Are Voters Beginning to Catch On?

For some time, as I have written here more than once, I have been waiting for Americans to notice that the Democrats are crazy. I have puzzled over why the Democrats’ outrageous conduct doesn’t seem to alienate more voters. Financial interest is obviously a partial explanation, but it can’t be a complete one.

In that context, this Gallup poll is good news: “GOP’s favorability hits highest mark in seven years.”

Forty-five percent give a favorable rating to the Republican Party in a new poll by Gallup, the highest number hit by the GOP in the poll since 2011.

It’s also a tick up from the 44 percent polled who view the Democratic Party favorably.

While it’s only a one-point difference, it comes weeks before the midterm elections and represents a swing from previous polls in which more American respondents gave a favorable opinion of Democrats compared to Republicans.

Funny, you wouldn’t expect this from reading the newspapers.

The GOP’s rise is driven in considerable part by the fact that Republican-leaning voters are better disposed toward the party:

The poll also showed that GOP-leaning adults have a more favorable impression of the party now than they did a year ago.

Sixty-seven percent of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents viewed the party favorably last September, while 85 percent hold a favorable view of it now.

At the time of last year’s poll, the Republicans were very publicly losing a battle to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

If Senate Republicans stand up to the Democrats’ smear machine and confirm Brett Kavanaugh, the party’s approval rating will rise.


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