She Must Have Hit a Nerve

Featured image We have been writing about Rep. Elise Stefanik’s impressive performance in the ongoing impeachment fiasco. You can tell she did a good job in yesterday’s committee hearing, because liberals promptly started circulating an absurd photoshopped image of her giving a camera the finger at the conclusion of Ambassador Yovanovitch’s testimony. And they actually claimed it was real! Twitchy has a rundown on the Democrats who perpetrated this fraud. This is »

A Vulture Capitalist Enters the Democratic Race

Featured image Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. That doesn’t interest me much, but it is worth noting that Patrick resigned from Bain Capital the day before he announced. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working for Bain; it is a perfectly good company. But remember the abuse that the Democrats heaped on Mitt Romney for running Bain Capital? He was a “vulture »

Democrats Hate America

Featured image This won’t surprise anyone who has been paying attention, but there is a stark difference between the parties: Republicans love America, while Democrats can’t stand her. Rasmussen Reports has the numbers: Democrats really don’t like America and think it’s time to move on from the culture that got us here. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 38% of Likely Democratic Voters believe American society »

A big week for the President and his enemies

Featured image The Democrats’ effort to take down President Trump over his dealings with Ukraine consists of three stages. The first stage was to develop the evidence that Trump withheld aid for a period of time as a way of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden. The second stage is to present that evidence to the public through good witnesses. The third stage will be to press the argument that what Trump »

Too good for the Democrats

Featured image In writing here about how Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter the Democratic presidential sweepstakes, I expressed doubt that he has a realistic chance of moving into serious contention. Bloomberg’s candidacy can probably be dismissed for that reason. However, some are dismissing Bloomberg on the theory that he brings nothing much to the table. Consider this passage from the normally sensible Dan Balz of the Washington Post: Almost every attribute »

Amy’s complaint

Featured image Amy Klobuchar is upset. She had hoped to become the second string non-radical choice for the Democratic presidential nomination behind Joe Biden, who she thought might fall by the wayside. Instead, Pete Buttigieg has grabbed that slot. How did his happen? Klobuchar declines to give Buttigieg any credit or to accept any blame. Instead, she attributes Buttigieg’s success and her her failure to sexism, expressing doubt that people would take »

Report: Bloomberg preparing to enter Democratic race

Featured image Alexander Burns of the New York Times reports that Michael Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential race. He is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in at least one state — Alabama — with an early filing deadline. According to Burns: Mr. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, has been privately weighing a bid for the White House »

Is there a silver lining in the Virginia debacle?

Featured image As Steve noted in his post on yesterday’s election, the results in Virginia did not go the Republicans’ way. Not at all. Outspent significantly by Democrats, Republicans lost control over both houses of the Virginia General Assembly. The Democrats picked up at least two seats in the state Senate and at least five in the House of Delegates. These aren’t massive gains, but they give control of the legislature to »

Which Dem presidential candidate should conservatives be rooting for?

Featured image During last night’s Power Line VIP show, we received plenty of good questions from the audience. We answered a number of them. Apologies to those whose questions we didn’t get to. One of the best questions of the evening came from Scott. He asked, in effect, whether conservatives who favor President Trump’s reelection should be rooting for the Dems to nominate one of their more extreme candidates, on the theory »

Democrats Are Buying Virginia

Featured image Currently, the GOP is looking in relatively good shape, financially, for next year’s presidential election. But that doesn’t change the fact that in races around the country, Democrats almost always have more money than Republicans. A case in point is Virginia, whose legislative elections are tomorrow. A reader writes that “Democrats have $11.3 million in recent donations, compared to only $4.4 million for Virginia Republicans.” That sort of disproportion is »

Bernie and Liz differentiate

Featured image When the presidential campaign season began, Bernie Sanders may have figured, as many of us did, that Elizabeth Warren would not make a strong run for the nomination. Polls did not place her at or near the top of the pack. Warren may have figured that Sanders, though polling well, would fade. To many, he seemed like yesterday’s man. Whether for these reasons or some other, neither Sanders nor Warren »

Thin Lizzie’s Wedge

Featured image I’m starting to wonder whether Elizabeth Warren is another Karl Rove/Steve Bannon dirty trick—a plant inside the Democratic Party with the perfect appeal to make the party sign up for the biggest political suicide note since the Labour Party decided to run on unilateral disarmament against Margaret Thatcher in 1983. (Labour lost in a historic landslide.) Warren’s Medicare-for-All will depend apparently on a 6 percent wealth tax on the super-rich, »

Kamala Harris fades into irrelevance

Featured image After the first Democratic presidential debate, Kamala Harris looked as likely as anyone in the field to capture the nomination. Her well-timed and well-rehearsed attack on Joe Biden over school busing dominated the post-debate analysis. In the polls, it boosted her from the third tier to the second, alongside Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and seemed to give her the momentum to make a run at Biden, then the undisputed »

The Dems’ frivolous request that Barr recuse himself

Featured image Democrats, led by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, are clamoring for Attorney General Barr to recuse himself from all matters pertaining to Ukraine that might come up in Justice Department investigations. They know Barr isn’t going to do so, but hope to discredit him with this sort of a drumbeat. There is no reason for Barr to recuse himself. Democrats base their call for recusal on “concerns about [Barr’s] role in President »

NBC Covers for Katie Hill

Featured image Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill is, to put it charitably, a mess. She and her husband entered into a three-way relationship with a young campaign staffer, whom Hill subsequently dumped. She then, according to her husband, began an affair with another employee, this time a man. Hill drinks heavily, to the point where she repeatedly has missed flights, and has mental health issues. When these matters became public, evidently based »

Joe Biden’s Trouble With the Truth

Featured image In his lifetime in politics, Joe Biden has always had a tenuous connection to reality. As he has gotten elderly, that connection has weakened further. While politicians in general are not famed for veracity, Biden’s pronouncements–especially about himself, a topic on which you might expect him to be an authority–are uniquely likely to be false. The latest case in point: Brother of Sandy Hook victim calls out Joe Biden for »

The Democrats’ Corrupt Clown Show

Featured image House Democrats have neither voted to commence an impeachment inquiry nor established rules for such an inquiry. As a result, Adam Schiff has been free to decree whatever arbitrary procedures he desires. Only, as Congressman Dan Crenshaw points out in the video below, Schiff’s procedures actually violate the House rules on committee records: Adam Schiff isn't allowing Reps. to see the transcripts from this impeachment inquiry, but selectively leaks small »