CRB: Right flight

Featured image The Claremont Review of Books has just sent its new (Summer) issue to the printer. I reviewed the issue in galley last week to pick out pieces to roll out for Power Line readers (subscribe here for $19.95 and get online access thrown in for free). This time around I plan to keep the festivities going through Monday with a Sunday edition featuring Bill Voegeli’s long essay/review on crime, and »

Anyone Can Grow Up To Be Governor, Except Larry Elder [Updated]

Featured image Radio talk show host Larry Elder is one of more than 40 candidates who have jumped through the hoops necessary to get on the ballot in California’s upcoming recall election. Only, unlike the others, Elder won’t be on the ballot if California’s Secretary of State gets her way. California recently adopted a statute, apparently aimed at Donald Trump, requiring presidential and gubernatorial candidates to supply five years worth of tax »

The Unlivable City

Featured image People are fleeing California in general, and San Francisco in particular, in droves. As to San Francisco, the fundamental problem is lawlessness. Which means not just violent crime, which the city has in abundance, but a breakdown in the fundamental norms of civilization that make urban living possible. The main problem is that San Francisco’s far-left city administration has decided not to prosecute theft. The result, naturally, is an epidemic »

Caitlyn For California! [UPDATED]

Featured image Will Caitlyn Jenner be California’s next governor? The biggest obstacle is probably getting a majority of Californians to vote for recalling Gavin Newsom, who is unpopular but has the weight of the Democratic establishment behind him in an overwhelmingly Democratic state. But if voters are willing to pull the plug on the failed Newsom, Jenner may have a real shot. Yesterday she released this campaign video, which I think sounds »

It’s On: Recall Mania!

Featured image Recall! RECALL!! Where is the great Paul Dooley when you really need him? (Film buffs will get the connection. That’s why he’s the thumbnail pic for this post.) Paul has made notice below that the recall of Gov. Gruesom appears to be on, barring some last minute shenanigans to disqualify the petitions. We’ve seen this movie before, and it ended with a hunky movie star getting elected governor out of a »

Is California dreaming becoming a reality?

Featured image In January, my conservative cousin formerly from New York, currently from California, alerted me to the possibility that Governor Gavin Newsom might face a recall election. I posted my cousin’s observations in a post called “California Dreaming.” Now, as the Mamas and the Papas once sang, California dreaming is becoming a reality. State officials have certified that enough valid signatures have been gathered to put the question of recall to »

Caitlyn for Governor?

Featured image Caitlyn Jenner reportedly is considering a run for Governor of California: Scoop: Caitlyn Jenner is talking with political consultants as she actively explores a run for governor of California, three sources with direct knowledge of her deliberations tell me & @jonathanvswan — Alayna Treene (@alaynatreene) April 6, 2021 From the Axios story: Jenner is being assisted in her consideration by Caroline Wren, a longtime GOP fundraiser. Wren initially met »

Vaccination priority for teachers or medical marijuana workers?

Featured image The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s updated coronavirus vaccine guidelines place medical marijuana workers ahead of some teachers, bus drivers, and food and agricultural workers. Leaders in the cannabis industry had lobbied Gov. Newsom to include their employees in Phase 1B, Tier 1 of the state’s vaccine plan, which includes food and agriculture workers, law enforcement, teachers and other essential workers. Instead: [T]he California Department of Health inexplicably went »

Things You Don’t Expect in the Times

Featured image The liberal wunderkind Ezra Klein has recently become a regular contributor to the New York Times, which will broaden the Times‘ range of perspectives from A to A. Still, it is fun to see Klein note the obvious—that if California is the Progressive model of governance for the nation, the results are . . . really bad. In “California Is Making Liberals Squirm,” he notes: California has the highest poverty »

California’s poor covid vaccination performance called out

Featured image My friend Craig Harrison grew up in California and lives now in Santa Rosa. In late January, he sent the following letter to the editor of a local newspaper, the Press Democrat, about California’s inability to vaccinate its population. The letter was published on February 4: California ranks fiftieth among the states in percentage of delivered Covid vaccine that has been injected [ as of Jan. 22; it has moved »

Newsom Is in Trouble

Featured image Latest poll from my friends at the Institute of Governmental Studies at Berkeley shows that Gov. Newsom, facing a recall campaign that looks like it has a good shot at getting the necessary signatures by the mid-March deadline, is in trouble: Californians are reevaluating their views of the job Gavin Newsom is doing as governor.  The latest Berkeley IGS Poll conducted online last week among over 10,000 registered voters finds »

California’s Continuing Collapse

Featured image California’s rapid descent is starting to remind me of the old Hemingway line about how someone went bankrupt: “Gradually and then suddenly.” The New York Times noticed yesterday: They Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough The migration from the Bay Area appears real. Residential rents in San Francisco are down 27 percent from a year ago, and the office vacancy rate has spiked to 16.7 percent, a number not »

California Dreaming

Featured image My conservative cousin from New York moved to California a few years ago — in other words, out of the frying pan and into the fire when it comes to state governance. He reports on the effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom: Today I received in the mail a request from the California Republican Party to sign an enclosed petition to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Together with my wife, »

California’s Dilemma: Latino or Latinx?

Featured image California’s Gov. Gruesom announced his pick to replace Kamala Harris in the Senate today, and it’s going to be the secretary of state Alex Padilla. There were widespread rumors that Gov. Gruesom was dreading the appointment, because the various Democratic Party identity factions were pressuring him to pick from among their ranks, as CNN reported a month ago: A cross-country lobbying campaign for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ Senate seat has »

Today’s California Energy Embarrassment

Featured image Yesterday we noted the embarrassment announced in understated fashion by the U.S. Department of Energy that California imported 25 percent of its electricity in 2019. It seems almost as if someone at the very excellent Energy Information Administration has a thing about California’s silliness, because today’s EIA “Today in Energy” brief has another understated but devastating smackdown for California’s energy pretensions. In one sentence, today’s brief essentially says, “Without lots »

California’s Energy Fantasies

Featured image As everyone knows, California prides itself on being greener-than-thou. Especially when it comes to energy. California has mandated that it aims to double its “green energy” by the year 2030, and to be totally carbon-free by 2050. The chief means for accomplishing this are more wind and solar power, and electricity storage (think big big batteries). Already California is experiencing rolling blackouts on high-demand days in the summer and fall. »

California Paid $400 Million to Incarcerated Criminals

Featured image How easy is it to defraud the State of California? This easy: The state of California sent roughly $400 million in fraudulent unemployment payments to state prisoners – nearly triple the amount disclosed last week, after nine district attorneys and a U.S. Attorney announced the state was impeding their investigation. The state approved fraudulent applications submitted on behalf of roughly 31,000 inmates, prosecutors discovered, made possible in part by inmates »