Beach of the living dead

When I went into private practice one of my first big projects led me to Venice Beach. I took up residence in Venice with my late colleague Bob Collins at the Marina Pacific Hotel (as it was then) for several months. We enjoyed the time in Venice, although it was our impression that we might be the only people in Venice working for a living.

I therefore turned with special interest to Edward Ring’s recent American Greatness column “The Destruction of Venice Beach Epitomizes California’s Idiocracy” (and posted it in our Picks). I think Ring’s column constitutes another chapter in the story I tried to tell back in 2011 in “Down and out in Santa Monica.”

Now the pseudonymous YouTuber Conservative Resurgence has adapted Ring’s American Greatness column into the video/essay below, noted at American Greatness in the post “Video: Homeless Zombie Hordes Take Over Venice Beach.” The decline registered here is almost unbelievable (to me). This is an important video.