Ultra MAGA: The rejected slurs

Featured image I have been wondering about the marketing genius behind Joe Biden’s slurs of “Ultra MAGA Republicans” and the “Ultra MAGA agenda” along with the slur of Donald Trump himself as “MAGA King.” I have accordingly dug out the choices presented to the focus groups “helmed” by Anita Dunn, the Krupskaya of a leftist DC power couple of many talents. In its story on the origins of “Ultra MAGA Republicans,” the »

The Dem Wipeout: It’s Not Just the Midterms

Featured image Steve has started a midterm wipeout watch series that I hope will have many more installments, culminating in November. I want to note this piece by a Democrat who warns his fellow Democrats that the wipeout likely will extend well beyond 2022. The author is Simon Bazelon, just a kid but a kid who can do arithmetic. He argues that even if the Democrats are able to maintain their average »

The Realignment Continues

Featured image Check out these numbers from Texas. The map shows counties where votes cast by Republican early voters already exceed the 2018 Republican vote totals. Dark red counties are ones where early voting has already more than doubled 2018 Republican totals: The number of Republican early voters has already exceeded the total number of 2018 Republican voters (early+ED) in 18 counties, and that was as of Wednesday. Several more will cross »

Black Republican excluded from Black Caucus of Virginia legislature

Featured image A.C. Cordoza is a newly-elected member of the Virginia House of Delegates. He’s Black and he’s Republican — the only member of the Virginia legislature who answers to that description. As such, Cordoza sought membership in the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. It excluded him. Cordoza says he was excluded because of his answers to a questionnaire from the caucus. Among the question he apparently answered “incorrectly” were ones pertaining to »

Miranda Devine: GOP is all talk

Featured image My wife is a naturalized American citizen who seethes over illegal immigration. When we see the stories on FOX News that highlight the cancellation of our border under the Biden administration, she always asks why the GOP isn’t doing a blessed thing about it. Drawing on the recent news that we have followed on Power Line, Miranda Devine channels and amplifies my wife’s thoughts in the New York Post column »

Do Republicans love Trump as they once did?

Featured image Recent polling shows they do not. However, it also shows that Republicans still like Trump enough to nominate him in 2024. Dan Balz notes that on the eve of the 2020 election, 54 percent of Republicans and independents who lean Republican said they considered themselves more a supporter of Trump than of the Republican Party, compared with 38 percent who said they considered themselves more a supporter of the Republican »

Romney rips RNC’s stance on presidential debates commission

Featured image Mitt Romney, whose 2012 presidential campaign was set back when Candy Crowley sided with Barack Obama in a debate, has denounced the RNC’s proposal to bar Republican presidential candidates from participating in debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). Romney calls the proposal “nuts.” The proposal comes from Romney’s niece, Ronna McDaniel. Romney’s argument is this: The American people want to see candidates for president debating issues of »

Florida Is Turning Red

Featured image Millions of Americans are fleeing blue states for freer, more prosperous red states. Many have worried that these refugees may be foolish enough to bring blue-state politics with them. This could happen, but recent voter registration data from Florida suggest that it isn’t happening there. Hoo-boy! The pandemic effect on FL voter registration has been.. jaw-dropping Since 3/31/20:+274,503 R-51,995 D66/67 counties becoming redderR's overtake D's for first time in state »

Polls: Dems are less accepting than Republicans of election defeat

Featured image Democrats and their mainstream media allies express dismay, if not alarm, over a poll that shows 58 percent of Republicans don’t believe Joe Biden was elected legitimately. However, Byron York points out that in the Fall of 2017, the same pollster found that 67 percent of Democrats said Trump was not legitimately elected. Given the drumbeat of unfounded claims by mainstream media outlets of Russian collusion in the election of »

Is the center-right collapsing?

Featured image The estimable Henry Olsen thinks so. He writes: Many anti-Trump Republicans long for the day when they can retake their party and expel the populist deviations from orthodoxy that vex them so. Evidence from around the world shows this is a pipe dream. Olsen explains: The same fissures in the old conservative coalition that plague the GOP appear in virtually every other modern democracy. Nationalist and populist parties have grown »

Bob Dole, then and now

Featured image I found it amusing to read the nostalgia in the reporting on Bob Dole’s death. Dole deserved the praise he received from the mainstream media. He was an important member of the Senate for decades — one of that body’s leading figures of the last half of the 20th century. What amused me was the presentation of Dole as bridge-builder, friend of Democrats and Republicans alike, and reminder of the »

We Need More Republicans Like This One

Featured image In the last few years, partly because of Trumpian outreach and partly because of Democratic Party excess, more and more minority voters are swinging to the GOP. This is a trend that we need to encourage, with constant outreach and with good candidates. One such candidate may have emerged in Nevada: world champion fighter Jessie Vargas. Vargas, 32, is an excellent boxer, with a professional record of 29 wins, three »

Majority non-white city swings more than 40 points in favor of GOP

Featured image South Carolina is about as Red as any state in America. However, Columbia — the state’s capital and second largest city — has had a Democratic mayor for the past three decades. In recent years, this probably has much to do with the fact that more than half of Columbia’s population is non-White. In 2020, Joe Biden carried the city by a margin of nearly 40 points. Thus, the Dems’ »

Liz Cheney is no longer a Republican, according to the Wyoming GOP

Featured image In America, as opposed to one-party, totalitarian nations, “reading people out” of a movement or a party is characteristic of cults and tiny sectarian groups. Family lore has it that my father once helped read his future sister-in-law out of the local Socialist party due to her Trotskyite tendencies. I’m reminded of this because the Wyoming Republican party has read Liz Cheney out of the GOP. It voted to no »

In the matter of Nicole Malliotakis

Featured image Nicole Malliotakis is a Republican who represents New York’s 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. This is a swing district. Rep. Malliotakis won it in 2020, 53-47. She defeated a Democratic incumbent who, in turn, had defeated a Republican incumbent in 2018. Malliotakis is one of the 13 Republicans who voted to pass the bipartisan infrastructure-plus bill last week. In the Senate, 19 Republicans — 38 percent »

One more footnote to last night

Featured image I don’t think any of us on Power Line has commented on the outcome of the runoff election to fill a vacant seat in the Texas House. That race pitted Democrat Frank Ramirez against Republican John Lujan. The Republican won by a little more than two points. Why is this worth noting? Because the district in question, located in San Antonio, is heavily Latino and, until last night, pro-Democrat. Joe »

Poll shows education is winning issue for Republicans

Featured image That’s the view of liberal Washington Post opinion writer James Hohmann. He bases this view on the findings of a survey conducted for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Hohmann writes: I obtained a 45-slide PowerPoint recently presented to Republican senators that summarizes findings from a previously unreported internal poll of 1,200 likely voters in 2022 suburban battlegrounds. Notable results included: *Seventy-eight percent agreed that “many public-school systems in America are »