Avenatti agonistes, cont’d

Quoting a TMZ report last week, John noted creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti’s arrest on a domestic violence related charge. Contrary to early indications, the charge did not derive from either of Avenatti’s ex-wives, who have spoke up on his behalf. Rather, the charge came by way of his current or soon to be ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old actress Marie Minutti.

On Monday Minutti filed an action for a domestic violence restraining order against Avenatti. Her action lays out the details of the alleged incident leading to Avenatti’s arrest. The linked report notes that Minutti has been granted a temporary restraining order against Avenatti pending a hearing on her motion next month.

As set forth by Minutti, the incident bears uncanny similarities to the domestic violence related claim raised by Keith Ellison ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan. I noted the details of the Ellison incident in “The case against Ellison.”