some reason, the people of that great state repeatedly elected him to the Senate. Less surprisingly, President Obama selected Baucus to be his ambassador to China. He served in this position for almost three clueless years. This week, Baucus told CNN that President Trump’s “over the top rhetoric” and “red baiting” of China reminds him of Joe McCarthy. Baucus also »

An absurd and outrageous shot at Bill Barr

Featured image The Justice Department’s decision to dismiss the prosecution of Gen. Flynn caused left liberal heads to explode. None exploded more loudly than that of Norman Ornstein. He tweeted, “Bill Barr is a fascist.” No serious analyst would make such a claim, even in the heat of the moment. It’s certainly not fascist to call for review of a case in which a public servant may have been set up for »


Featured image I recently drew the attention of Power Line readers to Professor Gary Saul Morson’s essay “How the great truth dawned.” It leads off the September issue of The New Criterion. Beginning and ending with Solzhenitsyn, it takes up the Gulag, Communism, mass murder, Russian literature, the turn to God and much more. It is a great essay. The New Criterion invited Professor Morson back to deliver its inaugural Circle Lecture »

CRB: The chosen and the woke

Featured image We continue our preview of the new (Summer) issue of the Claremont Review of Books hot off the press. It went into the mail on Monday and is accessible online to subscribers now. Buy an annual subscription including immediate online access here for the modest price of $19.95. If you love trustworthy essays on, and reviews of books about, politics, history, literature and culture, the CRB may be for you. »