The Week in Pictures: Inconceivable Edition!

I have a major confession to make. Could be hazardous with our readership. I ate my first Impossible Burger yesterday. Now, I’ve been holding out for a Princess Bride-inspired Inconceivable Burger (conceptual photo below), but no daring entrepreneur has yet attempted a prototype. So I tried the Impossible Burger. And. . . it was pretty good. Suspiciously good. I’ll bet it’s really made from Soylent Green. But do not worry that I’ll start wearing Birkenstocks and strumming a ukulele. I’m going to make up for this risky and heretical behavior by munching down these all weekend (mmmmmm, baaaaycon. . .):

The Inconceivable Burger


Headlines of the week:

And finally . . . I don’t think we need a firearm every time (though there may be one here somewhere):