Loose Ends (96) [with comment by Paul]

What’s this? Joe Biden falling, and Elizabeth Warren ascending (as I predicted several weeks ago on one of our podcasts)? Notice the trends in this Monmouth Poll released today:

Also, note that Sanders is not going away, and that Warren’s gains seem not to be coming necessarily at Sanders’s expense. Which suggests more upside among “progressives” for Warren.

Chaser: Over the weekend, up in New Hampshire, Biden said, “I want to be clear; I’m not going nuts.” I’m sure this will help.

Feel Good Story of the Day:

Jihadi Karma: ISIS Fighter Killed by Drone Bomb He Was Operating After It Ran Low on Battery and Flew Back

AN ISIS terrorist blew himself up when the drone bomb he was operating ran low on battery — and flew back. The idiotic killer was targeting allied forces after the Battle for Mosul in northern Iraq.

Civilian drones — as weaponised by ISIS — automatically ‘boomerang’ back to their point of launch when they start to run out of power. They are programmed to return to prevent owners losing their machines.

This is why I make sure to fully charge Power Line’s drones before I send them out on an air raid. I hate it when my drones boomerang back.

What’s this? An article saying Ted Kennedy’s reputation should be reassessed appearing at (checks notes) NBC News?

Ted Kennedy Died Ten Years Ago. It is Time for Liberals, and America, to Reassess His Life and Crimes

By David Mark

. . . It’s been a long 10 years, though. Since then, the country has gone through the #MeToo movement, as well as deeply disturbing revelations about John F. Kennedy’s own extramarital behavior. At the same time, there have been dedicated efforts to wipe away the whitewashing of the most inexcusable episodes in American history, such as removing Confederate monuments across the South.

With American society revisiting the sins of the past, led by an energized left, and Democrats savaging officials who violate norms and standards of decency, it’s time that Kennedy, too, was seen for who he really was. Liberals in particular need to look themselves in the mirror for the pass they gave the heir to the Kennedy political dynasty, and the behavior they let him get away with.

If we are serious about holding the powerful to account and subordinating political interests to ethical ones, there is no better place to start than with a reassessment of Kennedy’s actions and his legacy.

I don’t know who David Mark is (he’s identified as an author and lecturer in Washington), and I can’t find a comment thread for this item, which may not be an accident, what with another entitled Kennedy thinking of pushing Ed Markey aside to reclaim the family’s birthright Senate seat in Massachusetts.

JOHN adds: “If we are serious about holding the powerful to account and subordinating political interests to ethical ones”? No wonder we have never heard of this guy, he obviously is not a prominent Democrat.

PAUL adds: I don’t put too much stock in the Monmouth poll that shows Biden tied (in effect) with Warren and Sanders. The next four most recent polls all show Biden in the lead, and three of them have him ahead by double digits.

Moreover, Monmouth polled fewer than 300 registered voters. Thus, its survey has a margin of error of almost 6 points.

I agree that Biden is fading some, and I think he’s in trouble in Iowa — a “flavor of the month” state (when it comes to caucusing) that lacks black voters. However, I believe Biden still is the first choice of appreciably more Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents than any of his rivals.