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Featured image • This weekend’s body count from Chicago: 18 dead, 47 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings Chaser: Trump’s letter to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Illinois Gov. Lightweight: “More Americans have been killed in Chicago than in combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq combined since September 11, 2001, a deadly trend that has continued under your tenure. . . Your lack of leadership on this important issue continues to fail the people you »

Loose Ends (110) (Updated!)

Featured image • Obama’s national security aide Ben Rhodes famously remarked that young journalists “literally know nothing,” but today someone at The Hill newspaper abused their ignorance privilege with this epic tweet: What—did Germany murder seven million Jews before noon today? I musta missed that breaking news. The tweet has been deleted, but seriously Hill people, shouldn’t you just delete your entire Twitter account? If The Hill had any sense of shame »

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Featured image Haven’t done a collection of short rando items for a while, so time to catch up. • From CNN: Purdue University President Mitch Daniels said the school is taking a hybrid approach to education as it gears up for the upcoming semester, plus implementing new safety measures for students. . . “Many teachers, we will insist, teach only online. But those who are in classrooms will be at [an]…extra-protective distance, probably behind Plexiglas and »

Today’s Campaign Notebook

Featured image • So it appears the Democratic Party has decided to self-identify as unelectable. • Elizabeth “I Have a Plan for That” Warren says her simple solution to every problem is to “put power back in the hands of the people.” But somehow all of her plans involve putting more power in the hands of people in Washington. I wonder if that has something to do with her “more selective appeal,” as »

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Featured image • So, how’s that whole impeachment thing working out for Democrats? Chaser: Trumpsters, 2016: Burn it all down! Trumpsters, 2020: Bern it all down! • I wish we had more college administrators like this one, as reported in The Times of London today: How do you respond when placard-waving students occupy your 15th-century quadrangle and refuse to leave until you sell the college’s shares in oil companies? As this is »

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Featured image • Impeachment seems not to be impressing the stock market very much. The Dow is up around 80 – 100 points, again reaching new record territory. • Speaking of which, if the House Democrats don’t transmit their articles of impeachment to the Senate, or delay it for weeks (as is being reported today), it is going to make the whole thing appear to be even more a partisan political stunt »

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Featured image These are the crazy years. To wit: Actor Chris Pratt on Wednesday apologized for posting a photo on Instagram of him posing at a gym with a single-use plastic water bottle in his hand after “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa called out his fellow Hollywood star. Pratt posted the Instagram photo on Tuesday as part of a collaboration with Amazon. This prompted Momoa to comment under “The Guardians of the Galaxy” star’s photo saying, “Bro »

Peak Loose Ends (104)

Featured image • Brought to you by the same people who brought us “peak oil”: We Could Be Approaching Peak Beef As the world’s population grows and incomes rise, we’ll inevitably eat far more beef — the meat that’s considered the most expensive and prestigious in a remarkably wide range of cultures. That’s a worrying prospect for the planet. Grazing and providing animal feed for cattle already accounts for about 60% of the world’s »

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Featured image • So the Federal government ran a fake university, the University of Farmington, that charged students tuition for the purpose of entrapping aliens abusing student visas. But this part of the Washington Post story is worth a pause: But Rahul Reddy, a Texas attorney involved with these students’ cases, told the Detroit News that U.S. officials running the fake University of Farmington operation preyed upon unsuspecting students. “They should not »

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Featured image • Okay, here we go: Two guards on duty the night of Jeffery Epstein’s “suicide” were charged today with criminal negligence on the job: The night that Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in a Manhattan jail, one of the guards on duty was catching up on sports news and looking at motorcycle sales on a government computer. The other spent time shopping online for furniture. For about two hours, they appeared »

Loose Ends, Mostly on the Election Campaign

Featured image • Wait—Mark Sanford was running for president? Somehow I missed him on the campaign trail. But now he will have more time for that other trail. • Is this real news, or the Babylon Bee (which is more accurate news these days): Hillary Clinton says “many, many, many people” are urging her to run for president again next year. As the Bee points out, most of these people are likely »

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Featured image • Climate change, we are relentless told, is the urgent existential threat to the entire planet, even more so than the nuclear arms race we all grew up with. Yet the Democratic candidate who tried to make this the centerpiece of his campaign, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, was one of the first to drop out, having never broken 1% in the polls. Steve Milloy notes a pattern here about the »

The Crazy Chronicles

Featured image Is it my imagination, or are liberals and their allies getting more insane by the day? Here’s an Inventory of Crazy on my cyber-spindle right now: • Tom Steyer says if Trump wins re-election, “literally it could be the end of the world.” Hard to see what Trump could so so much more effectively than in his first term, but whatever. Maybe Trump will be less inhibited on Twitter in »

This Week in Crazy [Updated]

Featured image I know. What do you mean, “this week” in crazy? With today’s regnant liberalism, we could easily do “the last half-hour in crazy.” But I do have a day job, plus a wine and whisky addiction that has to be attended to, so I have to be, as the great Ian Faith put it, “more selective.” (Bonus pop culture points for knowing that reference.) Let’s start with . . . »

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Featured image • So my understanding is that the climatistas are planning some kind of protest in DC tomorrow whose centerpiece will be blocking morning traffic so that . . . The Swamp can’t get to work? How is The ResistanceTM going to function? I’m not sure the climatistas have thought this one all the way through, since I am wholly on their side for once; in fact, I wish they’d blockade Washington every »

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Featured image • Feel Good Story of the Week (and it’s only Monday): NYT Columnist Discloses “Insomnia” She’s Had Since “Cursed Night” of Trump’s Election New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg indicated on Friday that President Trump’s election was so upsetting that it gave her years of insomnia. That tidbit came in a column about Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg making what she calls a “thrilling prediction” that 2020 will see a “blue wave” that »

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Featured image • My money is still on Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic nominee. I didn’t think so six months ago, but I think she is showing some versatility, and she has a broader range than Bernie. (The Daily Beast—discount the source appropriately—reports that the Trump team thinks so too.) Still, she has made her first significant blunder with her pledge to stop all new  oil and gas production on public »