Senator Grassley writes (2)

In a letter to his Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee, Senator Grassley has set forth the rationale of his prescribed method of proceeding on the late hit of Christine Blasey Ford on Judge Kavanaugh with the hearing proposed for next Monday. Here we can see the Democrats’ refusal to participate in any method of proceeding that fails further to obstruct or protract the committee’s consideration of the Kavanaugh nomination:

The Majority staff spoke with Judge Kavanaugh as part of the background investigation. Judge Kavanaugh immediately agreed to cooperate with Senate investigators. He sat for a transcribed interview on Monday. He understood that he was under penalty of felony, if he was not truthful. He fully, candidly, and unequivocally answered all questions. We have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of Judge Kavanaugh s testimony. Judge Kavanaugh volunteered to come back for a public hearing.

As is standard practice, we invited the Minority staff to participate and ask Judge Kavanaugh its own questions, but the Minority staff declined. The Majority staff has also sought to set up interviews with Dr. Ford, Mark Judge, and two other alleged witnesses. The Minority staff is welcome to participate in the investigative process as well, but it has thus far declined.

Senator Grassley then discusses Feinstein’s secretive handling of the letter conveying CBF’s allegations. He concludes:

I can’t emphasize how important it is to respect whistleblowers and victims desire for confidentiality. But notwithstanding [CBF’s] wishes for confidentiality, her allegations became public. I fear that the leaks of confidential information will discourage whistleblowers and victims from coming forward in the future. This is but the latest-and most serious of your side’s abuse of this confirmation process. There has been delay and obstruction of this process at every tum and with every argument available.

Now that is well said.

2018-09-19 Grassley to Committee Minority – Ford Testimony by Scott Johnson on Scribd


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