A New Theory About Bloomberg’s Grand Strategy

Featured image What if Michael Bloomberg isn’t really running for the Democratic nomination at all? It is well known that Bloomberg looked closely at running for president as an independent in one or two previous election cycles, partly because he knew his chances of winning the Democratic nomination were very remote. He decided against it in 2016 because he was certain it would hand the election to Trump. Bloomberg’s chances of winning »

Who’s zoomin’ who?

Featured image Yesterday CNN released audio of the exchange between Senators Warren and Sanders following the Democratic presidential candidates’ pre-impeachment debate on Tuesday night (video below). CNN reports the exchange as follows: “I think you called me a liar on national TV,” Warren can be heard saying. “What?” Sanders responded. “I think you called me a liar on national TV,” she repeated. “You know, let’s not do it right now. If you »

Warren doesn’t shake Sanders’s hand

Featured image I watched most of tonight’s Democratic debate. It was a pretty dull affair. To the extent there were fireworks, they occurred after the debate, albeit in the form of something that didn’t happen — a non-handshake. During the debate, as expected, there was an exchange between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren about the latter’s allegation that the former told her a woman couldn’t defeat President Trump. The exchange was civil »

Booker quits the race

Featured image Cory Booker has just announced that he is dropping out of the presidential race. He explained: I got in this race to win, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t continue if there was no longer a path to victory. Our campaign has reached the point where we need more money to scale up and continue building a campaign that can win — money we don’t have, and money that is »

No blacks on the debate stage. Do blacks care?

Featured image It looks like there will be no black, and indeed no non-white, candidates on the debate stage this month when the leading Democratic contenders square off in Iowa. That’s because no non-white candidate has met the objective criteria, including popularity in polls, for participating. According to the Washington Post, “critics say” that the all-white debate stage “threatens to undercut the party’s rhetoric of inclusivity.” But are rank-and-file black Democrats distressed »

Dem Blues: Curiouser and Curiouser

Featured image The newest Des Moines Register poll one month out from the Iowa caucuses is no doubt giving heartburn to the Democratic establishment, because it shows someone who is only occasionally a Democrat (usually on leap years) to be in the lead, with Buttigieg slipping and Biden stuck in neutral: But what is the Washington Post most concerned about? But, but—I though Elizabeth Warren was . . . what’s that? Oh. »

Buts of the Democratic Party

Featured image Leading Democrats speak in unison over President Trump’s decision to order the termination of Iranian terrorist mastermind Qassem Soleimani after he reported for work in Baghdad last week (Washington Free Beacon supercuts video below). TDS runs deep, but (to borrow the Dems’ preferred locution on this issue) they seem to object in principle. They seem to believe what they are saying. God help us when they return to power with »

Law and Order? Yes, Please [with comment by Paul]

Featured image In the New York Times, Thomas Edsall has a very long op-ed titled “Trump Wants Law and Order Front and Center.” The piece is a paean to the progressive trend in law enforcement–i.e., not enforcing laws–combined with fretting about whether the Republicans are likely to benefit politically. It does, I think, highlight an issue that will gain increasing prominence between now and November. Unexpectedly, the 2020 presidential campaign is drilling »

Poll: Jump ball in New Hampshire

Featured image Monmouth University is out with a new poll of the New Hampshire primary, the first one conducted entirely in 2020. It shows a logjam at the top. Pete Buttigieg leads with 20 percent. Joe Biden is right behind at 19 percent, followed closely by Bernie Sanders at 18 percent (the three are tied, statistically speaking). Elizabeth Warren is next. She polls 15 percent. After that, it’s all the way down »

State of the Dem Race Today

Featured image As of this moment, if I had to place a wager I believe Bernie Sanders is going to be the Democratic nominee. But I wouldn’t necessarily bet much—the race is just too volatile. There are a batch of polls out showing the Three Bs—Bernie, Biden, and Buttigieg—virtually tied in Iowa and New Hampshire. Keep in mind two implications of this: first, a large portion of the Democratic primary electorate—maybe half »

Treasonous, Or Just Stupid?

Featured image The Democrats continue to embarrass themselves as they try to make political hay out of President Trump’s defending Americans by ridding the world of its worst living terrorist. Ilhan Omar predictably joined in yesterday, with this tweet: Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause. Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests. »

Democrats vs. The Bee

Featured image As you undoubtedly know, the Babylon Bee is America’s leading satire site. It gently mocks contemporary leftism, something that leftists can’t abide. Humor is, after all, a powerful tool. So the Left–specifically, the Democratic Party–is out to get the Bee. That’s not funny! Today’s flap is over this Babylon Bee post: “Democrats Call For Flags To Be Flown At Half-Mast To Grieve Death Of Soleimani.” At a press conference held »

“War Crimes” Hysteria on the Left

Featured image Democrats are accusing President Trump of committing, or contemplating, “war crimes” against Iran. This grows out of the killing of arch-terrorist Qasem Soleimani. Specifically, it has to do with this series of tweets by President Trump: ….targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago), some at a very high level & important to Iran & the Iranian culture, and those targets, and Iran »

The Democrats Change Their Minds On Soleimani [Updated]

Featured image An astute observer figured out how to get the Democrats on board with the killing of mass murderer Qassem Soleimani: What if I told you Soleimani had some decade-old off-color tweets? — matt (@MattsIdeaShop) January 3, 2020 I wish liberals were not so easy to parody, I really do. The world would be a better place. But in the meantime, it certainly is fun to laugh at them. UPDATE: This »

DNC Issues Statement on Killing of Soleimani

Featured image Today the Democratic National Committee issued this statement on the killing of General Qassem Soleimani by the U.S.: The attack came amid tensions that started by the US attack on PMF units that killed 28 Iraqi popular forces. A day later, Iraqi people attacked the US embassy in Baghdad. On Wednesday President Donald Trump ordered about 750 US soldiers deployed to the Middle East. … The developments also represent a »

Julian Castro drops out

Featured image Julian Castro ended his bid for the Democratic nomination today. If Castro made any impression in this race, it was for his nastiness during some of the debates, not for any discernible support his candidacy was able to generate. The current RCP poll average has him at 1 percent, and he’s probably only registering at that level due to an outlier poll from three weeks ago that had him at »

Bernie Ascending; Buttigieg Descending? [Updated]

Featured image The “holiday season,” better known to Americans as Christmas and Hanukkah but now known as Impeachment Season to cosmopolite liberals, might be thought of as half-time in the presidential primary process. And the 4th quarter fundraising numbers for the Democratic field are starting to dribble out. News out this morning is that Bernie Sanders raked in $34.5 million in the 4th quarter (up from $25 million in the 3rd quarter), »