The Dems’ debate: Another world

I don’t deprecate President Obama’s accomplishments in office. It seems to me that he has delivered to a substantial extent on his promise of “fundamental transformation” of the United States. He has also had a profound effect on the Democratic Party. Last night at the Dems’ debate in Charleston, Hillary Clinton presented herself as his heir. Bernie Sanders, well, he wants to continue the fundamental transformation too.

There is nothing funny about this crew. They are as funny as cancer.

Yet Martin O’Malley provides comic relief of the unintentional variety. Quotable quote from Governor O’Malley: “The greatest business opportunity to come to America in 100 years is climate change.” This must represent deep thinking orthodoxy in Obama’s party. O’Malley is a useful character. He gives us Democratic orthodoxy as a court jester might.

I assume Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. (Disclaimer: I assumed this in 2008 as well. Reviewing last night’s proceedings, John Podhoretz suggests why I might be mistaken this time as well.) Listen to her spout Democratic orthodoxy on the criminal justice system and everything else, for that matter. Listen to her sing the praises of Obamacare. Listen to her grating tone of voice. Bless us and save us, said Mrs. O’Davis.

The Democratic nominee will start the campaign with a substantial leg up in the electoral college. Ask yourself this question: Which Republican candidate can carry such critical swing states as Colorado and Ohio and Virginia and Florida against her?

NBC News has posted last night’s doings online, complete with an hour of pregame kibbitzing and an hour of postgame analysis, four hours’ worth in all. If it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.

The New York Times has posted a transcript of the event here. In case you missed it and have a high threshold for pain, I’m posting the video below. It is illuminating in its own way. Like the prospect of being hanged in a fortnight, it will concentrate your mind wonderfully.

Paul Mirengoff gave it up big time for Power Line readers to provide an excellent assessment of the proceedings. Paul will spare you the pain if your pain management discourages you from taking this in on your own.