Using bogus charge of “racism,” big media turns down Trump ad

CNN, NBC News, and Fox News are all refusing to run a campaign ad that features footage of (1) Luis Bracamontes, a twice-deported immigrant from Mexico sentenced to death in California for killing two police officers and (2) the caravan of illegal immigrants heading towards the U.S. The point of the ad is to attack Democrats as soft on illegal immigration which, manifestly, they are.

CNN insists the ad is “racist.” It isn’t — not even close. Close is Don Lemon, whom CNN puts on the airwaves night-after-night. He contends that “the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”

By contrast, the allegedly racist ad CNN, etc. won’t show says nothing negative about Latinos. It merely advocates keeping illegal immigrants out of the country.

It’s true that Bracamontes, whom the ad features, is Latino. But that doesn’t make it racist to show him talking about wanting to kill more people.

If CNN can find an illegal immigrant of a different race or ethnicity who committed Bracamontes’ atrocities and showed the same lack of remorse, I’m confident the Trump operation would be happy to run an ad with him. After all, the point of the ad isn’t to demonize Latinos, it’s to demonize Democrats for lack of sufficient concern about an immigration system that enables murderous illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S.

So too with the caravan. If there were a caravan of illegal immigrants from France, Finland, Bulgaria, or Japan descending on our border with the intention of illegally entering the country, there’s no reason to doubt that Trump would be sounding the alarm over that invasion and ripping Democrats who don’t share his concern. And if there were evidence (as there is in this case) that the throng included criminals, Trump would be highlighting it.

In short, CNN’s allegation of racism is a smear. It’s name-calling in lieu of an argument. It’s vintage CNN.

Some have compared the ad in question to the Willie Horton ad that ran in 1988. That ad noted that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis had, as governor, granted a weekend pass to an inmate named Willie Horton. During his weekend of freedom, Horton committed kidnapping and rape. Horton was black and the ad used his image.

There was nothing racist about the Horton ad, as I argued here.

The Horton ad wasn’t only non-racist, it was entirely factual. The Trump ad in dispute is less so.

It states that the Democrats let Bracamontes stay in the U.S. As I understand it, Bracamontes was in and out of America under both Democratic and Republican administrations. Thus, the ad appears to overstate Democratic responsibility for the murderer’s presence here.

But if networks banned political ads for placing too much blame on the opposing party or candidate, there would be few spots left to run. In any event, CNN banned the ad as “racist,” which it manifestly is not. Other networks fell into line.

I agree with this tweet:

I’m latin american, and this ad might be inaccurate, exaggerated, not factually correct, etc. But IS NOT racist.

Not everything that you don’t like is racist. And the fact that you rejected the add on that basis shows, once again, that you’re not a news network, but propaganda.

Yet another reason to despise the mainstream media, and CNN above all.


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