Trump Visits the U.K.

President Trump is in the midst of his visit to the United Kingdom, tweeting as he goes. For example:

Donald and Melania Trump had a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. It seems to have gone very well and to have generated lots of positive images, as when President and Mrs. Trump were toasted by Queen Elizabeth.

There has been wailing and gnashing of teeth on the Left, but mainstream coverage of the President’s visit, as in the London Times, has been pretty straightforward, emphasizing the issues that Trump is discussing with Teresa May. The Times does cover the Left’s reaction to Trump’s visit: “Trump is racist, says Emily Thornberry as Jeremy Corbyn joins protest.” Emily Thornberry is Labour’s shadow foreign secretary, which reminds us how far around the bend the Corbynized Labour party has gone.

The Daily Mail offers a more skeptical view of the demonstrations against President Trump’s visit: “Ranting Corbyn accuses Trump of ‘creating a sense of hate’ – but tens of thousands of protesters FAIL to show up for demonstration against the US President.”

Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon delivered a firebrand speech to anti-Donald Trump protesters in London – obliquely accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate’ and fostering racism.

In an extraordinary speech for a politician who could one day have to work with Mr Trump, the Labour leader did not mention the President by name but played on familiar themes of his critics in a high-energy speech.

Mr Corbyn also sprung to the defence of London Mayor Sadiq Khan one day after he was called a ‘stone cold loser’ by Mr Trump – and suggested the President had ‘created a greater sense of hate and hatred’.

Of course, Khan has repeatedly attacked Trump, comparing him to Hitler and Mussolini, and he urged the British government to cancel Trump’s state visit. As usual, Trump was counterpunching. Earlier today, Trump said that Mayor Khan has asked to meet with him, but the president declined.

The Daily Mail is not impressed with the anti-Trump demonstration centered on Parliament Square:

Photographs showed a lacklustre crowd of only a few tens of thousands of activists at most gathering while the President was inside 10 Downing Street meeting Prime Minister Theresa May as part of his three-day state visit.

March organisers have already downgraded their expectations from 250,000 people to just 75,000 – blaming a ‘working Tuesday’ for the lower number, which is the most organisers believe they can expect to turn up.

Turning out protesters against American presidents is not difficult. I happened to be in London some years ago when President George W. Bush visited. The Left turned out plenty of protesters on that occasion, and they denounced Bush in terms almost identical to those they apply to President Trump. And Parliament Square, in my experience, is home to a continuous left-wing demonstration on one issue or another.

So far, President Trump’s visit to the U.K. should be scored a success, at least insofar as the Left, both in the U.S. and abroad, has failed again to delegitimize the president and his administration.

STEVE adds: The media and the left (but I repeat. . .) have been doing their best to play up that the Queen doesn’t really want to be with Trump, showing pictures of them scowling and looking uncomfortable. But not many show this shot:

Then there’s this, evidence of the protest left cleaning up after themselves, as usual: