Gavin Newsom’s sympathies

Featured image The Bay Area of California is now the “Shoplifting Capital of America,” as Rich Lowry dubs it. Things are so bad that Gov. Gavin Newsom paid the area a visit. Newsom declared that he has “no empathy or sympathy” for the shoplifters. It’s noteworthy, and a little scary, that the governor felt he had to say this. Until recently, it went without saying that elected officials didn’t empathize or sympathize »

California’s Continuing Collapse

Featured image There are several stories that can write themselves every morning, such as the failure of green energy, the failure of the Biden Administration, the failure of the wokerati to acquire any common sense, etc. And then there’s the ongoing failure of California, in particular San Francisco. Herewith a few news stories from the last few days that don’t need explanation or commentary: Walgreens to close 5 more S.F. stores, citing »

Today’s Leftist Temper Tantrum

Featured image I was busy with class and other things all day today, so it wasn’t until this evening that I caught up with the news that leftist protestors in San Francisco decided to vent their demands for open borders and amnesty and citizenship for anyone who can cross the border by. . . blocking the the Golden Gate Bridge: I really like “Override the parliamentarian.” There’s a slogan to stir the »

Morningafterwise in CA

Featured image Paul and Scott have already noted the prominent reasons why the Newsom recall failed, and failed badly. This is worse than a rout: it is going to embolden California progressives to push their agenda even harder. Let us recall that even Nate Silver, a month ago, thought Newsom was in genuine peril: Then came Larry Elder, who was unknown outside the conservatives who listen to talk radio. He was the »

Compared to what?

Featured image As Scott discussed in a post this morning, Gov. Gavin Newsom not only avoided recall, he avoided it quite handily. It seems that nearly two-thirds of the Californians who voted in this election favored sticking with Newsom despite the obvious deterioration of the Golden State and its governor’s foibles. Kyle Smith explains Newsom’s easy victory with a question: “Compared to what?” Conservatives got high on our own supply out in »

Newsom persists

Featured image An unfunny thing happened on the way to the recall election featuring California Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom prevailed. With 65 percent of the vote in, Newsom has won 64.2 percent of the vote in favor of his retention. Newsom’s 64.2 percent is nearly a mirror image of Joe Biden’s 63.48 percent share of the California vote against Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Newsom and his allies turned the No »

A new form of voter fraud in California?

Featured image Mail-in voting is fraught with the danger of fraud. The obvious danger is that ineligible voters will cast ballots or have ballots cast in their name. But now comes word from California that eligible voters are in danger of not being able to vote in person on the pretext that they have already voted. And guess what. It appears, anecdotally, that the voters who showed up to vote in the »

Parole for Sirhan Sirhan?

Featured image I agree with Steve’s post about the California parole board’s grant of parole to Sirhan Sirhan, who assassinated Robert Kennedy. I do wonder whether Steve is being too optimistic in suggesting that Governor Newsom will overturn the parole board’s decision so as to improve his prospects of avoiding recall. But Steve is an informed observer of California politics, so I’m heartened by his optimism. Perhaps Newsom will take into account »

I Beg Your Pardon?

Featured image The telos of the leftism’s new soft-on-crime mentality arrived today when a California parole board granted parole to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. The Los Angeles district attorney, the leftist George Gascon, declined to send anyone from the DA’s office (the LA DA prosecuted Sirhan back in 1969, and as such is the prosecutor of record for Sirhan) to lobby against Sirhan’s parole. It had »

Former Cal. Democratic senate majority leader endorses Elder

Featured image Gloria Romero was the Democratic majority leader in the state senate from 2001 until 2008, the first woman ever to hold that position. She then stepped down to become chairman of the education committee before leaving the senate due to term limits in 2010. Romero now is now a professor at Pepperdine. Romero has endorsed Larry Elder for governor. She stated: Our public schools need big change. I’m Gloria Romero; »

Elder Abuse at the LA Times

Featured image With the odds of Gavin Newsom being recalled in three weeks looking too close to call, the left is panicking about the possibility that Larry Elder might become the next governor of California. A conservative black as the governor of the largest state, making a strong case day by day against progressive government, is the left’s worst nightmare. Hence, they have to stop him. Supposedly he is being investigated for »

Gavin Newsom Goes Captain Queeg

Featured image Gavin Newsom must have gotten some really bad recall election poll numbers today (or he was shaken by Andrew Cuomo’s rapid fall to political disgrace), because he completely lost it in an interview with editorial board members of the McClatchy newspapers. Keep in mind as you take this in that McClatchy is a liberal newspaper chain, and yet Newsom still lashes out at their totally legitimate questions, and has the »

Podcast: Ted Gaines for Governor!

Featured image As everyone knows, California is having another fun-filled recall election next month, and some recent polls show that Governor Gavin Gruesom is in trouble and may well lose. The way California’s recall works is that if a majority votes to recall the governor, the second step on the ballot is to choose a successor, and right now the list of people who have qualified for the replacement field is nearing »

California’s Latest Insanity

Featured image Never mind rising crime, runaway homelessness, and other afflictions of California; have you heard the latest madness? California may be on the verge of making bacon a contraband substance, or at least a scarce luxury good. From the AP: Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect At the beginning of next year, California will begin enforcing an animal welfare proposition approved overwhelmingly by voters in 2018 that »

How much trouble is Gavin Newsom in?

Featured image A considerable amount, according to Helaine Olen, a Washington Post columnist who seems sympathetic to the California governor. She cites a recent poll by the Los Angeles Times in which 47 percent of likely voters said they favor recalling Newsom and 50 percent said they don’t. There’s also the matter of intensity. Many anti-Newsom Californians are very angry at the governor. His supporters don’t feel as strongly, in Olen’s plausible »

Gavin Newsom plays with fire

Featured image I’ve been following the campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom, although not closely. My impression from reports and polls is that Newsom is likely to survive, but that his survival is not assured. James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal finds Newsom vulnerable on a number of fronts — crime, the coronavirus, homelessness, and wildfires, for example. He notes that California voters give him low marks for his response »

CRB: Right flight

Featured image The Claremont Review of Books has just sent its new (Summer) issue to the printer. I reviewed the issue in galley last week to pick out pieces to roll out for Power Line readers (subscribe here for $19.95 and get online access thrown in for free). This time around I plan to keep the festivities going through Monday with a Sunday edition featuring Bill Voegeli’s long essay/review on crime, and »