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Featured image • Bill Maher has gone off the reservation once again, debunking lefty talking points about the greatness of our neighbors and Scandinavia while ignoring facts: • The late John Von Kannon, one of the founders of The American Spectator back in the 1960s, persuaded me many years ago that professional wrestling was a conservative sport, because it is a melodramatic morality play, with clear good guys and bad guys. (This »

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Featured image This installment mostly offers updates on previous items. • Let’s start with yesterday’s item about National Propaganda Radio (NPR). Today NPR responded. Highlights: NPR’s top news executive defended its journalism and its commitment to reflecting a diverse array of views on Tuesday after a senior NPR editor wrote a broad critique of how the network has covered some of the most important stories of the age. . . NPR’s chief »

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Featured image • I have a vivid recollection of watching the first debate in the 2000 fall election between Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush, when Gore made a claim about having visited Texas with the director of FEMA after a major wildfire. I noticed Gov. Bush suddenly had a puzzled look in his face, and I filed a mental note: “Gore just told a fabrication of some kind.” Sure »

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Featured image • I don’t get it. I thought the Clinton Foundation had fixed all of the problems in Haiti. Maybe they should just bring back Voodoo economics. • I did not have John Fetterman as a robust champion for Israel on my Bingo card: I’m starting to believe that on this issue at least, Fetterman is a better Senator than Oz would have been. • Apparently Middlebury, the college that allowed »

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Featured image • Reminder that once upon a time leading Democrats opposed illegal immigration and called for stronger border enforcement: Chaser—Once upon a time Democrats also understood that a surge of illegal immigrant depressed wages for unskilled labor. A reminder from Democrat economist and Obama alum Jared Bernstein: One thing we learned in the 1990s was that a surefire way to reconnect the fortunes of working people at all skill levels, immigrant »

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Featured image • Behold the newest frontier in “equity”—”vaccine equity.” Which is needed to counter “vaccine nationalism.” (And you thought “Christian nationalism” was the worst threat out there.) You think I am making this up? From Nature magazine today: Today, nearly one-third of the world’s population has still not received a single dose [of COVID vaccine], and the death toll resulting from vaccine nationalism continues to grow. . . As time runs »

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Featured image • Trump continues to hold a solid lead over Biden in the key swing states the latest RCP Poll averages. Let’s just look at Arizona and Nevada today: • Whatever they are pumping Biden with every morning is wearing off by the afternoon: NEW: Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass steps in to answer a question for President Biden as he looks confused with a frozen face. Reporter: "Mr. President. Do »

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Featured image • Feel the Democratic Party excitement for Joe Biden: • How to think about the immigration bill: Or this works, too: • This just might be the single greatest accomplishment of my life, and besides, I’m all out of bubble gum: • More on the Woodrow Wilson rehabilitation project: »

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Featured image • Our pal David Deeble wins Twitter this week: • I thought this headline was the Feel Good Story of the Week for a moment: But then I saw the press release from UNRWA moaning that the suspension of funding by 16 nations (so far) may put its operation in peril, which easily beats out the cheering news about deadbeat journalists. Key line from UNRWA’s director, Thomas White: “If the »

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Featured image • (P)resident Biden has said that We. Will. Respond. to the Iranian-sponsored attacks that killed American servicemen and women in Jordan. Count me skeptical. Noah Pollak nails the heart of the problem: Chaser: Dozens of of US government workers – including Defense and State Departments – plan to go on one-day hunger strike for Gaza in protest to Biden’s support of Israel on February 1 Dozens of US government workers »

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Featured image • Texas Civil War Watch: A reminder from the Declaration of Independence (just swap out “President Biden” for “King George III”). He [King George] has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them. • Ackman and Weiss, doing God’s work: Five participants in the TED »

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Featured image • This is why Shatner/Captain Kirk can never be displaced as the GOAT: • Apparently this is happening this year. This is just wrong, like remaking Die Hard, or remaking Alien with Jennifer Aniston as Ripley. When it comes to Patrick Swayze movies, didn’t Hollywood learn its lesson from the total flop of the Red Dawn remake? Patrick Swayze forever! • For NFL fans, nothing can top the Korean broadcast »

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Featured image • When I flagged the photo of Biden’s birthday cake bonfire yesterday, I had forgotten about what is still the most bizarre Biden photo ever: • More reasons to like the president of Argentina: This is almost as good as the Trump tears in 2016: Leftists in Argentina are in TEARS tonight, sobbing as their 40 years of rule has come to an END pic.twitter.com/k2fIYswNnt — Jack Poso 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) »

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Featured image • Today in anti-Semitism: Pro-Hamas demonstrators are blocking the Oakland Bay Bridge: The Bay Bridge is SHUT DOWN Biden will not get away with genocide, Biden will not get away with staying in San Francisco without EVERYONE knowing he is supporting the slaughter in Gaza No more genocide, ceasefire NOW pic.twitter.com/iQWWevwclA — Ariel Koren (@ariel_koko) November 16, 2023 Chaser—Iowahawk wins Twitter for today: But we have worthy runner-up: • Joe »

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Featured image • You may have heard that President Biden was heckled by a pro-Hamas “rabbi” at an event last week. Here’s  a photo of the “rabbi,” Jessica Rosenberg: Oh-kay. • Gee—maybe this is one reason why younger Americans and Brits have a much higher rate of pro-Hamas sentiment than older Americans: Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust Almost two-thirds of young American adults do »

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Featured image • Tweet of the Day (and it’s only morning): • New York Times correction of the week (and it’s only Monday): Of course, this is an easy mistake to make, given the subject is DiCaprio. • Best protest sign of the week: Chaser—I heard some lefty claim that Israel has bombed every university in Gaza. I wanted to respond, “Stop giving me such hope!” • One of the typically strong »

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Featured image This edition of Loose Ends will comprise mostly videos that are on point. • Let’s start with Gavin Newsom trying to do his best imitation of Larry Bird, but coming up instead with the perfect metaphor for his governance of California: Block or charge?pic.twitter.com/Ldcvn6iCaP — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) October 29, 2023 • Glenn Loury throws down again on Ibram X. Kendi and the “equity” race-mongers: pic.twitter.com/Hb69xFP4PR — Nashville Tea »