Resist! In Seed Art

Today was the last day of the Minnesota State Fair. I wrote about my only afternoon at the Fair, which was mostly spent on the radio, here. Over the years, I have written several times about seed art at the Fair (e.g., here and here.) One might expect a traditional rural genre like seed art to lean to the right, but in fact, when political, it has been an entertaining source of leftism.

I spent Labor Day laboring, but my wife and youngest daughter went to the Fair. They, of course, wouldn’t miss the seed art exhibit, and my wife took this picture of Seeds of Resistance, a sextafecta of leftism: Sun Not Oil (don’t try to turn the lights on at night), MeToo, Not One More, Pride, Water Is Life (not sure about that one, but it sounds environmental), and BLM. Click to enlarge:

It’s nice to see that right next to Seeds of Resistance is a tribute to Melania Trump. However, that one doesn’t seem to have won a ribbon, while Seeds of Resistance was awarded a First Premium blue ribbon, which sounds like some kind of grand prize. Liberals never quit.


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