Golovkin vs. Lemieux

Last May’s Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight was a disappointment, although a predictable one. Both boxers were past their primes, and Pacquiao, in particular, is a shadow of the fighter who terrorized the lower weight classes six or seven years ago. Moreover, Mayweather’s defensive style is good for racking up victories but makes for boring fights, especially in the later years of his career.

If you are in the market for a lot more boxing action, consider buying tonight’s Gennady Golovkin-David Lemieux middleweight title fight on HBO PPV. A crowd of 20,000 is expected at Madison Square Garden for what is sure to be an action-filled bout. Why? Because Golovkin is in it.


Triple G always delivers. The Kazakh, now living in the U.S. by way of Germany, is undefeated at 33-0. It has been seven years since an opponent last went the distance with him. A ferocious puncher, Golovkin is willing to take a hit if it gives him the opportunity to deliver one in return. There is no such thing as a dull Gennady Golovkin fight.

David Lemieux, a French Canadian, is a good fighter with a 34-2 record. But he is an 8-1 underdog, which shows the respect boxing fans have for Triple G. Tonight’s main event is sure to be action-packed, and the undercard looks pretty good too. There is one caveat for those thinking about buying the fight on PPV, as with all of Golovkin’s fights: there is no guarantee that it will last long.


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