#Me Too on Ricochet

I filled in this morning for Rob Long as the third host on the weekly Ricochet podcast with James Lileks and Peter Robinson, covering the waterfront from the Alabama special election to the FBI investigation to the continuing moral panic over sexual harassment, the highlight of which was 25 splendid minutes with the great Claire Berlinski, whom we reached in the evening over in Paris. I decided to risk my future career by publicly confessing my total fanboy crush I’ve always had on her and. . . well, you’ll just have to wait to hear her response.

Meanwhile, don’t miss her article, “The Warlock Hunt,” that prompted the idea of having her on the show. Finally, there’s a big reveal at the very end involving the dynamics of this site, so you’ll have to listen all the way, and stay tuned here for the promised follow up.

You can listen or download the show from the window below, or go to the main Ricochet link.