Multiculturalism vs. America

The Claremont Institute’s American Mind site is full of features, essays, podcasts and other material that repays your time with a deepened understanding of the most challenging political issues. American Mind podcasts are separately posted here. They offer a wealth of riches.

In its most recent podcast, American Mind explores the intellectual roots, political and societal implications of, and the antidote to, what the Claremont Institute believes is the great threat to America: multiculturalism (the link is to the site’s page for the podcast — it includes a list of items cited and related readings).

The podcast features Claremont Institute president Ryan Williams, chairman Tom Klingenstein and Professor Charles Kesler, as well as David Azerrad, Lord Conrad Black, Allen Guelzo, Roger Kimball, and Norman Podhoretz. It is narrated by James Poulos, American Mind executive editor.

Multiculturalism, identity politics, and political correctness constitute enemies of the American idea that, if not defeated on the intellectual battlefield, will destroy the United States. The need for understanding is great. The podcast is a good introduction and the list of items cited is valuable as well. I should also note that both Charles Kesler and Roger Kimball invoke the late Samuel Huntington’s book Who Are We?.