Hillary for dummies

Jed Babbin steps back from the latest revelations in the continuing saga of Hilary Clinton’s unsecured private email server for her official State Department business to offer this useful introduction:

To begin we have to recognize the obvious: that her private email system was set up for a corrupt purpose, namely to ensure that she had control over all the communications she sent or received as secretary of state. We know that she tried to erase tens of thousands of emails to the State Department for their review, an act in furtherance of the corrupt purpose. The FBI has probably recovered most or all of them. Keep that in mind as you read what follows.

By establishing her non-government system, Clinton intended to thwart the government’s ownership of her in-the-line-of-duty communications and to keep the emails under her control at all times. From that fact, and the actions she took, arises the problem she has under the federal criminal law.

Clinton has said repeatedly that she never sent or received any emails which contained information that was marked classified at the time of the messages. Those weasel words are irrelevant for several reasons, not the least of which is that she — as secretary of state — knew that classified information is not always marked as such and she had a personal duty — not something she could delegate to subordinates — to recognize and protect that information.

Clinton is protected by friendly reporters disinclined to ask the uncomfortable questions. See, e.g., Chuck Todd on Meet the Press (“Are you concerned?” was the best Todd could rouse himself to do). Clinton keeps repeating her mantra (video below) and “going forward.”


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