Wedding planner vouches for Russell Wilson’s political correctness

Russell Wilson is the star quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Recently, he married someone called Ciara, an attractive singer, model, etc.

The wedding took place in Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. Not bad.

The Wilson-Ciara wedding was planned by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. In an interview with a publication called The Knot, Weiss gave her version of the backstory on the wedding.

According to Weiss, the pair originally planned to get married in North Carolina, but that state’s transgender bathroom law caused them to switch to Paris. Unfortunately, the wedding would have conflicted with [Couture] Fashion Week, so they settled on the English castle.

Thus, according to Weiss, the top three choices for the grand occasion were somewhere in North Carolina, Paris, and an English castle, in that order.

Makes sense to me. Just the other day, I ate at McDonalds. If I couldn’t have eaten there, I would have been off to Paris to dine at Maxims. I understand the Big Max is delicious.

Back to Wilson and Ciara, I wonder whether they checked out the transgender restroom laws in Paris and Cheshire. In France, public restrooms often have female attendants. They are called “Madame Pee Pee.” You are supposed to tip them.

However, Madame Pee Pee sits innocuously in a chair near the door. She does not urinate near you.

Based on this account, I take it that some, though not all, public restrooms in England are gender-segregated. I do not know that status of Peckforton Castle’s facilities.

Would Wilson and Ciara really have held their wedding in North Carolina but for the HB2 law? Or is this just something the wedding planner put out there, with or without the couple’s consent, for marketing/imaging purposes? Who knows?

We do know that organizations like the NBA have boycotted states and localities for political and ideological reasons. So have some celebrities.

I think it’s time for conservatives to organize and follow suit, Not just, or even primarily, with states and localities but with organizations, corporations, and celebrities.


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