Political correctness

The Reductio Ad Absurdum of Diversity

Featured image St. Catherine University (generally referred to locally as St. Kate’s) is a Catholic school in St. Paul, Minnesota. Its undergraduate school is for women. For the last few years, St. Kate’s has put on a “leadership conference” for students and others. But on December 8, this year’s conference, which was scheduled for January 19 and had approximately 200 registrants, was abruptly canceled. A St. Kate’s dean explained what happened in »

Et Tu, Country Music?

Featured image If there is any place in America where one might have expected a conservative to feel at home, it would be country music. Or would have been, anyway, until the Country Music Association chased Mike Huckabee off the board of its charitable foundation: On Wednesday, the Country Music Association announced the newest members of the board of its charitable foundation: singer Chris Young and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee (R). »

At U of Miami, Free Speech Is Expensive

Featured image The Federalist Society at the University of Miami Law School proposed to bring in Charles Murray as part of a debate on free speech. Ironically enough, the university responded by charging the Federalist Society for the cost of security for the event–security made necessary by liberals’ proclivity toward violence. The tab? Nearly $8,000, a prohibitive sum for most campus groups. Goodbye, debate on free speech! The president and vice-president of »

Today in Social Justice Panic

Featured image Today’s five-alarm social justice panic comes to us from the “Social Justice Team” at 8LimbsYoga in Seattle, which apparently has an inferiority complex to Portland or something. Not much commentary is required for this, so assuming your funny bone and the part of your larynx that produces laughter is suitably warmed up from your morning floor exercises, here goes: A LETTER FROM THE 8 LIMBS SOCIAL JUSTICE TEAM Dear Community, »

Amy Wax looks back

Featured image Last year I wrote about the academic tempest aroused by Professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander in “That which must not be said.” They aroused the tempest with this Philadelphia Inquirer column recapitulating a few home truths. Professor Wax is the Robert Mundheim Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She earned an M.D. degree from Harvard in addition to her J.D. degree from Columbia Law School. »

Target: Happy Valentine’s Day To My “Person!”

Featured image My wife used to be a loyal Target shopper; in fact, she worked for Target quite a few years ago. Her loyalty has waned as the company has gotten ever more PC, but she still shops there occasionally. She took this picture of a Valentine’s Day display in our local Target store: “You Are My Person.” How romantic! Is Valentine’s Day really celebrated by a lot of people who aren’t »

Super PC Bowl

Featured image I am wondering whether any of the players at the Super Bowl will take a knee during the national anthem, and if so, whether the TV broadcast will show it. NBC, which is broadcasting this year’s game, has refused to run this ad because it makes fun of North Korea’s Little Kim: Over the last few years the Super Bowl games have actually gotten better; more close games instead of »

First They Came for Friends. . .

Featured image As noted here previously, a noisy, nosy cohort of the millennial generation can’t stomach the old sitcom Friends, but now they’re going after . . . James Bond! Because 007 was a rapist don’t you know. Michael Walsh is manning (may I still use that verb?) the picket line against this creeping PC censorship, but it also gives us an excuse to screen the evidence that will be used against »

The Disgraceful Howard Dean

Featured image Former Vermont governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean appeared recently on a panel on free speech at Kenyon College, where he grossly mischaracterized the lamentable events at Yale University in the fall of 2015, where a student mob screamed at Nicholas Christakis for his wife’s sin of writing an email saying students should chill about offensive Halloween costumes. The video of the whole panel (which also included Steven Pinker and »

Crazy Story of the Week

Featured image There are many news items these days that recall that great line from Randall Jarrell’s comic novel about academia, Pictures from an Institution, that runs: “President Robbins made a speech that—a Gertrude said, you had to hear it not to believe it.” This week brings one that is off the chart for this category. From The Telegraph: Women who identify as men are not being routinely offered potentially life saving »


Featured image I tried a few times back in the 1990s to take in an episode of Friends, but just couldn’t get through it. It seemed an entirely mediocre offering, and I could never understand why it was so popular, except I suppose as a prequel to the super-charged self-absorption of the coming of age millennial generation. At its peak it attracted as many as 52 million viewers. But maybe I have »

Rotten Apple

Featured image Among the many important periodicals that I don’t have time to read is Cigar Aficianado. I’ve been holding out for years for a companion glossy tabloid, Trophy Wife Aficionado, and long thought it was the perfect venture for Donald Trump, but he apparently had other ideas for his next career move. If someone made Trophy Wife Aficionado a package deal along with Marvin Shanken’s other glossy tabloid, The Wine Spectator »

“I Am a Social Justice Warrior!”

Featured image I really don’t feature the great J.P Sears here often enough (though I have once in a while), partly because every one of his videos are terrific. I don’t know where this guy comes from, but I want to party with him some day: »

Is “Pocahontas” a racial slur? [UPDATED] [With Comment By John]

Featured image Today, President Trump honored the “code talkers,” Native American soldiers who were deployed during the world wars to send messages between units in their native languages — an almost unbreakable code. During World War II, Navajo men were recruited and used for this purpose. Surviving Navajos came to the White House for the event in their honor. After one of the code talkers gave a speech, Trump put aside his »

The age of outrage

Featured image Jonathan Haidt is the Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business and author of The Righteous Mind, among other books. He is also cofounder of Heterodox Academy and is a voice of sanity in the asylum of higher education. Steve Hayward wrote about him for us here. On November 15 Professor Haidt gave the Manhattan Institute’s thirty-first annual Walter B. Wriston lecture (video »

Only One Kind of Apple Apparently

Featured image When you go to the produce section of the store, you have your choice of various kinds of apples to select: red delicious, macintosh, green, etc. You might even call it a diversity of apples to choose from. When it comes to the Apple Corporation, however, it seems diversity means uniformity. We reported last month about how Apple’s vice president for diversity and inclusion had transgressed the catechism of political »

Tut-Tutting the Twits

Featured image I didn’t think it was necessary to keep up with the self-destruction of Reed College, where the left doesn’t know how to deal with the far left. (I doubt there is a single faculty member or student at Reed much to the right of Bernie Sanders, so the fact that Reed is tearing itself apart over the usual identity politics flashpoints is just a special bonus for popcorn sales.) But »