Democrats move convention to mid-August

Featured image The Democratic party has decided to push back the start of its national convention from July 13 to August 17, a week before the Republican convention is set to begin. The postponement is, of course, due to the Wuhan coronavirus. July 13 was an unusually early date on which to hold a national convention. The Democrats picked it to avoid a conflict with the Olympic games. Those games will not »

Biden: “Hard to envision” an in-person Democratic national convention

Featured image No baseball for the foreseeable future. No NBA. No Euro 2020 soccer tournament. No matter what sports you enjoy watching, you’re missing out on pleasurable experiences above and beyond the joys of going out and about. But there’s a bright side. The Democratic national convention may not take place in its usual form. That’s what Joe Biden says. In his view, it’s “hard to envision” an in-person Democratic National Convention »

Where Are the Democrats? [Updated With Cartoon]

Featured image Whatever you think of the gigantic bill that Senate Republicans and Democrats have negotiated to ameliorate the economic disaster caused by the Wuhan virus, the Democrats’ attempt to hold that bill hostage to a wish list of its own irrelevant policies–policies the Democrats have not been able to get passed on their own merits–is disgraceful. Yesterday the Democrats twice filibustered the coronavirus recovery bill. Tom Cotton took the Senate floor »

How Low Can the Democrats Sink?

Featured image Steve has already commented on this, but I want to amplify the point. Yesterday Senate Democrats filibustered the Trump administration’s economic bailout bill. The key vote was 47-47, with every Democrat voting for the filibuster. You’ve got to hand it to the Democrats: when they decide to jump off a cliff, they do it together. The $1 trillion+ bailout was the sort of bill the Democrats would normally love. So, »

Dems Gotta Dem

Featured image Just what is it that Democrats are holding up the coronavirus relief bill for? Things like this apparently: One might hope that this stunt will have the same effect as the Democrats’ freak show over Brett Kavanaugh before the 2018 mid-term election (at least two defeated Democratic senators blame the backlash against their Kavanaugh antics for their defeats). Meanwhile, amidst the chorus of liberal and media voices who are now »

Trump Derangement Syndrome is Bad for Your Health

Featured image Senate Democrats shocked everyone Sunday afternoon when they blocked passage of a stimulus plan to try to hold the economy together. Stock market futures immediately plunged to the limit, signaling another dismal day on Wall Street at Monday’s open. Even the New York Times can’t conceal this churlishness. Note their headline: Senate Democrats block action on a trillion-dollar stimulus plan The party-line vote was a stunning setback after three days »

A socialist next time?

Featured image As it did in 2016, the Democratic party this year flirted with a socialist presidential candidate, but ultimately rejected him for a pragmatist. Bernie Sanders’s quest for the nomination seems doomed. The party almost certainly will select Joe Biden. The case for nominating Biden was three-fold. First, he was Barack Obama’s vice president. This was probably important to black voters, and it was black voters who carried Biden to victory »

After last night

Featured image We have quickly settled into the new conventional wisdom to account for the sudden rise of Joe Biden from the walking dead to the top of the former heap of Democratic presidential candidates. Biden will be the Democrats’ 2020 nominee for president. What is to be said? Below I offer a few arguable — even when clichéd, they are brief! — observations. 1. The Sanders crowd still represents the throbbing »


Featured image Okay, the image of Joe Biden doing anything more vigorous than plodding along is incongruous. However, Biden is marching to victory over Bernie Sanders tonight. Biden has been declared the winner in Missouri and Mississippi, and he’s ahead in Michigan. If he wins these states plus Washington (where the polls are still open), the race for the Democratic nomination will be effectively over, I think. If there’s any good news »

Chief Justice Roberts Throws Down on Chuck Schumer

Featured image Today at a rally on the Supreme Court steps that was staged to protect the most sacred sacrament of Democratic Party religion—abortion on demand—Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer threatened two Supreme Court justices: “I want to tell you, Gorsuch. I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful »

After last night

Featured image Herewith 10 notes on the outcome and comments on where we are now after the Super Tuesday results in the Democratic presidential primaries: 1. Those of us who bought the conventional wisdom that Biden was dead man walking received a rude awakening. Biden carried pluralities in Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas as well as majorities in Alabama and Virginia. Biden holds a narrow lead in Maine, »

Super Tuesday is on, Biden wins Virginia [updated all evening]

Featured image Talk about getting off to a flying start on Super Tuesday, the polls in Virginia haven’t been closed for even hour and only a small fraction of the vote has been counted. Yet, Joe Biden has already been declared the winner of the Commonwealth’s primary. African-American voters are a key element of the Democratic demographic in Virginia. However, that demographic is considerably more diverse than South Carolina’s. A big Biden »

The Democratic Panic Deepens [with comment by Paul]

Featured image It is odd that Sen. Amy Klobuchar would drop out today, not even 24 hours after her planned rally was disrupted by protesters. Maybe she got some terrible poll numbers showing she is going to lose her home state in tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primary? It would seem to have made more sense to see it through tomorrow, which is the normal inflection point to start clearing a field. Coming on »

Tom Steyer filled a non-existent void

Featured image Until Tom Steyer came along, I believe John Connally held the record for least bang for the buck among aspirants for the presidency. Connally spent around $11 million in his 1980 campaign and secured the support of only one delegate, Ada Mills of Clarksville, Arkansas. She became known as the “$11 million delegate”. Steyer smashed Connally’s record. Reportedly, he spent $158 million on TV and radio adds. Yet, I believe »

The State of the Race

Featured image So Booty-Judge judged his chances would ultimately boot him from the field. Either that or the ultra-secret McKinsey & Co Presidential Selection Algorithm spit out some terrible probabilities this morning after his rounding-error share of the South Carolina black vote yesterday. I’m sure the nerds at their computer screens know that this whole scenario can RePete itself in future election cycles. Some additional thoughts and observations: • Do you realize »

Thoughts on Our Present Discontents: Return of the Turtles?

Featured image In surveying the current political scene, let us take in the observations of a prominent political scientist: The United States is witnessing a transformation of political styles. Traditional party politicians are being challenged not only on the substance of public policy but on their conduct of political activity. It is their behavior as political men as well as their position on issues that is under attack. Whatever their disagreements on »

The Democratic horse race comes to Virginia

Featured image Super Tuesday is almost upon us. It’s less than three days away. The Commonwealth of Virginia, just a few miles from where I live, is a Super Tuesday state. Even before tonight, Joe Biden was gaining momentum in Virginia. The RCP poll average had him in third place, behind Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg. But this average was based on only two polls. A new poll from Christopher Newport University, »