Tweet of the Day

Everybody is predictably freaking out over President Trump’s tweet about his, um. . . button:

I won’t even bother sharing some of the hysterical reaction in the media over this. Better to go with the best response so far, which comes from . . . Kentucky Fried Chicken??

One can only imagine what Trump, a McDonald’s burger fan, will have to say when he sees this! (Of course Trump also likes KFC, so who knows, perhaps this is all part of the run-up to a peace plan—a “fast food summit” like Obama’s famous “beer summit.”)

Of course it would be better if Trump didn’t tweet out such ridiculous things. Why, it’s almost as bad as the time President Reagan joked that “we begin bombing [Russia] in five minutes,” on an open radio mic. That almost led to World War III, according to some overheated accounts you still see from time to time. (Sensible people understood it was a joke. The laughter recorded in the background was one clue. I imagine Trump is getting a big grin from the reaction to his tweet.) And it would be far better if Trump’s threats of nuclear annihilation were put in the dulcet tones of John Foster Dulles. That’s the responsible way to threaten with your button.

And yet the Washington Post reports:

“South Korea announced that a long-suspended cross-border hotline with North Korea reopened on Wednesday to pave the way for official talks between the two sides about sending a delegation from the North to next month’s Winter Olympics in the South,” Simon Denyer reports. “North Korea had earlier in the day announced the channel would be reopened, marking an easing of tensions … U.S. officials said they doubt Kim’s sincerity but declared that Washington would not stand in the way, nor would it allow the North to drive a wedge between South Korea and the United States.”