All In Favor of Infanticide Say “Aye!”

The Democrats have become extreme across a broad range of issues–socialism and the economy, immigration, energy and the environment, and abortion, to name a few. The Democrats’ enthusiasm for abortion has now led the party to embrace infanticide, something that would have been unthinkable not long ago.

Republicans are trying to secure a House vote on the Born Alive Survivors’ Protection Act, which would ban infanticide in the context of a failed abortion. The procedural mechanism is a discharge petition, but Republicans can’t get Democratic Congressmen to sign on. Not even Congressmen like Minnesota’s Collin Peterson, who is a co-sponsor of the Act.

Carly Atchison is a staffer with the National Republican Congressional Committee. She sent emails to editors of a variety of publications in districts represented by Democrats who are declining to come out against infanticide. One such Democrat is Ron Kind of Wisconsin. Atchison’s email to a seemingly innocuous publication–Cheese Reporter–drew a hateful response that was also a non sequitur: “Hey, Carly–Hope you don’t get raped at a MAGA rally and have to carry that child to term. DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.”

The email came from Moira Crowley, an assistant editor for Cheese Reporter.

The exchange got quite a bit of attention on Twitter, as reported by the Tennessee Star. Cheese Reporter claimed its Twitter feed was “hacked”:

Recently, one of our employee’s email was hacked and deplorable messages were transmitted. Cheese Reporter and the employee ask for your understanding during this difficult time and in no way does Cheese Reporter or the employee condone or endorse any of these hacked messages.

The Washington Examiner inquired:

The Washington Examiner reached out to Crowley for comment, and she replied to their request using the same email address that the outlet said was hacked.

“Our email has been compromised and the message is fake,” she said.

Cheese Reporter has since deleted its tweet claiming to have been “hacked.” It has also blocked Carly Atchison on Twitter. Or maybe the hacker did that.

Carly Atchison at what appears to be a MAGA rally

While infanticide is anything but funny, this episode does have its humorous aspects. Here are some more serious observations:

In normal times, it would seem remarkable that an editor of a seemingly non-political publication like Cheese Reporter, located in a purple state, would lash out in such over-the-top fashion. But these are not normal times, especially in Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s Democratic Party was radical before radicalism went national: remember the hysteria over Scott Walker’s election and subsequent public sector union legislation; the “occupation” of the state’s capitol by Democrats; Democratic legislators fleeing the state to prevent a quorum, so that the legislature could not conduct business; the attempt to recall Governor Walker; and the sinister John Doe investigation that targeted Wisconsin conservatives.

Congressman Kind, meanwhile, has come out in favor of impeaching President Trump (for what? who knows?) even after the findings of the Mueller report were disclosed, and despite the fact that Trump carried his district. Nowadays, craziness comes from every corner of the Democratic Party.

Can radicalism on issues like immigration, the economy, energy, and abortion possibly be a winning formula for the Democrats? Ask me in 19 months, but I doubt it.