Can defunding the police be squared with fear of insurrection?

Featured image Like most cities, Washington, D.C. is plagued by an increase in homicides and other violent crimes. Nonetheless, the city council seems determined to keep cutting D.C.’s police force. Last year, the size of that force fell to around 3,500, well below the number once considered the minimum needed to enforce the law in the city. This year, some on the city council seek further cuts as they “reimagine” policing. But »

The County Executive’s response to our local crime wave

Featured image Yesterday, I discussed the crime wave in Montgomery County, Maryland. Homicides, carjackings, and armed robberies are all up this year. In January, there were seven homicides. According to the chief of police, that’s an all-time record for a single month. As for armed robberies, they have increased by 40 percent. How will the County respond? Its task force on “Reimagining Public Safety” is recommending fewer police on streets and the »

Canceling Dr. Seuss

Featured image Will there ever be a point where liberals look at each other and say, “It’s over. We were crazy. We need to find our way back to reality”? I don’t know. As liberalism in general, and cancel culture in particular, grow ever more absurd, one might have expected that moment to arrive some time ago. Possibly the current effort to cancel Dr. Seuss as a racist might be the one »

Three blind mice

Featured image Suppose six former Secretaries of State wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed discussing the urgent need to recognize and establish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Their op-ed might make you think the former secretaries were asleep at the switch during their time at Foggy Bottom. Unfortunately, six former Secretaries of Education have signed the rough equivalent of such an op-ed for the Journal. The six are: Lamar Alexander, Arne Duncan, »

A Fiery Denunciation of the Democrats

Featured image I feel like I often denounce the Democrats in pretty fiery terms, but David Horowitz’s standard is hard to match. If you think the January 6 mini-riot, which the Democrats are now using to justify their many abuses of power, is, if not fake news, certainly grossly exaggerated news, you are right. And David spells it out in his patented fashion. This essay is on Front Page, and I am »

Washington: State, University, Statue

Featured image From the University of Washington, located in the State of Washington, comes news of leftist students wanting to tear down a statue of George Washington: The University of Washington’s Black Student Union has garnered nearly 8,000 signatures on a petition that demands the school remove a statue of George Washington, the school’s – and the state’s – namesake. Why? The usual: Statues in place at the University of Washington are »

The strange life of Rennie Davis

Featured image Rennie Davis died earlier this month. Davis was a radical community organizer back when radical community organizing was hot, not cool. He is best remembered for being part of the “Chicago Seven,” a group of left-wing radicals tried for the disruptive activities they organized and led at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The jury convicted Davis, along with five co-defendants, for conspiring to incite a riot. However, the convictions were »

How to save civics from the left

Featured image We’ve written several posts about “action civics,” the attempt to smuggle leftist activism into civic education. The left has already succeeded in writing politicized “civics” requirements into state law in Illinois and Massachusetts. Now, as Stanley Kurtz reports, it is poised, with help from the Biden administration, to press “action civics” onto every state in the union. The left’s goal is to utilize schools to increase and perpetuate its partisan »

How to Stop Big Tech Censorship (Cont.)

Featured image One of the major issues of our time is the Left’s attempt to ban conservative speech where it now matters most: on social media platforms. The Left monopolizes social media outlets, and if an upstart competitor rears its head–Parler, say–it is crushed by an obviously-illegal combination or conspiracy in restraint of trade. (See Section 1 of the Sherman Act.) Good luck litigating that for the next ten years while you »

The Left-Wing Plot to Misinform Our Children

Featured image I wrote here and here about the promulgation of new Social Studies standards for K-12 public education in Minnesota. Under the direction of far-left Governor Tim Walz, a committee representing various left-wing pressure groups is trying to completely revamp what we teach our children about, among other things, world and U.S. history. My organization has taken the lead in opposing this effort, and you can read the basics here. Today, »

Defund the Bastards

Featured image A few days ago, a student at the University of Minnesota created a sensation with an Instagram story in which he described being terrified by an encounter with racist police officers, from which he narrowly escaped with his life: Tw: police violence and brutality/racial profiling Last night, after finishing up my homework and honestly wrapping up a pretty long week, I wanted to go take a walk outside. It was »

Demography and Destiny

Featured image Charles Blow is a New York Times columnist whose output is usually around the bend, even by the low standards of that publication. But his most recent column is surprisingly cogent. It begins with the observation that black political power appears to be ascendant: It is easy to believe that Black power and influence are growing in America, and that the logical conclusion is that a set of policies favoring »

A Tsunami of Hate

Featured image Our friend David Horowitz makes the case that our present political crisis is not the result of polarized views on policy, but rather is caused by the Left’s outpouring of vicious hate and determination to crush all opposition. Everybody agrees that our country is in crisis – and agrees that it is the worst crisis since the Civil War. But at the same time, we tell ourselves a comforting tale »

Can You Be Fired For Being Conservative?

Featured image In another sign of the times, an employee of a New York literary agency has been fired for having accounts on Parler and Gab. The president of a literary agency [the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency] based in New York City said Monday on Twitter that one of the agency’s employees was terminated after her use of conservative social media sites Parler and Gab was discovered. I have seen no »

How the left uses civics classes to promote “progressive” ideas and activism

Featured image In the post immediately below this one, John describes how, in Minnesota, the left is substituting indoctrination for learning. His focus is on plans to teach a virulently anti-American version of our nation’s history — one that, in John’s words, “drops almost everything normally regarded as history–the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, and any reference to minor figures like George Washington–in favor »

“Multiracial Whiteness”

Featured image “Whiteness” is an elastic concept. It turns out that you no longer have to be white to be white. “White” basically means that you don’t swallow the nonsense being ladled out by the far Left. So, happily, people of all colors are now “white,” according to liberals. Is that unity and inclusion, or what? At the American Spectator, “Cockburn” writes about “The terrifying scourge of ‘multiracial whiteness.’” [T]here’s a small »

Who’s the Hatemonger?

Featured image Character assassination is the Left’s weapon of choice; these days, indeed, its only weapon. Recently, David Horowitz has been viciously defamed by an alleged journalist named Jean Guerrero. As is so often the case, Guerrero’s lies about David are mostly a pretext to smear President Trump. In this piece, written for Power Line, David describes his most recent encounter with the dishonest Left. It is well worth your attention as »