Venezuela Goes Dark

You probably have read that the lights have gone out in Venezuela. It isn’t really a surprise: a regime that can’t drill oil also can’t maintain and operate an electrical grid. Marco Rubio posted this extraordinary photo of Caracas at night on Instagram. It is reminiscent of the satellite photos you probably have seen of Asia at night, with bright lights everywhere, except that North Korea is entirely dark. Common denominator: socialism.

Marco’s comment–“criminal, negligent, illegitimate”–sums up the Maduro regime pretty well. And yet prominent Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are trying to protect Maduro, so as to keep Venezuelans in poverty forever. But, hey–who cares about the victims of socialism? Certainly not American socialists.

Maduro absurdly claims that Venezuela’s inability to keep the lights on is due to American cyber warfare. Observers on the ground have more plausible, if lower-tech, explanations. Basically, socialism is and always will be, whether implemented democratically or not, a grotesque horror.

One more thing: in case you haven’t already heard it, my current favorite socialism joke. What did socialists do for lighting before candles? Electricity.