The Russian Bear and the Teddy Bear

Talk of Russia, which the Democrats considered our ally (or something) as recently as 2012, when President Obama scoffed at Mitt Romney’s statement that Russia was a geopolitical rival, has dominated the political scene for months. Given that fact, it is remarkable that nothing particularly significant about Russia has been discovered.

President Trump, meanwhile, has taken a tough line against Putin’s regime, much tougher than Barack Obama’s, as should have been foreseeable from his campaign speeches. The Democrats are pretty much reduced to using “Russia” as a magic incantation, that somehow may produce a dramatic effect, like President Trump’s resignation. Absent that, they appear to be out of ammo.

In my view, the farcical claims that have been made about Donald Jr’s wholly innocent willingness to be provided proof of Hillary Clinton’s corruption were the last straw. The Democrats may not know it, and the Washington Post certainly doesn’t know it, but their Russia theme–in my opinion–is very close to being dead. You can follow a trail for a long, long time, but at the end of the trail you need to find….something. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

Michael Ramirez uses bears to contrast speculation with evidence. So far, all we’ve got is speculation. That’s the big bear. Evidence, on the other hand…