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Loose Ends (46) for a Crazy Week

Featured image • Has anyone stopped to notice that amidst all the extreme political turmoil of the week, the stock market has leapt sharply to a new record high? It’s almost as though the real economy of the real world isn’t much concerned about the madness in Washington. Or maybe the market is discounting favorably the likelihood of increased gridlock in Washington. Gridlock, as my late mentor M. Stanton Evans liked to »

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Featured image • As has already been noted here in the latest Green Weenie Award, the climatistas are all spun up to say that Hurricane Florence proves that catastrophic climate change is upon us and that we need to hand over our car keys to Al Gore right now. If you pay attention to extreme weather trends, you’ll know that the period between Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and last year saw no »

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Featured image As I said in the previous note, I’ve been on the road all week and mostly ill-informed about the breaking Trump stories, and much else. So all I have are some more Loose Ends to file. • With one caveat. I hadn’t been paying attention to the fact that Michael Cohen’s attorney is Lanny Davis. Lanny Davis??? Seriously? What is this—some kind of parallel universe remake of the Clinton sex »

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Featured image Another travel day for me, so another quick digest of all the fast-moving stories coming over the transom faster than I can keep up. • Have you heard the latest way the left is hoping to attack Brett Kavanaugh? They’ve dug up some old legal memos from his time working for Ken Starr on the Clinton investigation 20 years ago, in which Kavanaugh proposes that Starr’s prosecutors do not shrink »

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Featured image • Everyone is mocking Rudy Guiliani for saying “truth isn’t truth” on NBC yesterday: “Truth isn’t truth?” [Chuck] Todd interjected. “Mr. Mayor, do you realize, what … I think this is going to become a bad meme.” Yes, it should be, and I’ll add that I don’t think Mayor Guiliani is doing the best job defending President Trump in public these days, but question: How does what Guiliani says here »

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Featured image Got a whole bunch of short items to get off my spindle this morning. • So Elon Musk says the Saudis are interested in financing Tesla to go private. Why would the Saudis want to become the major financial player in an electric car company? I simply can’t imagine. I guess Musk is too young to remember an old Johnny Carson Tonight Show line about an idea being as bad »

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Featured image • One of the results of yesterday’s primaries is that Nevada’s leading pimp won the Republican nomination for a state legislative seat. Going from pimp to the state legislature just seems like progress on the learning curve if you ask me. • Paging Mike Rowe! Talk about dirty jobs! First, we heard about Kim Jong Un bringing his own toilet with him to Singapore because it “will deny determined sewer »

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Featured image • I see the story out today that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has capitulated to the identity politics mob and apologized for eating at—and Tweeting approvingly about the experience—Chick-fil-A. This, because Chick-fil-A’s CEO opposes same-sex marriage. Judged by foot traffic, though, this is one culture war boycott the left is definitely losing. I’ve been through the Denver airport four times in recent weeks since Chick-fil-A opened an outlet in the middle »

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Featured image Got a large backlog of news items to catch up with. • In the “News You Can Use” Department: Study Says Drinking Alcohol Is Better Than Exercise For Living a Longer Life [Excerpt] After her team analyzed the data from the study, they concluded that individuals who consumed two glasses of wine or beer per day reduced their risk of an early death by an astonishing 18%. To compare that statement, »

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Featured image • Blue state exodus rolls on: AllianceBernstein, a substantial investment manager, has announced that it will move almost its entire New York staff to Nashville, Tennessee. Did I mention that Tennessee has no state income tax? Well, the Wall Street Journal story sure does mention it: In a memo to employees, AllianceBernstein cited lower state, city and property taxes compared with the New York metropolitan area among the reasons for »

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Featured image Another travel day for me today and tomorrow, but there are several short news items worthy of note: • William F. Buckley Jr once remarked to the effect that liberalism is the impulse to reach in and turn down your shower. Well: This Eco-Warrior Shower Curtain Forces You to Get Out of the Shower After 4 Minutes London-based artist Elisabeth Buecher, the designer of the inflatable curtains, explains the reasoning »

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Featured image It’s down to the wire for the end of the semester, which means I’m up to my neck in student term papers and other things that are keeping me from my keyboard, so lots of things are piling up on my spindle. Time to clear out a few. • The main purpose of academic freedom, we’re told, is to protect the generation of “new knowledge.” The new knowledge we learned »

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Featured image • Donald Trump, Intersectional Feminist? So Donald Trump says he’s “not a feminist.” I’m not sure whether to laugh hard, or laugh even harder. Especially at the reaction that might have ensured if he had said he is a feminist! It’s actually even better than that: Trump turns out to be the perfect “intersectionalist”! In his interview with Piers Morgan, Trump said, “No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I mean, »

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Featured image • Anyone buy the official explanation that the erroneous “inbound missile” alert in Hawaii was the result of a mere keystroke error by someone in the office? Me neither, though it reminds me, in these fraught times of red buttons on desks, of the old observation that if there really was a literal nuclear launch button on the president’s desk, someone would have long ago set a coffee cup on »

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Featured image • You just knew this was going to happen sooner or later: TWO HETEROSEXUAL MEN MARRY TO AVOID PAYING INHERITANCE TAX Two Irish men married each other in Dublin, Ireland. Not for any kind of romantic love: athough they are best friends, they are both heterosexual. Their main goal was  to avoid paying an inheritance tax. Matt Murphy and Michael O’Sullivan made the decision to tie the knot after they realized Murphy, »

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Featured image • The Financial Times has an interesting article on Chinese universities, and especially how the authoritarian regime would like to exert better control over foreign-funded universities and branch campuses. The government is going to place trusted Communist Party members on the board of trustees on all these joint-venture universities, and make them vice chancellors as well. This passage in particular stands out: “This changes the nature of the game and »

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Featured image A couple of short items worth noting today. • First, in the New York Times story yesterday on how the Weinstein scandal is opening the floodgates of sexual harassment charges, this wonderfully droll sentence appears: Woody Allen served as the imperfect messenger for those cautioning against what he termed a “witch hunt.” Did they really write this with a straight face? What next: “Bernie Madoff served as the imperfect messenger »