Lawless EEOC chair issues garbage gender guidelines

Featured image Yesterday, EEOC chair Charlotte Burrows posted a guidance document purporting to apply the Supreme Court’s decision in Bostock v. Clayton County. That decision redefined Title VII’s prohibition of discrimination because of sex to include sexual orientation and transgender status in certain contexts. Burrows issued this guidance document unilaterally. She had to, because left-liberals are a minority among EEOC commissioners. Keith Sonderling, one of the non-lefty commissioners, points out that the »

Are We Worse than North Korea?

Featured image When it comes to free speech and independent thinking? I wouldn’t think so. But then, I’ve never been to North Korea. Defector Yeonmi Park, who grew up in North Korea and now attends Columbia University, says things might be worse here: A North Korean defector said she viewed the US as country of free thought and free speech – until she went to college here. Yeonmi Park attended Columbia University »

How Radical Are the Teachers’ Unions?

Featured image Until the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Janus case in 2018, citizens of a number of states, including Minnesota, were essentially taxed to support local teachers’ unions. In those states, no one could legally teach in a public school without paying the union out of his or her salary–which, of course, came entirely from taxpayers. That this situation was allowed to persist for decades should have been a scandal. Teachers’ »

A tale for our times

Featured image I’d like to think the following events could only have occurred in a handful of American metropolitan areas. However, I suspect they could have happened anywhere left-liberals are found in more than minimal numbers. Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia wanted to honor its class of 2021 graduates with a big party on school grounds. If any class deserves a big party to celebrate graduation, it’s the class of 2021. »

Biden Administration Turning Military Into Left-Wing Force

Featured image This piece by David Horowitz, John Perazzo and Mark Tapson is a hair-raising account of how the Joe Biden administration is politicizing our armed forces, thereby imperiling our national security. This is a scandal of the first order, but of course is not being reported as such. Betraying America No institution in America – from government offices to schoolrooms to corporate boardrooms and beyond – is safe today from the »

Flag to Dems = Garlic to Vampire

Featured image To say that Democrats have mixed feelings about the American flag is an understatement. The more moderate ones don’t actually burn the flag, but you can tell that they don’t much like it, either. That doesn’t prevent them, of course, from copious flag displays on ceremonial occasions, but I don’t think anyone believes their hearts are really in it. Occasionally the mask slips, as when far-left New York Times editorial »

My new hero

Featured image I have a new hero. He’s Walter E. Hussman Jr., an Arkansas newspaper publisher. Hussman, a major donor to the University of North Carolina, raised objections to UNC awarding tenure to Nikole Hannah-Jones. Hannah-Jones is the author of the 1619 project, a radical reinterpretation of American history that has been rejected by leading historians, including liberal ones and even socialists. Hussman says he didn’t threaten to stop donating to the »

Has the Lab Leak Hypothesis Been Proved?

Featured image Senator Tom Cotton and others were excoriated for suggesting that the possibility that the Wuhan virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology should be investigated. Not only have such suggestions been denounced, until last week, Facebook did not even allow the idea that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory to be discussed. Over the last couple of weeks, a consensus has emerged that the lab leak hypothesis is »

Willful blindness about America’s violent crime wave

Featured image The wave of violent crime in America is so pronounced that the mainstream media can’t help but report it. But that doesn’t mean the media must mention some obvious reasons why the nation might be experiencing the surge of violence. This weekend, the Washington Post featured two stories on the the crime wave. This one focused on crime in Prince Georges County, Maryland, a predominantly black county just outside of »

China to Allow Third Child

Featured image Five years ago, China amended its longstanding policy of allowing each married couple to have only one child. At that time, a second child was permitted. But that change didn’t solve the problem of China’s plunging birth rate, so the country’s rulers have now relaxed the policy further, and will allow a third child. China will allow couples to have three children in a historic shift of its birth control »

What Homelessness and Climate Change Have in Common

Featured image You can find synoptic leftists who say that climate change requires solving every other social problem in human history, but there is in fact a lesson to be drawn between the explosion of homelessness over the last few years and the renewable energy mania proffered as a solution to climate change. Let’s start with this NPR (NPR!!) report on the $1 billion Los Angeles is spending on homelessness, with no »

The Rhyme of Leftist History

Featured image The current scene keeps bringing back to mind the old saying attributed (incorrectly) to Mark Twain: history doesn’t repeat itself—but it rhymes. Right now the country seems to be repeating the cycle of the 1960s, when liberals in power gave us reckless spending that stoked inflation, social engineering like “model cities” and busing, degraded law enforcement with soft-on-crime policies contributing to a massive crime wave, and race riots that elicited »

Critical race theory comes to my backyard [With Comment by John]

Featured image Thomas Pyle Middle School is in my backyard. Not literally. Literally, it’s a five minute walk from my house. Both of my daughters attended Pyle. Neither liked it much. But who likes middle school? Whatever the school’s shortcomings, my daughters got through it largely unscathed and without being indoctrinated. There was a liberal slant to some of the instruction, but nothing shocking. Certainly, they were not taught that we aren’t »

Can a Republican Be a College President?

Featured image At a few schools, it is certainly possible. Hillsdale and Liberty. Also at some lesser-known colleges, no doubt. (No slight intended, it is probably a badge of honor these days.) And presumably at a smattering of Southern colleges and universities. But, can a Republican be a president of a major university or university system outside the South? Mark Kennedy’s experience at the University of Colorado suggests that it may not »

The upheaval in France, is it coming here?

Featured image N.S. Lyons writes about political upheaval in France and reflects on its possible implications for the U.S. In France, two despairing letters — one by retired military officers, the other by active-duty personnel — have triggered controversy. In essence, the letters complain that France is disintegrating and in danger of civil war. The retired officers argue that Islamists in the immigrant-heavy suburbs are “detaching large parts of the nation and »

The Walt Disney Company: Dismayed by America, inspired by China

Featured image Leaked documents show that the Walt Disney Company has asked employees to complete a “white privilege checklist” and to “pivot away from “white dominant culture.” The documents, published by Christopher Rufo, state (falsely) that the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Black Americans are “part of a long history of systemic racism and transphobia.” The documents also cover such topics as “white privilege,” “white fragility,” “white saviors,” »

Gov. Noem’s pledge

Featured image South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has signed a candidate pledge to bar “action civics” (mandatory political protests for course credit) and critical race theory (attacks on “whiteness,” “Eurocentrism,” etc.) from South Dakota schools. The pledge is sponsored by “1776 Action,” a new group founded by Adam Waldeck, a former aide to former speaker Newt Gingrich and supported by Gingrich and Ben Carson. Stanley Kurtz sees the pledge and Noem’s decision »