Crisis at the border deepens

The influx of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. has overwhelmed facilities along the Texas border with Mexico. Consequently, hundreds of these detainees will be flown to San Diego for processing. The plan calls for three flights a week carrying about 130 people per flight to arrive in the San Diego area from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

Similarly, the Trump administration is preparing to send a thousand migrants to Southern Florida each month for the same purpose — to relieve the overcrowded and unsustainable conditions on the U.S.-Mexico border. And U.S. authorities have been busing illegal immigrants to Colorado from overcrowded shelters along the border in Texas and New Mexico.

Residents in the areas receiving the illegal immigrants are not pleased. Florida officials expressed anger after learning of the plan to send illegal immigrants to Broward and Palm Beach counties, both of which are run by Democrats. Broward Mayor Mark Bogen says he expects this move to create a massive homelessness problem. That’s what’s happening in South Texas.

Once the illegal immigrants are processed, they will be released with a notice telling them to appear for a hearing. Many of them will not appear, choosing instead to go underground and remain in the U.S. illegally.

A properly functioning country, if it flew these illegal entrants anywhere, would fly them to Mexico City or San Salvador. In all events, it would expel them immediately and require them to file their claims for asylum in the U.S. elsewhere.

The law does not permit this. With the way things are going, however, I wonder whether President Trump might soon declare an emergency at the border (one certainly exists), say to hell with the courts, and refuse to allow illegal immigrants seeking asylum to stay in the U.S. until such time as they are granted asylum.