What it’s like to apply to Ivy League schools in the era of affirmative discrimination

The video below follows three similarly situated high school students from the same New Jersey school who applied for early admission to Ivy League schools. One of the students is Asian. He applied to Penn. Another is Black. He applied to Princeton. The third is half Asian and half White. He also applied to Princeton, reluctantly “confessing” to the school that he’s part Asian.

The video talks to the students and their parents as decision day approaches. It then watches as the three families receive the “early” decision.

Don’t expect a surprise ending.

The most embarrassing part of the video is probably the lame of attempt of the Black student’s mother to justify the discrimination her son may benefit from. The most painful part is the mother of the Asian student attempting to get her mind around the discrimination her son may be the victim of.

I’m embarrassed to live in a country that treats hard-working, high-achieving (legal) immigrant families the way elite American colleges do.