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Featured image • Strange that we don’t hear much about the glories of Modern Monetary Theory just now. • Next time Capitol One asks me, “What’s in your wallet?”, I’m going to say: “Cash. Cash is what’s in my wallet, thank you very much.” • I dunno, I think the COVID Nurse Dance Troops did it better than striking LA teachers: Theres nothing more beautiful and powerful than organized workers fighting for »

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Featured image • Let’s start with the Feel Good Story of the Day: Los Angeles teachers are about to go on strike (I know—how could you ever tell?), but many support staff have jumped the gun and already walked off the job, causing classes for half a million students to be canceled yesterday. Parents should heave a sigh of relief if a strike shuts down LA schools for good, though that is »

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Featured image • Recent political history in one sentence: the Democratic Party gave up the working class for the woking class. • Update on the Dutch election that John and I noted over the weekend: when all the votes were counted, the farmers protest party captured 17 seats in the 75-seat Senate, up from 15 as originally results suggested. The previous four-party ruling coalition can’t survive, and it would seem to be »

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Featured image • Stanford University is on a roll, quickly leaving the field behind in the contest for the title of the worst university in the country. Stanford employee Jennifer Gries lied about rapes to get revenge on coworker: DA A Stanford employee who claimed she was brutally raped on campus twice by a coworker was charged with lying as part of a revenge scheme that also put some cash in her »

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Featured image • Fauci is doubling down. Here’s what he had to say yesterday about the lab leak hypothesis: • Over the last few years the big woke complaint about the Academy Awards went under the banner “Oscars So White.” So are now going to start hearing “Oscars So Asian”? For the second time in four years, an Asian-made film won best picture (“Parasite” in 2019, and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” last »

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Featured image • It turns out employers have come up with a genius method to screen out potential employees who will be needy narcissistic nuisances in the workplace: Resumes including ‘they/them’ pronouns are more likely to be overlooked, new report finds . . .We sent two “phantom” resumes to 180 job postings. The resumes were identical, except the test resume included they/them pronouns, and the control did not. Though most companies were »

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Featured image • Boy, I’ll bet no one could see this coming: NYC police want shoppers to remove masks before entering stores Face masks, once an essential Covid-19 protective measure, are now being worn by criminals to conceal their identities, according to New York police who are urging businesses to unmask customers before letting them in stores. The recommendation is a 180-degree turn from mask-wearing norms at the onset of the pandemic. »

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Featured image • Warren Buffett has been a Democrat most of his life for some foolish reason (his father was a conservative Republican congressman from Nebraska who wrote occasionally for Human Events in the 1950s), but now and then he wakes up to the economic idiocy and predacity of Democrats. As you may know, President Biden, following the lead of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, attack stock buy backs as “giveaways” to »

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Featured image • First an announcement: owning to travel schedules, Lucretia and I were not able to schedule our weekly Power Line University seminar on The Federalist, and we’re almost at the end! Next week we promise, probably Wednesday. But stay tuned to this space. • The left: Corporations don’t pay enough taxes because of tax loopholes and special-interest tax breaks. Also the left: We need more tax breaks and subsidies for »

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Featured image • Looks like Biden’s State Department has more problems beyond those that our Afghan Charge d’Affaires Karen Decker acknowledged yesterday. Fox News reports: The State Department on Tuesday withdrew the nomination of an Ivy League professor who called then-candidate Joe Biden a “senile gaffe machine” and criticized other officials for their pro-Israel views. James Cavallaro was nominated last week to serve on the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in the »

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Featured image • Maybe my favorite “land acknowledgement” yet: Question: Did the five tribes listed in the last sentence (not to mention the unnamed “among others”) own the land in joint tenancy? A limited partnership? A co-op of some kind? If these five were successive owners, can we please see the conveyance of title deeds?  Oh, that’s right—it was only the white European settlers who conquered these lands. • Liberals hit by »

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Featured image • Bill Kristol, a superspreader of Trump Derangement Syndrome, long ago demonstrated that one of the side effects of the TDS virus is losing your wit, but it appears the next symptom is losing your mind: Meanwhile, this guy has the right idea: • Speaking of humorless liberal scolds, Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast intends to lodge a protest at this gross slander—right after we refill our custom-engraved whisky glasses: • Maybe »

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Featured image • Remember the launch of the Obamacare website back in 2013? Looks like the Biden Administration is determined to match the incompetence of Obama’s geniuses with their new asylum website. From AP News: The U.S. government’s CBPOne mobile app that’s been overloaded since the Biden administration introduced it Jan. 12. Many can’t log in; others are able to enter their information and select a date, only to have the screen »

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Featured image • There’s been a good deal of controversy over stock trading by members of Congress—perhaps sometimes based on inside information. Just today the news is out that Nancy Pelosi recently sold about $3 million worth of Google stock, and lo and behold, just this week the Justice Department announced it is bringing an antitrust suit against Google. It turns out there is a handy website where you can track and »

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Featured image • I am calling for a complete and total shutdown of modern art until we can figure out what the hell is going on: Seriously—what the hell is this? (It’s supposed to be a monument to Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King in Boston.) Well here’s one take on it, which I pass along without comment or endorsement: Also this: Oh what the hell: • Kamala is back, baby! »

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Featured image • So all airline flights were grounded for several hours this morning because of software problems at the Federal Aviation Administration. Gosh, this might distract Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg from his all-important mission to remedy racist roads, and punishing Southwest Air Lines for their computer software problems. Southwest may be facing fines from the Dept. of Transportation, as well as reimbursing expenses for stranded passengers. Think anyone at the FAA »

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Featured image • Someone apparently got to Biden’s teleprompter again, with the predictable result: BIDEN: "I’ll paraphrase the phrase of my old neighborhood: The rest of the countries, the world is not a patch in our jeans, if we do what we wanna do, we need to do." pic.twitter.com/G8WI7etvBb — Townhall.com (@townhallcom) January 4, 2023 Or maybe he’s self-consciously trying to make Kamala look good by comparison. • And while we’re doing »