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Welcome to Stanford Kindergarten

Featured image Perhaps you’ve seen the story on the Wall Street Journal editorial page today (or in some other outlet where it is booming this morning) about Stanford University’s “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative,” which reads like a parody of our idiotic woke university culture today. But no—Stanford employed a task force that worked for months to advocate that no one on campus use the word “American” because “This term often refers »

A word from Gregg Roman

Featured image Middle East Forum’s Gregg Roman sent out this message last night in advance of Giving Tuesday today. Whether or not you are considering giving to your alma mater today, the message is of interest. I am posting it below without its numerous links. Roman writes: Dear Friend: The Middle East Forum keeps a close watch on North American universities, seeking to end anti-Western, anti-Israel, and pro-Islamist biases. That keeps us »

It’s a long way to temporary

Featured image I feel obligated to note that President Biden has extended the “pause” on student loan repayments pending resolution of the administration’s petition to the Supreme Court for relief allowing implementation of its lawless loan forgiveness plan. The “pause” reminds me of the title of Arlo Guthrie’s “The Pause of Mr. Claus” and it’s certainly in the spirit of the song. We have learned the government’s multifarious uses of “emergency” the »

The time has come today

Featured image The subject of what goes under the shibboleth of “affirmative action” is both close to my heart and one about which I have frequently written, usually drawing on Andrew Kull’s legal history The Color-Blind Constitution, Published by Harvard University Press in 1998, it remains a terrific book. If Kull updated it to take cases of the past 25 years into account, the update would vindicate his analysis. One cannot miss »

Beyond the Hippocratic oath

Featured image Last month Anthony Gockowski reported for Alpha News on the oath to “promote a culture of anti-racism” taken by incoming University of Minnesota Medical School students at their white-coat ceremony on August 19: White coats, the students said, are themselves a “symbol of power, prestige, and dominance.” Therefore, students will “strive to reclaim their identity as a symbol of responsibility, humility, and loving kindness.” “We commit to uprooting the legacy »

Judge Ho’s modest proposal

Featured image Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho has a modest proposal to resist the cancel culture of legal education. Commencing with next year’s incoming class at Yale Law School, he is adopting a Yale boycott. He declines to hire YLS graduates as law clerks. I drew on the text of his keynote speech to the Federalist Society Kentucky Chapters Conference to flesh it out here. Toward the end of his talk Judge »

Judge Ho’s Yale boycott

Featured image Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho gave the keynote address at the Federalist Society’s Sixth Annual Kentucky Chapters Conference last week. Judge Ho gave his talk the title “Agreeing to Disagree—Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture.” Nate Hochman obtained a copy of the text and broke its most newsworthy aspect in “Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School.” We followed Hochman’s account in “Bravo, Judge Ho.” »

Affirmative action forever or not?

Featured image Linda Brown was the young girl who gave her name to the four cases consolidated for consideration in Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 Supreme Court case that effectively invalidated the regime of public school segregation. She died in 2018 at the age of 75 or 76. Neil Genzlinger’s New York Times obituary recounted her story. Genzlinger dealt inadequately with the Brown case. “In its ruling,” he wrote, “the »

The cancelations: If the law doesn’t fit (2)

Featured image President Biden’s student loan giveaway is blatantly illegal, but standing presents an obstacle to lawsuits challenging it. I noted the lawsuit filed by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of Frank Garrison earlier this week. The Indiana federal district court has already denied Garrison’s motion for preliminary relief in an order that casts doubt on Garrison’s theory of standing. Now six states with Republican governors and attorneys general have commenced »

Bravo, Judge Ho

Featured image NRO’s Nate Hochman obtained a copy of Fifth Circuit Judge James Ho’s keynote address to the Kentucky Chapters Conference of the Federalist Society and reports on it in “Federal Judge Vows to Stop Hiring Law Clerks from Yale Law School.” Judge Ho’s address — “Agreeing to Disagree — Restoring America by Resisting Cancel Culture” — cited a number of high-profile examples of speakers being shouted down or otherwise censored at »

The cancelations: If the law doesn’t fit [updated]

Featured image President Biden’s “cancelation” of student loans in the aggregate amount of hundreds of billions of dollars is bad public policy in several dimensions. It lacks any respectable justification. It is also of dubious legality — although they have a theory. The theory is a farcical stretch. They couldn’t care less about the weakness of their pretense to legality. If the law doesn’t fit…what they really count on is the difficulty »

The Liberal Arts—RIP

Featured image Leftists in the academy get very defensive when you charge them with killing the liberal arts, but today the Washington Post provides fairly damning evidence that this proposition is true. The subhed to their story on the “most-regretted majors” of college graduates, drawn from a Federal Reserve study, is: “Almost half of humanities and arts majors regret their choice — and enrollment in those disciplines is shrinking rapidly.” Who dominates »

Understanding the giveaway

Featured image The New York Post elaborates on the terms of the student loan giveaway engineered by President Biden. The terms of the giveaway sound suspiciously legislative in nature. Where is all the hubbub about democracy? I have excerpted the Post editorial below the break. * * * * * Biden would roll back borrowers’ maximum monthly payment on undergrad loans to just 5% of “discretionary” income — and cut the amount »

Cancel this: An update

Featured image Speaking with with a friendly congressman running for reelection yesterday morning, I asked about the political impact of Joe Biden’s student loan giveaway. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s August 25 remarks announcing the giveaway here. It deserves close study as a question-begging exercise in deceit and avoidance. However, I appreciate the common-man autobiographical nuggets with which Biden larded his remarks as well. This is classic: “My »

Cancel this

Featured image This past Thursday President Biden announced his unconstitutional plan to “forgive” student loans in some massive cumulative amount. The White House has posted a transcript of Biden’s remarks here. According to Biden, it won’t cost you a dime: “The point is this: There is plenty of deficit reduction to pay for the programs — cumulative deficit reduction — to pay for the programs many times over.” I’d like to get »

Theorems on the Student Loan Cancelation

Featured image In addition to the observations Scott and John have entered below, a few additional thoughts: • Invoking the HEROES Act as the legal justification for student debt forgiveness reminds of Franklin Roosevelt invoking the World War I-era Trading With the Enemy Act as legal ground for his “bank holiday.” At the time everyone was so dumbstruck and panicked that no one thought to raise a legal challenge, but that’s surely »

More On Student Debt, and Our Decrepit President

Featured image Scott wrote about the Biden administration’s massive cancellation of student debt here and here. On its face, the administrative action appears to be illegal. In January 2021, a memorandum by the Principal Deputy General Counsel of the Department of Education concluded that the “HEROES Act” did not confer authority for such a mass loan forgiveness. That memorandum was repudiated and revoked yesterday by the Department of Education’s General Counsel. Nancy »