Michael Moore Voting for Trump?

I still think Trump may win the election. The polls are very weird. We’ve seen how off they were with Brexit and the last UK general election. A hidden Trump vote is not unimaginable at all. Politico went through various Trump victory scenarios a week ago.

And then there’s Michael Moore, who calls Trump “a human Molotov cocktail” and worse.  Generally I make a point of ignoring his immensity. But then I came across the four-minute clip of Moore talking about Trump (drawn possibly from his new film “Michael Moore in Trumpland,” I’m not certain; in any case, strong language warning!). It culminates with what sounds like an admission that he’s going to vote for Trump. And if Moore is going to vote for Trump, I wonder how many Berniebros will do so out of distrust of Hillary, which I suspect is rocketing around the left blogosphere in the wake of the Wikileaks emails revealing Hillary’s duplicity in her paid speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Obviously I don’t care much for Moore at all, but I think it is significant that he says most Trump voters he knows are not racist or bigots.

*I gather by the end of his film Moore endorses Hillary, but from this clip you’d expect maybe he’ll do something else in the voting booth.