Standing up to the Campus Left

Perhaps you’ve heard of Jordan Peterson, a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto who has attracted the ire of the screaming campus crybullies for the sin of refusing to submit to the new regime of using the prescribed Heinz 57 list of indeterminate pronouns. For this he faces the usual outrage of bigotry and such, and, given the scene in Canada, which has fewer protections for free speech, he may yet be hauled up by the government for “hate speech” charges like Mark Steyn was a few years back. You can read a bit about Peterson’s case here and here.

Or you can take in Prof. Peterson in action, confronting an angry mob of trigglypuffs. Much of it hard to make out because of the behavior of the divided crowd. The trigglypuffs attempt to drown him out with a white noise machine.

Keep your eye on this story. Hopefully if Canada’s Grand Inquisitors take after Peterson, they’ll be routed and this will be a turning point of some kind.