The Year in Pictures: Highlights Edition

It is hard to select the best of the Week in Pictures, but going back through them I realized how fast the year went (because Trump years are like dog years). It seems like decades ago that we were obsessing over Tide Pods, plastic straw bans, and a government shut down. (Oh, wait. . .) This was the year of Lizzie Warren’s DNA test, and the meteoric rise of Beto O’Rourke and Alexandra Occasional-Cortex. (Also Sen. Spartacus.) I am certain we have not heard the last of them by any means, though we did get to say goodbye to Al Franken. It was also the year Kaitlin Bennett and Breanna Spencer joined the ranks of Power Line’s empowered feminists gallery of heroines. We also met Michael Avenatti—wasn’t he special! Some things didn’t change much. Somehow Theresa May is still prime minister, and Angela Merkel is still chancellor.

Anyway, here are a few highlights from the year. And strap in for 2019.



And finally. . .