The Week in Pictures: Last Straw Edition

Just when you think the left coast can’t possibly get any more insane, some jurisdiction (Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Barbara) comes along and says, “Oh yeah? Hold my [craft, gluten-free] beer!” I assume you’ve heard that plastic straws are being banned, with Santa Barbara attaching criminal penalties including large fines and jail time. Oh well, it should be easy to get around this ban in San Francisco at least. People can just pick up and modify used needles on the streets. The city’s needle dispensaries will become the ersatz straw supplier for rebel hipsters. Meanwhile, I’m stocking up.

Straw diversity!

My contraband stash. (And since Wickard v. Filburn is still on the books and I grow my own lemons and apples, I may be in trouble there too.)

What was she thinking?

Headlines of the week:

Texas, naturally.

You can never be reminded of Hayek too often.

We managed to combine our Dog of the Week pic with another special exception for a cat:

And finally. . . continuing her summer run on WIP, Miss Kaitlin Bennett: