How to annoy Michael Avenatti

I’m not sure that Tucker Carlson set out to annoy attorney Michael Avenatti, but he has managed to do so by referring to him persistently as creepy porn lawyer. I think Rush Limbaugh has transformed repetition into an art form with his unfailing references to Chuck U. Schumer, Fredo Cuomo and other inspirational gibes. If Carlson has discovered how to annoy Avenatti by similar means, I can only salute him. In the clip below we also discover Avenatti’s three conditions for accepting Carlson’s standing invitation to appear on his show. Plot spoiler: it’s not gonna happen.

In breaking news, Avenatti claims to represent three more women who he says had relationships with President Donald Trump and were paid hush money before the 2016 presidential election. And earlier this week Avenatti settled the IRS claim against his firm for unpaid payroll taxes for more than $800,000 while barring his friends at CNN from related proceedings.

Quotable quote (Avenatti to CNN): “I’m all for freedom of the press and open access. But everything has its limits. My personal financial dealings and that of an old law firm are of no relevance and, you know, were not going to be leveraged by other people who are trying to get famous and take advantage of the situation.”


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