Open Season on the Rich

Featured image It used to be that liberals cried foul if you accused them of indulging is class warfare, but day by day it becomes apparent that the left has shed this faux bashfulness and has decided that it must demonize billionaires as a class. In a previous Loose Ends I noted how lefty agitator Marshall Steinbaum had offered up clear hate speech for rich people, which apparently cost him his Twitter »

Ilhan Omar: Terrorist Attacks Are Our Fault!

Featured image That headline might overstate the case, but only slightly. In 2013, left-wing activist (now Congresswoman) Ilhan Omar was interviewed by Ahmed Tharwat, who–for some reason–had a television show on public television in Minnesota. What sort of a guy is Tharwat? His Facebook page includes this delusional headline: “Winston Churchill killed as many as the worst genocidal dictators of the 20th Century, says Indian politician.” So that’s the context. Omar’s interview »

Woke Bowl?

Featured image Rumor has it that we’ll see anti-American kneeling during the halftime show of today’s Super Bowl. My guess is we will also see obnoxiously liberal, “social justice”-oriented ads aired throughout the game. Football isn’t what it used to be! But why should we be surprised? America isn’t what it used to be. Corporate human resources and marketing departments are almost monolithically liberal, and the bigger the company, the more likely »

The Left Strikes Where It Hurts–Debate

Featured image I had a misspent youth. Not primarily because I haunted South Dakota pool halls, although I did some of that, but because I devoted most of my energies to high school and college debate. Paul did, too: we became friends as members of the Dartmouth debate team. Competitive debating had its faults, but there was never any doubt that facts, evidence and logical argument were all that counted. So this »

The War On Christians (Cont.)

Featured image The Left’s insane attack on high school kids from Covington Catholic School was not an isolated incident. It followed hard on the heels of, among other things, widespread attacks on Karen Pence for teaching art at a Christian school. These were skirmishes in a long war. Rod Dreher points out this tweet by a New York Times reporter who is doing “research” on Christian schools: “Expose Christian schools.” Right. While »

Haters Won’t Stop With the Jews

Featured image Ilhan Omar’s outrageous lies about the Covington Catholic boys, since deleted, illustrate an important lesson. Omar is a notorious anti-Semite; she goes so far as to advocate for the BDS movement. So, is it surprising that her venom has now been directed against Catholics? Not at all. The people who hate Jews are, for the most part, the same people who hate Christians. In the last few months, we have »

The Last Word on the Gillette Fiasco

Featured image Schick took advantage of Gillette’s bizarre marketing campaign to pitch its products to American men. We applauded Schick, but, to be fair, Barbasol takes the prize with this ad: My only question about the ad is the suggestion that the guy is a “great grand-dad.” Seriously? I doubt that many great-grandchildren of WWII vets are shaving. But maybe some of them married young, I don’t know. In any event, the »

A Pattern Emerges

Featured image Is Nathan Phillips, the American Indian who tried to intimidate Covington Catholic students by banging a drum in their faces, an anti-Catholic bigot? That’s how it looks. It turns out that the day after the March For Life, Phillips and a gang of followers tried to disrupt a service at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington: While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group »

Covington Catholic Update

Featured image A friend told me this morning that he thinks the Covington Catholic media scandal will be a turning point in Americans’ view of the press. Maybe so, but there have been a lot of turning points in the years since, for example, Rathergate, and no one has yet besieged the New York Times building with pitchforks. We can’t possibly keep up with all of the Covington Catholic fallout, so here »

Nathan Glazer, neoconservatism, and the new left

Featured image Steve’s tribute to Nathan Glazer reminds us that the neoconservatism movement Glazer helped found was more about domestic policy than foreign policy. It was based on the realization that government interventions were exacerbating many of the problems they were intended to redress. As Glazer put it: In our efforts to deal with the breakdown of. . .traditional structures, our social policies are weakening them further and making matters in some »

Kamala Harris, “regressive” prosecutor?

Featured image Sen. Kamala Harris styles herself a “progressive prosecutor.” But Harris wasn’t nearly progressive enough for Lara Bazelon, a law professor and former director of the Loyola Law School Project for the [allegedly] Innocent in Los Angeles. In a New York Times op-ed, Bazelon rips Harris for her “regressive” conduct and positions during her time as a district attorney in San Francisco and then California’s attorney general, According to Bazelon: Time »

Talk show host calls out black commentator for his “white privilege”

Featured image “White privilege” is a dubious concept. It’s typically invoked in lieu of reasoned rebuttal. Often, it’s akin to an ad hominen argument. The concept first gained currency on college campuses. Ironically, the most obvious beneficiaries of privilege on campus are minority students with inferior qualifications who are admitted because of their race or ethnicity. For the most part, those who talk about white privilege are dimwits who hope to preclude »

Gillette Gets Woke [Updated]

Featured image “Get woke, go broke” is a popular saying, but it isn’t necessarily true. Some companies have seemingly prospered by adopting a Social Justice Warrior pose. Nike comes to mind. Still, it is hard to understand what Gillette was thinking when it launched its foray into left-wing politics: “The Best Men Can Be,” a new web site that features this video. Gillette wants us to know that it is anti-sexual harassment. »

Going Broke In the Heart of the Beast

Featured image Today’s Star Tribune headlines a sad story: In the Heart of the Beast puppet theater may not be able to put on its annual May Day parade: In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre’s MayDay parade, a vibrant rite of spring in south Minneapolis for 44 years, has become so popular that it will cease next year unless the nonprofit gets outside help. Losing money because it »

The Knights of Columbus responds to Sens. Hirono and Harris

Featured image In this post, I reported on the shameful attack by Senators Mazie Hirono and Kamala Harris on a judicial nominee — Brian Buescher — for belonging to the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic social and charitable organization. The two Senators insist that Buescher drop his membership in that organization and recuse himself from cases in which it has taken a position. Why? Because according to Hirono, the Knights have taken »

France faces lawsuit for rescinding harsh carbon tax

Featured image Four NGOs, including Oxfam and Greenpeace, have initiated legal proceedings against the French government, claiming that France has defaulted on its environmental obligations by eliminating, under intense pressure from “Yellow Vests,” the stiff carbon tax it had imposed. The initial filing gives the government two months to formulate a response, after which the organizations can choose to move forward with their lawsuit in administrative court. To an American lawyer, the »

The horror! U.S. troops want America to be great

Featured image Until two days ago, President Trump was under attack for not visiting U.S. troops overseas during Christmastime. For example, NBC News declared Trump the “first president since 2002” not to do so. This turned out to be fake news. Trump visited U.S. forces in Iraq. Now, the mainstream media has a new complaint. It moans that some of the troops Trump visited wore “Make America Great Again Hats.” Some went »