Tweet of the Week

One of Ann Coulter’s most incendiary lines—I know, how can you calibrate these?—is when she says coastal liberals support illegal immigration because they want cheap nannies, landscapers, and housekeepers. Whenever she says this on the hustings, the crowd roars that she’s a racist.

Well, take in this tweet, from B-list actress Amber Heard, a liberal who has apparently been down to the border to protest against Trump:

She has deleted this tweet, but isn’t it fun to see the enlightened prove Coulter’s point?

Meanwhile, on the lighter side, here’s the most fun tweet of the last several days, from the great William Shatner (thank God there weren’t tariffs in place for this greatest ever import from Canada):

Sure enough, the Twitter left went nuts over this, proving once again that they have no sense. . . Actually I’ll just stop right there.