She’s Nuts on Venezuela, Too [Updated]

It’s not that we are obsessed with Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. The problem is that she does so many outrageous things. And also, when she vents on foreign policy, we have to take her seriously as a member of the House Foreign Relations Committee, courtesy of Nancy Pelosi. So this idiocy is newsworthy:

There is no “US backed coup” in Venezuela, nor is the opposition to Maduro “far right.” Omar just makes this stuff up. Omar cites left-wing support for Maduro from the governments of Mexico and Uruguay (as well as the appalling Pope Francis), but for some reason doesn’t mention that Russia, China, Iran, Syria and the Palestinian Authority are, like her, pro-Maduro. She also doesn’t mention that Brazil, Argentina, Chili, Canada, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala and Costa Rica have all joined the U.S. in recognizing Juan Guaido, the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, as interim President of Venezuela. Nor does she manifest any awareness that “the dire issues they [Venezuelans] face” are the inevitable product of socialism. The end stage of Sanders/Ocasio-Cortez/Omar socialism is when people have eaten their pets and zoo animals, and rats are in short supply, along with toilet paper.

It also isn’t clear what “peaceful dialogue” Omar has in mind. The Chavez/Maduro regime hasn’t been in a “dialogue” with anyone. The regime’s opponents have been suppressed, silenced, jailed and shot. But Ilhan Omar, like Russia, China, Iran’s mullahs, Bashar Assad and the Palestinian Authority, doesn’t seem to have a problem with such measures.

UPDATE: You can sign a petition to formally censure Omar for her many hateful statements and actions here.