Battle Lines Being Redrawn

Featured image This tweet is amusing and true: I think we made out pretty well in the Taibbi/Greenwald for Kristol/Wilson trade. — John 'pro-norms' Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) January 8, 2022 Liberals like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi have been welcomed by conservatives as allies on the issues that matter most, starting with free speech. I was going to add a further observation, which a commenter on the tweet above beat me to: I'm »

New Manhattan DA provides roadmap for criminals

Featured image New York City has a new mayor, Eric Adams. He’s a former cop who campaigned on promises to support the police in efforts to make his city safe from runaway crime But less enhanced and proactive policing won’t take New York far unless it’s accompanied by effective prosecution of those whom the police arrest. Unfortunately, Manhattan’s new district attorney is on record as unwilling to perform that core task. The »

A Dry Run for Tyranny

Featured image The proto-fascists among us have delighted in issuing “emergency” orders relating to the coronavirus. These have included, among others, shutdowns and mask and vaccine mandates. The Governor of Minnesota went so far as to issue an “emergency” order prohibiting all residents of the state from leaving their houses without his permission. Many have speculated that statists’ overreaction to covid has been a dry run for more “emergencies” to come. Indeed »

Teachers take a stand against the war on homework

Featured image I wrote here about the war on grades and homework in some of California’s largest school district. Inevitably, that war is spreading. It has come to Arlington County, Virginia, for example. Naturally, there is pushback in Arlington. Surprising, perhaps, some of the pushers are liberal. Let’s start by examining what the Arlington School Board is considering. Its preliminary proposal calls for the following: No late penalties for homework. No extra »

How interested are Democrats in winning?

Featured image Not long ago, I would have said they are obsessed with it. That’s the most plausible explanation for nominating Joe Biden to run for president. But the Dems’ obsession with defeating Donald Trump hasn’t seemed to carry over into 2021-22. The most plausible explanation for some of the positions they are taking — both in Congress and at the White House — is that left-wing ideology comes first and second, »

Americans Are Voting With Their Feet—Against Blue States

Featured image The Census Bureau has just released the latest statistics on domestic migration and population change, and it is no surprise that the exodus from high-tax/high-crime blue states is becoming a stampede in the last year. Here are the charts: It’s one thing for people in cold climates in the northern and midwestern states to leave for the warmer south, but no one leaves California in search of better weather. It »

Is there a distinction between the academic left and the Twitter fever swamp?

Featured image On Christmas day, the following statement popped up on Twitter: Just so we’re clear on the Right’s agenda – racism good, abortion bad, money good, women bad, capitalism good, sustainability bad, stupidity good, science bad, power good, equality bad, white people good, nonwhite people bad. Stench, indeed. Who wrote this simple-minded rant? Monica Casper. Who is Casper? The dean of the College of Arts and Letters at San Diego State »

Liberals Are Miserable People

Featured image They say misery loves company, and that may be why liberals always want to extend their control over everyone and everything—because they are miserable people. Thomas Byrne Edsall covers some of the survey evidence about the misery and unhappiness of liberals in a New York Times article back in October: Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals. Discuss. Two similarly titled papers with markedly disparate conclusions illustrate the range of disagreement on »

D.C. bar goes to bat for convicted anti-Trump felon

Featured image Kevin ( “Viva la Resistance!”) Clinesmith is the convicted felon who radically altered a document in the Trump-Russia investigation to justify spying on an American citizen. At the time, Clinesmith was an assistant general counsel at the FBI. In order to receive court approval for surveillance of Carter Page, Clinesmith took a document that said Page WAS a CIA source and altered it say Page WAS NOT a CIA source. »

Most Outrageous Quotes of 2021

Featured image There were, of course, too many to count let alone fit into a short video. But here are the Media Research Center’s nominees, and they are doozies. How crazy are liberals these days? This crazy: The most appalling quotes of the year go to… 🏆 @donlemon and @DavidChalian 🏆 pic.twitter.com/Gyv21zqCGd — NewsBusters (@newsbusters) December 15, 2021 »

How bad is the current inflation and when will it abate?

Featured image I hate inflation, but there’s something delicious about the fact that this problem, above all others, is responsible for the low esteem in which voters currently hold Joe Biden and his party. Inflation is reality’s “F-you” to a central element of liberal hubris — the view that the government can do whatever the hell it wants by way of spending, energy policy, etc. and suffer no bad economic consequences. How »

Norman Podhoretz on the spiritual war for America

Featured image When I first starting writing at Power Line and for many years thereafter, the two columnists whose opinions I most wanted to read were Charles Krauthammer and Norman Podhoretz. I was delighted eventually to learn that both were regular readers of Power Line. Krauthammer is no longer with us, and Norman is 90 years old and not writing regularly, as far as I know. However, he gave Barton Swaim of »

Ideologically-based teacher screening becomes widespread

Featured image Increasingly, school districts are asking candidates for teaching positions questions about “cultural competency,” race, and “equity” during the application and interview process. Education Week has the details. They aren’t pretty. Lauren Dachille, CEO of a company that peddles teacher screening software to around 500 districts across the country, says: Now that we’ve become a little more aware of the concept of anti-racism and maybe a little more woke as a »

Record homicides in city after city

Featured image With three weeks still to go in 2021, at least 12 major U.S. cities have broken their annual homicide records. Two other cities are on the verge of doing so. The cities that have already suffered a record number of homicides are: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Columbus, Ohio Indianapolis, Indiana Louisville, Kentucky St. Paul, Minnesota Portland, Oregon Tucson, Arizona Toledo, Ohio Austin, Texas Rochester, New York Albuquerque, New Mexico Baton Rouge, Louisiana »

Are You Still Fully Vaccinated?

Featured image The anti-covid vaccines have not provided as good protection against the virus as had been hoped. They are mainly useful for mitigating the severity of covid symptoms, not for stopping the spread of the disease. And they wear off quite rapidly, with effectiveness diminishing markedly after about six months. Despite that fact, a lot can hinge on being “fully vaccinated.” President Biden’s orders seeking to require “full” vaccination are being »

It’s over for Omarova

Featured image Scott and John have written about Saule Omarova, Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. That office is the chief regulator of America’s banks. Omarova is a graduate of Moscow State University (Russia, not Idaho), where she won the 1988-89 Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. In her current, merely socialist, incarnation, Omarova would like to reimagine banking, as the cliché goes. Along the way, she »

Is there life after the playpen?

Featured image Mary Lemanski was the social media director for the DuPage County, Illinois Democrats. She no longer holds that position after a series of deranged tweets about the massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin that left at least five people dead and dozens injured. Lemanski viewed this tragedy as “Karma” — just punishment for the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse. Here is some of what she tweeted: The blood of Kyle Rittenhouse’s victims is »