Ilhan Omar

Introducing the OMAR Act

Featured image In her young career Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar has made her mark in a variety of ways. To take one, she was the first member of the Minnesota legislature to take office while married to her brother (her first of three legal, sort of, husbands). Moving on to Congress, to take another, she was the first member of the House of Representatives ever to have been married to »

Tweet of the Year?

Featured image I know, the year is young. But today’s tweet by new Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a contender: Hypocrisy 101: @IlhanMN cites my legitimate mileage reimbursements while she paid her husband* over $1 million in campaign consulting fees. *Not her brother, the new husband. — Lauren Boebert (@laurenboebert) February 4, 2021 Congresswoman Boebert represents Colorado’s 3rd District. From her official web site bio: Congresswoman Boebert is 34 years old and is »

F*** the Police?

Featured image On New Year’s Eve, Ilhan Omar tweeted this photo of herself with her daughter Isra Hirsi: The daughter’s necklace says “FTP” on one side and “BLM” on the other. FTP stands for “F*** the Police.” Ilhan obviously knows this, as does the daughter, who proudly posts radical, anti-American and anti-free enterprise messages. Nevertheless, this is the picture that Ilhan chose to publish on New Year’s Eve. This was, it is »

“Klan Rallies”

Featured image Joe Biden may be posing as the Great Unifier, but the rest of his party hasn’t gotten the message. Ilhan Omar, for example, who offhandedly and unironically refers to President Trump’s campaign events as “Klan rallies.” I don’t expect Omar to like President Trump–he certainly doesn’t think much of her–but this is ridiculous. Yet in the world of the Washington Post, it passes without objection: #Resist. »

A shout out from Trump

Featured image In October 2019 I met briefly with President Trump before his incredible Target Center rally in downtown Minneapolis. He complimented me on my work exposing the many frauds of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar. “You’re doing a great job,” the president greeted me, “but where’s the U.S. Attorney on this?” Good question! President Trump took up the Omar question again and gave me — I think it was me »

Tom Lyden versus Project Veritas

Featured image FOX9 is the local FOX channel in the Twin Cities. It’s not an affiliate. FOX owns it. Tom Lyden works as an investigative reporter on the news side of the operation. I have a healthy respect for Tom’s work and, in one case involving a story on Ilhan Omar that FOX9 deposited down the memory hole, even stood up for its accuracy when he has stood down. Tom got the »

Book her, Danno

Featured image Reporting on Minnesota’s ethically challenged Rep. Ilhan Omar over the past four years, I came to the conclusion that she is heedless of the laws and rules that apply to mere mortals. She views herself as immune from them and so far she has proven right. In December 2019 Omar reportedly received a substantial cash advance — Forbes pegged it in a range from $100,00 to $250,000, although I was »

Voter fraud in Minnesota, cont’d

Featured image Project Veritas has posted its second video exploring voter fraud in the Fifth Congressional District’s Somali community. St. Paul’s own Omar Jamal is our guide. One Osman Ali Dahquane is the star of this episode. I find the who/what/where/when/why a bit lacking here, but there is more than enough to require investigation by the authorities. From former Nation of Islam hustler Keith Ellison in the office of the Minnesota Attorney »

The Democratic Party of the Past, and the Future

Featured image Collin Peterson is the closest thing to a conservative Democrat in Congress. He has represented Minnesota’s 7th District, the Northwestern and West Central portion of the state, since 1991. He is currently Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee. At one time Peterson was an icon in the district, but his enthusiasm for campaigning has waned and in recent cycles, as his district moved farther away from the Democratic Party, his »

His name is David Steinberg

Featured image Speaking at his rally in Bemidji last night, President Trump paid tribute to the journalism of David Steinberg on Ilhan Omar (video below). In July 2019 we published one of David’s most important investigative pieces under the heading “Tying up loose threads in the curious case.” Trump got it right: David deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his work exposing Omar. When I met briefly with President Trump about my own »

The Omar factor

Featured image As I anticipated in “Notes on the Fifth District race,” Rep. Ilhan Omar handily won the DFL primary race against challenger Antone Melton-Meaux and two nominal opponents yesterday. Omar won by just over 18 points, 57 percent to 39 percent. The official results are posted here. It’s not exactly over — an unknown number of absentee ballots have yet to be tabulated — but it’s over. Melton-Meaux has conceded. On »

Ilhan Omar: Case closed

Featured image Ilhan Omar’s father was the late Nur Said Elmi. Omar has vehemently denied that Nur Said Elmi was his name because the name reflects the fraternal relationship of Ahmed Nur Said Elmi to her — Ahmed Nur Said Elmi being the younger brother she married for fraudulent purposes in 2009. Even though the marriage had long since served its fraudulent purpose(s), Omar didn’t get around to dissolving the marriage to »

The Star Tribune speaks

Featured image The editors of the Star Tribune have spoken up to endorse challenger Antone Melton-Meaux over incumbent Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar in next Tuesday’s DFL primary. The Star Tribune’s endorsement comes in today’s editorial “Melton-Meaux, for integrity and progress.” Challenger’s desire to find common ground sets him apart from incumbent Omar. Understand that the Star Tribune sits squarely in Omar’s district. As she has become an intergalactic superstar, the Star »

It’s Her Story, and She’s Sticking To It

Featured image Ilhan Omar is facing a challenge by a well-funded opponent in the upcoming Democratic primary, Antone Melton-Meaux. Omar has plenty of money, too, although news reports indicate that she has raised hardly any of it in her district. She is popular with extreme left-wingers around the country and remains a heavy favorite for re-election. Still, her campaign is touchy. A friend of mine got a text from Omar’s campaign, soliciting »

Tlaib and Omar face the voters

Featured image In nine days, Rep. Rashida Tlaib will defend the congressional seat she won in 2018. Her opponent is Brenda Jones, the Detroit City Council president whom Tlaib defeated by just 900 votes out of 90,000 cast in that year’s primary. One week later, Tlaib’s fellow “squad” member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, will try to stave off challenger Antone Melton-Meaux. Tlaib faces a tough fight. As Dave Weigel of the Washington Post »

Administering justice with Justice and Drew

Featured image Jon Justice and Drew Lee invited me to join them on their show’s second hour yesterday morning to discuss the enforcement provisions of Governor Walz’s mask mandate. The show runs Monday-Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. on Twin Cities News Talk 1130 AM. I have embedded the second hour of yesterday’s show in podcast form below. I asserted during my segment that Star Tribune reporter Jeremy Olson showed no evidence »

Blois Olson: The line on CD 5

Featured image After I wrote this morning about this morning’s lame DFL press conference yesterday afternoon I received Blois Olson’s “morning take” on the race as set set forth in his emailed Fluence Media tip sheet (you can sign up for it here). I thought readers might find it of interest. I am quoting it at length below with the kind permission of Blois: CD5: The DFL primary in the Fifth District »