The Week in Pictures: Apology Tour Edition

Watching Hillary trying to calibrate her apologies for her home-brew server—a calibration finely tuned to exactly how far her poll numbers are tanking—puts me in mind of an old Monty Python record that begins with a serial apology sketch (2 minutes long), in which John Cleese and other Pythons apologize for the previous apologies. Hillary has just about reached that territory. (The New York Times reported the whole pathetic story yesterday.) Oh, and Donald Trump! Because Trump!

Hillary Apology copy

Sorry Again copy

Hillary Apology 2 copy Hillary Apology 3 copy Hillary Trust copy Hillary Apolgy 4 copy

Hillary Polls copy Hillary Trees copy

Trump Military Record copy Trump Bible copy

Trump Establishment copy

Canada Trump copy Trump Biden copy

On Oldern Pond copy

Bernie! copy

Obama Priorities copy

Iran Inspectipons copy

Compelled Marriage License copy

Gaystapo copy

Looks like a hate crime to me.

Looks like a hate crime to me.

GOP Majority copy


Apple v Walmart copy

Gender War copy

Red Shirt Graves copy Red Dress copy

Facebook wedding copy Beer Sooup copy Horse announcement copy Save Icon copy Printer Down copy New Apple copy Dallek Cat copy

And finally . . . in a very slight change to the usual format in honor of Sept. 11:

Wounded Lady Vets copy