The Blumenthal Projection

Does anyone remember what point Democrat Richard Blumenthal sought to make when he began his questioning of Judge Kavanaugh yesterday? Blumenthal prefaced his questions with a citation of the principle falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. The gist of the principle is that if a witness is shown to have lied about one thing, one may infer that a witness lied about everything.

The thoughts of anyone familiar with Blumenthal’s own issues with the truth must have wandered, as mine did. It calls to mind the paradox of the Cretan philosopher who posed the proposition that all Cretans are liars (the Epimenides paradox). Senator Blumenthal is such a Cretan. The Hill notes that Senator Tom Cotton brought down the hammer via Twitter:

Reader David Lunde provides the graphic accompaniment to the Blumenthal Projection.