Ilhan Omar

O brother, where art thou?

Featured image We’re all tired of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar, no one more so than I am, but it would be wrong to tune her out. She seeks to lead the revolution that we now need to face down. The Daily Wire has a good account of her bid to lead the revolution in her district in “Democrat Ilhan Omar: Defund Minneapolis Police, They’re ‘Cancer,’ ‘We Don’t Want Your Damn »

David Steinberg: Omar’s latest ilhusion

Featured image Tipped by a Somali friend, I wrote about Ilhan Omar’s most recent scam in the post “Omar’s latest ilhusion.” Using a local food bank program that she had literally nothing to do with, Omar was fraudulently raising funds for her own political purposes. Unfortunately much of the evidence was written with the usual disappearing ink. David Steinberg now retraces Omar’s steps in the meticulously reported column “Minnesota imam confirms Rep. »

An Ilhan Omar update

Featured image Ilhan Omar has attracted a few DFL opponents to her endorsement for her continued representation of Minnedota’s Fifth District. The Star Tribune’s Patrick Condon profiled one of them yesterday in “Democratic challenge materializes to Rep. Ilhan Omar.” I support Leila Shukri Adan in the DFL and wish endorsed GOP candidate Lacy Johnson the best in the election, but let’s get real. It’s a D+26 district, at least. I’m with Leila. »

Nuff Nur Said

Featured image I didn’t get around to viewing Norah Shapiro’s Time For Ilhan until it was made available without additional charge on Amazon Prime. The documentary covers Omar’s 2016 campaign to represent the state legislative district including the heavily Somali neighborhood known as Little Mogadishu and part of the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. Omar took Shapiro inside her campaign. She must have known Shapiro would give Omar the hagiographic »

DM flaunts Omar, flouts usage

Featured image The Daily Mail continues to stake out Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar and new husband Tim Mynett in Washington, DC. The Daily Mail flags its most recent story as yet another exclusive: “EXCLUSIVE: Forget social distancing! Newlywed Ilhan Omar and her chief fundraiser husband share some PDA as they take a stroll in Washington DC.” I’ve got an exclusive of my own. Reporter Martin Gould and his Daily Mail »

Daily Mail: Abdi Nur living in fear

Featured image Abdi Nur was my first Somali source on Ilhan Omar in August 2016. He contacted me after my post “Her back pages” had roiled Omar’s campaign for state legislative office. Wary of each other the first time around, we agreed to meet in a public place in downtown Minneapolis. Two weeks ago we published “Abdi Nur’s plea for help.” In that post I reported: “The Ilhan Omar-inspired reign of terror »

Ilhan Omar remarries, AP edition

Featured image Amy Forliti is a reporter for the Associated Press in Minneapolis. She is a competent mainstream media journalist. Long after it could have had any bearing on Ilhan Omar’s election to Congress from Minnesota’s Fifth District in 2018 — i.e., long after the DFL primary — Forliti took a detailed look at the story that Omar had married her brother in 2009 for some dishonest purpose and only recently went »

Ilhan Omar remarries

Featured image Minnesota’s own Rep. Ilhan Omar announced on Instagram yesterday that she has remarried. She didn’t identify her new husband by name, but she was married to her own fundraiser, Tim Mynett. She put it this way: “From partners in politics to life partners.” Depending on how you count and whether you believe Omar’s 2016 account, it’s Omar’s second, third, fourth, or fifth marriage. The Daily Mail had staked out the »

Ordeal of the Star Tribune

Featured image The Star Tribune has published Katie Walsh’s syndicated review of The Way Back, the new Ben Affleck flick that opened in town yesterday. The film is long on clichés and short on the Affleck character’s redemption from alcoholism that the title seems to promise. Reading the review, I see that the Star Tribune’s third most-read Variety story is the December 2018 announcement “From the editors: Star Tribune film critic resigns »

Abdi Nur pleads for help

Featured image The Ilhan Omar-inspired reign of terror continues in Minneapolis. Today my friend Abdi Osman Nur pleads for help as the news blackout continues. I am posting this at Abdi’s request on the understanding that the video is “dangerous to my LIFE,” as he explains below: To all my supporters and all the American people, I am requesting you to please report this video. The person who made this video has »

Forget it, Joe. It’s Minneapolis

Featured image I joined Joe Soucheray and his crew (Rookie, John Heidt, and Chris Reuvers) on Joe’s Podcast One (check it out) Garage Logic show yesterday to talk about the unbelievable saga of Ilhan Omar. Letting me go for the whole one-hour show, Joe took me back to the beginning of my writing partnership with John in 1992 and gave me the time to relate the Omar saga from my entrée to »

Omar Slanders a Much Better Person

Featured image Has anyone in American history been subjected to as much casual, unfounded calumny as Donald Trump? Lincoln, possibly. It is hard to think of anyone else. Among other things, it is an article of faith in the Democratic Party that President Trump is a racist–a claim for which there is literally zero evidence. Ilhan Omar, always in the vanguard, tweeted this yesterday: No matter how hard he tries, he can’t »

A message from Abdi Nur

Featured image Abdi Nur was the first Somali source to speak with me after I wrote about Ilhan Omar in my “Her back pages” post of August 2016. I have met with him frequently over the past three and a half years and confirmed everything he has told me with other sources (including law enforcement) and other researchers (including, preeminently, Preya Samsundar and David Steinberg). Abdi is a widely followed reporter for »

American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar

Featured image I met up with the Federalist’s Ben Weingarten in Minneapolis this past fall when he was in the process of finishing American Ingrate: Ilhan Omar and the Progressive Islamist Takeover of the Democratic Party. With a foreword by Andrew McCarthy, the book is published in paperback today by Bombardier Books; it is available on Amazon at the link. Ben sent me and a few other students of Omar a copy »

#Ilhan Married Her Brother

Featured image Doing the work that the Minnesota media otherwise refuse to do, John Justice and Drew Lee have closely followed the saga of Ilhan Omar on their KTLK AM 1130 morning news talk show. They understand what is happening. It has become increasingly obvious. Even Ray Charles could see it. When the Daily Mail pounced on the story this week, it was old news for them. At this point they are »

Ilhan and the Communists

Featured image Scott noted earlier Ilhan Omar’s bizarre response to the fact that a member of the Minneapolis Somali community who knows Omar well has confirmed that she married her brother for fraudulent purposes. First she falsely asserted that Somali Abdi Nur was paid to smear her. Next she asserted that the whole thing is a Zionist conspiracy. That reeks of desperation, obviously. I just want to add one more log to »

Ilhan Omar: It’s a Zionist conspiracy!

Featured image Further responding in her own fashion to the Daily Mail story on her marriage to her brother, Ilhan Omar sinks ever deeper into the morass. She now finds David Steinberg guilty of “enemy collaboration” (with Israel?), connects him to the Murdochs, connects the Murdochs to the British tabloid press (apparently including the Daily Mail, controlled by Jonathan Harmsworth) and reveals…a Zionist conspiracy! Wow. Why is it always the Jews? This »