Tales from the Public Sector

Featured image Mass transit—the holy grail of urban progressivism (Quest for the Holy Rail, as I sometimes put it, or, A Desire Named Streetcar)—is struggling right now. The Wall Street Journal reports today: Several of the nation’s largest urban mass-transit systems are at a crossroads, with ridership still depressed three years into the pandemic and federal aid running out. . . The ridership shortfall is forcing transit authorities to question their decades-old »

An Actual Threat to Our Democracy

Featured image The ever-crazier California legislature has passed a law that, as the Wall Street Journal’s editors describe it: …creates a state council to dictate wages, working conditions and benefits, among other things, for fast-food workers who aren’t unionized. The law is intended to coerce fast-food franchises to surrender to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Can that possibly be constitutional? I don’t know, but it any event it is a terrible »

Reparations Now!

Featured image In an era in which bad ideas abound, reparations must be among the worst. The state of California has nevertheless appointed a “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans.” The study having been undertaken, reparations, in some form, must inevitably follow. It is inconceivable that the task force would study the matter for a year or two and conclude that the state should forget the whole »

Another Crash at the Intersectionality

Featured image It was only four years ago that Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin de Leon was the new shiny object for California progressives. He finished second in California’s jungle primary for the U.S. Senate seat held by Dianne Feinstein, and even if he couldn’t beat the fellow Democrat in the general election, he appeared set up to succeed her when she finally retired or resigned from office. Just today Feinstein, who »

Gruesome Newsom Watch

Featured image As I commented previously, the political figure secretly most disappointed that the GOP red wave didn’t occur in the mid-term is Gavin Newsom. If a red wave had taken out Michigan’s Wretched Witmer, Minnesota’s Tim Walz, Colorado’s Jared Polis, or New York’s Kathy Hochul, Newsom could point to his landslide re-election in California as evidence that he’s the strongest person to run for president in 2024 in place of the »

Unsinkable Ship of Fools?

Featured image Updating John’s item last night about the recording of blatantly racist remarks by Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez and others, the latest news is that Martinez has resigned as council president—but has not resigned as a member of the council.  I wonder if her $207,000 salary—the highest city council salary in the nation—has something to do with it. Like most political hacks, it is doubtful Martinez could ever command »

A Ship of Fools

Featured image If you think your town or city is badly governed, remember that it could be worse: you could live in Los Angeles. Appalling ignorance, racism, corruption and political greed came to light when someone recorded a conversation among three members of the Los Angeles City Council and the city’s most powerful labor leader. The Los Angeles Times covers a story that must be painful for the paper, since everyone involved »

Slow Minds Run Over at High Speed

Featured image Well, well, look at what we have here: the New York Times has finally caught up with what every sensible person knew at least ten years ago—California’s high-speed rail project is a joke. “America’s first experiment with high-speed rail has become a multi-billion-dollar nightmare,” the Times says in a long feature today. Fun bits: The dogleg [route] through the desert was only one of several times over the years when »

California Didn’t Get the Memo

Featured image California apparently didn’t get the Biden Administration memo about the good news of falling gasoline prices. Here’s the price chart for my local gas station on Monday: And here’s the same station today: (Fortunately, I drive two diesel cars, which both get better mileage than equivalent gasoline cars.) I asked the station manager about it, and he told me their wholesale supplier has hiked prices *four times* this week. I »

How to Turn California Into Cuba, Chapter 12,186

Featured image The New York Times reports: If you read the fine print, however, the picture looks a bit different: California would fine automakers up to $20,000 for every car that falls short of production targets. The state also could propose new amendments revising the sales targets if the market doesn’t react as state leaders hope. In other words, California reserves the right for future Gov. Emily Litella to say “never mind,” »

Have Liberals No Shame?

Featured image Well, we all know the answer to that question. But I confess to being a bit shocked by this: liberals in San Francisco and Los Angeles are capitalizing on the Uvalde shootings to urge residents not to move to Texas: Billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles warn against moving to Texas by invoking mass shooting — New York Post (@nypost) August 25, 2022 I guess we are »

New frontiers in mobocracy

Featured image Los Angeles police are looking for participants in the flash mob that flooded the intersection of Figueroa and El Segundo just past midnight on August 15. First they took over the street to make way for the “donut” action with which we have become familiar in Minneapolis. Then they proceeded to ransack the 7-Eleven at the northwest corner of the intersection (video below). What is to be said? A good »

I Wish They All Could Leave California

Featured image Via InstaPundit, the Babylon Bee’s parody version of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls.” The parody is beautifully executed, and quite poignant: it reminds us of a time when everyone wanted to go to California. Now? The last person leaving can turn out the lights. No, wait. The lights are going out already, due to the state’s insane energy policies. So here it is, the Babylon Bee on America’s poorest state: »

Montana for me: An update

Featured image The RedState headline provides the necessary update to the Gavin Newsom story we took up yesterday. RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar takes the story all the way home in “Newsom Admits State Paid for His Security Detail’s Travel to Montana, Laughably Claims ‘Public Safety’ Exception to Law.” What more is to be said? I would simply add my own comment to the original story. It screams LOSER! Newsom spox @anthonyyork49 tells »

Montana for me — but not for thee

Featured image Having sought to pick a fight with Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom has been exposed yet again as a lowdown hypocrite of the kind we love to hate. California has imposed a state-funded travel ban on trips to Montana, but it turns out that a ranch owned by the parents of “First Partner” Jennifer Siebel Newsom is the destination of the California governor’s family vacation. Reminder: He’s rich (and you’re not). »

Newsom vs. DeSantis—You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

Featured image Tomorrow or Friday I’ll have a formal announcement here about an extended hiatus I am about to take on account of some lengthy foreign travel (3WHH listeners heard about it last Saturday), and one of the guest writers I’ve lined up to fill in for me has produced an exquisite rant about the preposterous idea that Gavin Newsom could run for president. This particular writer will, because of his high »

Newsom Trolls Florida

Featured image Under Gavin Newsom’s leadership, California has become a disaster area: the highest poverty rate in the nation, population dropping, major cities turned into battle zones, businesses fleeing, utilities unable to keep the lights on. One might expect the state’s governor, who survived a recall election last year, to be holed up in his Sacramento office working feverishly on plans to turn his state around. But no: Gavin Newsom is pumping »