The Mindlessness of the Left

Featured image Herewith a series of propositions and observations that all add us to the same conclusion—the left is utterly unprincipled, and will change their views on a dime when it suits their drive for power. • As recently as 2009, Democrats had 60 U.S. Senators. You will search in vain to find a Democrat who complained then that the Senate was “undemocratic,” favored small states “unfairly,” or that we needed to add »

Trouble ahead for Democrats?

Featured image Joe Biden’s average approval rating is 54 percent. That’s not bad, though it lags behind the 100-day numbers of every post-World War II president except Donald Trump. But our friend Michael Barone looks behind that number and sees worrying signs for Democrats. For one thing, Biden’s 41.6 percent disapproval number is about equal to Trump’s. And Biden’s real numbers may be worse than what the poll average shows because, as »

Florida Democrats desperate to defeat DeSantis

Featured image As expected, Rep. Charlie Crist announced today that he will run for governor of Florida. Crist, a former Republican, is one of the biggest charlatans in American politics, in my view. Crist will have company in the quest for the Democratic nomination. Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the only Democrat to recently win statewide in Florida, and Rep. Val Demings, a House impeachment manager, are considered likely to join him. The »

More 2022 worries for House Dems

Featured image Last week, I wrote about the decision of Rep. Cheri Bustos not to seek reelection in 2022, and the possibility that the Illinois congresswoman’s retirement might cost the Democrats a seat in the House. I also mentioned that several other House Dems from potentially competitive seats — Cindy Axne of Iowa, Tim Ryan of Ohio, and Val Demings and Stephanie Murphy of Florida — are considering leaving the House to »

Leading House Dem won’t seek reelection

Featured image Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL) has announced that she will not seek reelection in 2022. Bustos was head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last year (currently, she heads the House Democratic Steering Committee). The Democrats were expected to gain seats in 2020, but ended up losing some and barely holding their House majority. In addition, Bustos, who had won reelection in 2016 by 20 points even though Donald Trump carried »

Coronavirus in one state (158)

Featured image Governor Tim “tear down this” Walz continues to wage the war on Covid. He clings to the temporary emergency powers he has exercised under state law in order to control the “dials” of our lives. It’s a long way to temporary. However, the war is over. There is no emergency. This series should come to an end. With the assistance of Kevin Roche, I continue to submit questions to the »

Sizing Up the Political Scene: “Wokeness Is a Problem, and Everybody Knows It”

Featured image I’ve been working up to a long piece here about the extraordinary political scene, starting with the premise that it’s one thing for Progressive Twitter to run the New York Times, and quite another when Progressive Twitter runs the entire Democratic Party. But that’s where we are. (P)resident Joe Biden has sold out wholly to the Progressive mob, full stop. Biden won the presidency (yes, I know—if he won) by »

Democrats Vote to Continue Discriminating Against Asians

Featured image With race the topic du jour, it is odd that more attention isn’t being paid to the most obvious discrimination in our society: that against Asians. While employers commonly engage in such discrimination, the most viciously discriminatory organizations in our society are universities. Thus, Senate Republicans offered an amendment to the new “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” that would have ended federal funding of universities that discriminate against Asian American applicants. »

The D.C. statehood gambit

Featured image Democrats seem intent on using the events of January 6 as a sort of Reichstag fire on which they can predicate a one-party state. They have H.R. 1. to federalize election law and facilitate fraudulent voting. They seek to pack the Supreme Court. And they propose turning the District of Columbia into a state. The D.C. statehood gambit has been around for a long time, but it answers to the »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is presented A TOTALLY UNEXPECTED OPPORTUNITY!!! She writes: Since we were only on Day 2 of The Journey Wednesday when it was already time to send in a column, I think I will start the Trip Columns next week. By the time you read this, we should be on our way from Lincoln to Sioux Falls. I will weigh in when I can. Enjoy this one in the »

A personal note on Walter Mondale

Featured image Former Vice President Walter Mondale died on Monday at the age of 93. His death brought back a flood of memories to me. I want to offer these personal notes on the occasion of his death. I talked my way into an internship in then Minnesota Senator Mondale’s Washington office in the summer of 1969, just after I graduated from high school in St. Paul. I had gone to hear »

It’s Official: Dems Want Tax Cut for The Rich

Featured image If you need proof that Democrats are really on the side of the plutocracy, look no further than New York’s Democratic House members, who today wrote to Speaker Pelosi threatening to vote against any of (P)resident Biden’s tax increase proposals unless the bill includes full repeal of the state and local tax (SALT) deduction limitations that were part of Trump’s 2017 tax reform. The SALT limitation was the single most »

Who tamed whom?

Featured image The headline of this Washington Post article is “How Joe Biden tamed the left — at least for now.” The authors show, in essence, that Biden tamed the left by giving leftists what they want. One might say the left tamed Biden. The authors claim to find it “surprising” that Biden and the left are getting on so well. If the authors are surprised, they’re awfully naive. The better view »

Biden’s radical agenda likely to hit wall

Featured image Joe Biden, or whoever is pulling the strings, has an ambitious agenda. Too ambitious in a well-functioning democracy for a president who squeaked into the White House and whose party holds only half of the Senate seats. There is no mandate for the kind of sweeping change Biden and his handlers desire. One can debate whether ours is a well functioning democracy, but I hope it still functions well enough »

Fly like a Jim Eagle

Featured image Have the Democrats ever called a ceasefire in the ongoing use of race for partisan political purposes? I don’t think so. And of course Joe Biden was a habitual race warrior in disgusting style. According to Biden speaking to a black audience, the sainted Mitt Romney — winner of this year’s JFK Profile in Courage Award — was going to “put y’all back in chains” if elected president in 2012. »

Is the Left in Trouble?

Featured image There are some interesting signs that the Biden victory and the Democratic Party’s current lunge to the far left may be an outlier among Western democracies, where leftist parties continue to lose ground. Progressive writers Ruy Teixeira and Brian Kaltis (both with the lefty Center for American Progress) note the unhappy (for them) results of elections earlier this week in the Netherlands: Look at the results from yesterday’s national elections in »

The CCP Blazes a Trail

Featured image The Red Chinese have been cracking down on freedom in Hong Kong for some time, in violation of the promises they made when Great Britain returned sovereignty to China. The CCP’s latest move is intended to permanently extinguish democracy in Hong Kong. The London Times reports: China’s grip on the city tightened yesterday when its parliament unanimously approved new election rules that make it almost impossible for democracy activists to »