Texas poised to redistrict Jackson Lee or Green out of Congress

Featured image Texas Republicans have come up with a congressional redistricting plan. The plan would, in the loaded words of the Washington Post, “siphon[] off thousands of [Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s] Black constituents and potentially forc[e] her into a primary election against her neighboring Black incumbent, Rep. Al Green.” This is a wonderful development. Jackson Lee, who once compared the Tea Party to the KKK, has no redeeming quality I’ve ever detected. »

How Serious Are Democrats About Packing the Court?

Featured image Expanding the Supreme Court so that Joe Biden can nominate two (or perhaps four) new leftists has been on the Democrats’ wish list since the 2020 election. But I don’t see how they can accomplish that objective, since it would require nullifying the filibuster, and it is hard to see either Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema going along with that for such a radical purpose. Perhaps this is why Biden »

Has Sinema outgrown the Democrats?

Featured image How is the left’s campaign to harass Sen. Kyrsten Sinema until she agrees to in excess of $4 trillion in new spending working out? Not well, if this report is true: U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a key moderate, told fellow Democrats in the House of Representatives this week that she will not vote for a multitrillion-dollar package that is a top priority for President Joe Biden before Congress approves a »

Civil War 2.0?

Featured image I wrote here about the possibility that the United States might come apart, not in another violent civil war but in a Brexit-like separation of the blue states from the red states. Five years ago I would not have entertained such a possibility. Today it seems like a viable alternative, and polls suggest that a lot of Americans are open to the possibility. Over the last few days, Southwest Airlines »

Zoning emerges as a political issue for conservatives

Featured image Stanley Kurtz calls attention to two developments he says indicate that zoning may be on the cusp of emerging as a high-profile political issue. The first is from Virginia. There, in the midst of the high-stakes McAuliffe vs. Youngkin race for governor, the conservative group Frontiers of Freedom Foundation is running an ad that highlights Terry McAuliffe’s support for Joe Biden’s plans to undercut single-family zoning. The ad, which I »

Let’s Go, Brandon!

Featured image Joe Biden’s catastrophic slide in the polls has robbed him of the persuasive power that more successful presidents enjoy. We see this in the way the deep split in the Democratic Party is playing out: Biden wants to tip the scales toward the far left, but he lacks the ability to do so. Thus he casually lets it be known that Kyrsten Sinema isn’t returning his phone calls: While it »

Andrew Yang, former Democrat

Featured image Of the Democratic presidential contenders in 2019-20 who made it past the early days of the campaign, I thought Andrew Yang was the most interesting and the only one with any appeal. Pete Buttigieg seemed interesting for a minute. Then I realized that he’s just a standard leftist who happens to prefer having sex with other guys and speaks a lot of languages. Tulsi Gabbard was interesting, especially when she »

Whom do you trust?

Featured image Groucho Marx was a big fan of Gilbert and Sullivan. He often played recordings of their comic operettas at home to the annoyance of his wife. One day Groucho said to her, “did you know that Gilbert couldn’t stand Sullivan and Sullivan couldn’t stand Gilbert?” The long-suffering woman replied, “it doesn’t surprise me, I can’t stand either one of them.” That line came back to me when I read the »

Stalking Sen. Sinema, Continued [And Updated] [And Updated Again]

Featured image Far-left crazies continue to harass Senator Kyrsten Sinema, most recently on an airplane. I assume she was flying back to D.C.: Message from Karina – I am a DACA recipient from Arizona who volunteered to help elect Sen. Sinema. I asked her to follow through on her promises to immigrants in Arizona and support citizenship through reconciliation. — ADAC (@TheADAC) October 4, 2021 Sinema chose not to engage with »

What’s the matter with Florida?

Featured image In 2004, Thomas Frank published a widely-discussed book called What’s the Matter with Kansas? I didn’t read the book, but my understanding of Frank’s smug thesis is that Kansans, and by extension Americans (the title of the book overseas was What’s the Matter with America?), were voting against their interests, as Frank saw them, because they were distracted by cultural issues. These days, Democrats are asking, “what’s the matter with »

I’ll have what he’s having

Featured image The new ad attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (video below) is a little wide of the mark for anyone who has a clue. For Power Line readers no comment is necessary. I will only say that the ad reminds me of the famous scene in When Harry Met Sally. I’ll have what he’s having. I meant to get to this a couple of days ago and overlooked it in the »

Keep nope alive

Featured image No sooner had I posted “The Manchin proviso” yesterday morning than Politico sent out notice that it had posted the Manchin/Schumer memo dated July 28, 2021. I have uploaded the memo to Scribd and embedded it at the bottom of this post. It is a weird document that is beyond my poor powers to explicate. Signed by Senator Manchin and Majority Leader Schumer, the memo purports to set forth Manchin’s »

How Crazy Are the Democrats? This Crazy

Featured image Joe Biden has nominated Saule Omarova to be Comptroller of the Currency. It is an important position. According to the Comptroller’s web site: The OCC charters, regulates, and supervises all national banks and federal savings associations as well as federal branches and agencies of foreign banks. The OCC is an independent bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. So who is Ms. Omarova, whom Joe Biden wants to “charter, »

Covid Morgue, RIP

Featured image We (Scott, mostly) have chronicled the inept and destructive reaction to covid by Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz. That response began with a campaign to scare the daylights out of Minnesotans that was second, perhaps, only to what has happened in Australia. A key element of the campaign of fear was the “Minnesota model,” touted by Walz and his minions as the “scientific” basis for the extreme actions they took. Never »

Liberal Hypocrisy: Chapter 12,186

Featured image I’m running out of popcorn watching liberals in a blind rage at Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema holding up the $3.5 trillion spending blowout bill. And the media is only too happy to go along. This is one of my favorites: Well, in a 50/50 Senate, “median voter theory” in political science would explain this pretty well, but what do I know: I’m not a columnist for The »

Reading the Tea Leaves in Virginia

Featured image Last night Virginina watched a debate between former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe, who is trying for a second turn in office (Virginia has a single-term limit, but you are still eligible to run again after another governor serves), and Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. Polls show it to be a close race. I’ve never thought McAuliffe an especially talented politician, and he let fly with two howlers in the debate, captured »

Dems scramble to keep their spending dreams alive

Featured image There are lots of moving parts to the Democrats’ struggle to spend trillions of dollars via bipartisan infrastructure legislation and Democrat-only-backed reconciliation. The debt ceiling has now been thrown into the mix for good measure. This piece in the Washington Post does a good job describing the Democrats quandary. It simplifies things considerably if one starts from the reality we have emphasized throughout — Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema »