Ms. Clinton resets

I wondered what Madam Hillary and her cornermen would do to make sure she didn’t suffer one of her patented coughing fits last night in the course of the the biggest speech of her career. I would guess they must have done something, but I’m still wondering what.

At the Daily Wire, Robert Kraychuk makes a related observation: “Clinton noticeably cleared her throat twenty-two times. In and of itself, it could be written off as temporarily being under the weather….She seemed to have deliberately timed her throat clearing during manufactured applause directed by her audience managers.” The video montage is below.

You’ll want to get that sound out of your head. I would have let this go if I couldn’t think of a play on the title of the Cole Porter classic “Miss Otis Regrets.” Here it is as performed by the great Ella Fitzgerald. I believe that’s Paul Smith on the piano accompanying Miss Ella, from her Cole Porter Songbook album. (Background on the somewhat mysterious song here.)