Our Country Is Insane

Featured image I am by nature an optimist, but it is hard to maintain a positive attitude in the face of the rampant insanity that has seized control over our national life. When I get time, I am going to write about the ritual defenestration of Papa John’s pizza company, one of the more shocking news stories of recent months, in my opinion. For now, here is a more manageable, and perhaps »

Ocasio-Cortez: Occupy Every Airport!

Featured image The more I learn about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the happier I am that she is the new face of the Democratic Party. Ocasio-Cortez is an ignoramus on foreign policy, and is devoted to socialism, an ideology detested by all who would rather hug their pets than eat them. This news makes me even more glad that Ocasio-Cortez is officially Ms. Democratic Party: she is urging Democrats to shut down all American »

What Liberals Used to Be Like

Featured image Yascha Mounk of Harvard University, who numbers among the liberal thinkers overwrought about populism and Donald Trump (Mounk is the author of The People Vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It), has posted on Twitter a list of “Ten Commandments of Liberal Inquiry” by Bertrand Russell from way back in 1951. Back in those days, intelligent liberalism meant Reinhold Niebuhr, Lionel Trilling, Isaiah Berlin, »

Jim Jordan and his accusers, Part Two [CORRECTED AND UPDATED]

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed the allegation that, decades ago, Jim Jordan did not take action to curb sexual harassment of wrestlers he was coaching at Ohio State. Jordan says he didn’t know about the harassment, but two former wrestlers say he did. Unfortunately for the anti-Jordan forces, the two wrestlers — Dunyasha Yetts and Mike DiSabato — turn out to be, respectively, a convicted criminal and an guy who recently was »

California’s Suicide Attempt, Part 7: Bag It!

Featured image Ho do you wreck one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Simple: turn it over to “progressive” government. The latest out of San Francisco is this cheery story (avert your gaze now if you’re squeamish about raw sewage): ’20 pounds of human waste’ dropped on San Francisco street corner A foul odor permeated from a massive bag of human excrement sludge left on a street corner in San »

Tweet of the Week

Featured image One of Ann Coulter’s most incendiary lines—I know, how can you calibrate these?—is when she says coastal liberals support illegal immigration because they want cheap nannies, landscapers, and housekeepers. Whenever she says this on the hustings, the crowd roars that she’s a racist. Well, take in this tweet, from B-list actress Amber Heard, a liberal who has apparently been down to the border to protest against Trump: She has deleted »

The Liberal Freakout in Two Minutes

Featured image You can guess what the main theme is for tomorrow’s epic—super-double epic—Week in Pictures (already done and in the can), but in the meantime, here is the Washington Free Beacon‘s fabulous two-minute highlight reel of the left’s two-minutes hate drill (I guess the left doesn’t read Orwell any more) on the upcoming Supreme Court nomination battle: »

How Can You Tell It’s Over for Liberals?

Featured image I don’t think the Germans have any standing—or will ever have any standing—to offer up something like the cover of a recent issue of Stern (pictured at left), but perhaps it’s just another indication that the global left is taking its cues from America, where reductio ad Hitlerum has been the default Democratic attack on Republicans since the end of World War II. But always remember Rule #1 of liberalism »

A Work in Progress (2)

Featured image When I launched my new “Work in Progress” series yesterday I didn’t think I’d have material for another item so quickly, but thanks to a reader tip, I stumbled across this article from the New York Times yesterday, by Bryan Van Norden, a “professor of philosophy,” entitled “The Ignorant Do Not Have a Right to an Audience.” You can imagine where this is going right away: it’s an attack on »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Red Hen Edition

Featured image Have you heard? Sarah Huckabee Sanders was ejected from the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, over the weekend, and I think by now the news has traveled to the farthest reaches of the United Federation of Planets. “Highly illogical,” Mr. Spock commented. Welcome to the wonderful world of anti-social media. From the sound of things, the proprietors of Red Hen sound like they’d really rather be running a Little »

Bigotry on the Prairie?

Featured image Today’s Liberal Outrage is the American Library Association’s announcement that it is renaming the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award, which is given annually to the author of an outstanding children’s book: A division of the American Library Association voted unanimously Saturday to strip Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from a major children’s literature award over concerns about how the author referred to Native Americans and blacks. It’s been a long time since »

A Work in Progress (1)

Featured image I have begun building momentum toward my next book, which is one reason why my posts here have become a bit intermittent. I am not yet ready to reveal the topic, or even the working title (though I think it is a good one), because both may well change considerably as things unfold. I also may actually have a co-author for this project, if I can talk her into it. »

It’s Crazies All the Way Down

Featured image Just in the last few days, the liberal outrages have been hard to keep up with: hounding the Secretary of Homeland Security out of a restaurant, then “demonstrating” on her lawn with chants and blaring audio of crying children; denying the White House Press Secretary and her family dinner at a Virginia restaurant; trying to get Hall of Fame basketball player Kevin McHale fired from his job as an NBA »

ACLU secretly demotes free speech [UPDATED AND REVISED]

Featured image The left bailed on free speech a while back. Everyone who has been paying attention knows this. Less widely known is that the ACLU seems to be bailing too. So argues Wendy Kaminer, a former board member, in the Wall Street Journal. Kaminer reports on new ACLU guidelines governing case selection and “Conflicts Between Competing Values or Priorities.” According to Kaminer, the guidelines are contained in a secret, internal document »

Law clerk hiring and the #MeToo movement

Featured image Rahm Emanuel famously said “you never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It’s clear to me that left-wing feminists are not about to let the #MeToo crisis (if that’s what it is) go to waste. Here’s an example. At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Sen. Kamala Harris worried (or purported to) that judges will be reluctant to hire female law clerks for fear of being hit with »

Food Justice??

Featured image One of the central affectations of the modern left is the irrepressible practice of attaching a modifier to the noun “justice.” Apparently, seeking to achieve plain old ordinary justice is not enough, even though Plato should have taught us in The Republic that simple justice is difficult enough to attain without any special adjectives. But the left is all about “social justice” (is there such a thing as “anti-social justice”?), and, »

How the Rockefeller Bros. Fund supports Palestinian terrorism

Featured image Last year, I wrote about how the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) is a substantial contributor to the boycott Israel movement. Since 2013, RBF has contributed at least $880,000 to groups working to advance a boycott of Israel. Now the Jerusalem Post reports that, in addition, RBF contributes to Palestinian organizations with close ties to terrorist groups. Moreover, it continued to do so after being told that the NGOs it is »