Attention Austin Readers

For Power Line readers in the Austin, Texas, area, I’ll be giving a lecture about Ronald Reagan at the University of Texas at Austin on Friday at lunch time (one hour into the Trump Administration!!), as a guest of the Clements Center for National Security at UT. It’s part of a three-day conference the Clements Center is hosting on “Ronald Reagan and the Transformation of Global Politics in the 1980s.” (The conference info at this link doesn’t say whether there’s any kind of registration fee, but if I find out there is one I’ll update this post.)

Love to see you if you have lunchtime free. I’ll be hanging around the conference most of Saturday in case you want to drop in for some of Saturday’s panels, which look good. Nota bene: If you want to come for the lunch talk but don’t want to miss inauguration, there will be a viewing of the inauguration at 11 am Central time, so come party with pals!