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Featured image • Today’s decoding of liberal lexigraphy: It has become a common refrain from liberals to say we need to have a “national conversation”—usually about racism or “Islamophobia” or something. Translation: “Shut up and agree with liberalism.” Leftists don’t really want a “conversation” about anything, still less an argument that they’ll lose. It’s more like this: • Who said this? “People are driving across that border with tons of everything from byproducts »

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Featured image • I firmly believe that Attorney General William Barr should get the exact same punishment for contempt of Congress that Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder got for his contempt of Congress. • Prediction: It’s going to be Tormund. Think about it. You know it makes sense. You heard it here first. • Finally! A good parody of plastic bottled water: Maybe the Black Rifle Coffee folks can start offering this. • »

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Featured image • CNN is announcing that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has given birth to a baby boy: London (CNN)Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, gave birth to a boy in the early hours of Monday, Buckingham Palace has announced. . . The boy will be the eighth great-grandchild for Queen Elizabeth II and the seventh in line to the throne behind Prince Charles, Prince William and his three children and »

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Featured image A few stray items from on the road. . . • You may have heard that Bernie Sanders, and also some no account Disney princess, think Disney CEO Bob Iger is overpaid, and should share his salary and the huge profits coming to Disney from Avengers: Endgame with lower-paid Disney workers. Question: Shouldn’t this same question be asked of Robert Downey Jr., who is projected to make more from the last »

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Featured image • Oh no! The 50th anniversary Woodstock music festival has been canceled! After rumors of cancellation continued to circulate after festival organizers postponed the ticket on-sale date last week, Woodstock 50 will officially not take place in 2019. The 50th anniversary of the original legendary event was set to take place in Watkins Glen, NY, with an eclectic mix of artists like Dead & Company, Santana, The Killers, Jay-Z, Chance »

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Featured image • News you can use: The Power Line podcast is now available on Spotify! And as a reminder, if you aren’t listening regularly, please consider subscribing, and even if you are neither a subscriber or listener, you might consider leaving a brief review and five-star rating for the show on iTunes. It helps us build an audience. • So Biden is in. Fun times ahead. I still don’t see the »

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Featured image • I know yesterday was Earth Day, but did you know that people are so apathetic about Earth Day that the greenies turned it into “Earth Week” quite a while ago, as though that will help. In any case, if you’re up for an epic rant about the matter, I recorded a special Earth Day podcast yesterday with my pals at the Pacific Research Institute, and you can listen to »

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Featured image • Feel good story of the day: Remember when Harry Reid lost an epic battle with an exercise band in his bathroom a few years back, leaving the former boxer from Searchlight, Nevada looking like he’d gone 20 seconds in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime? Well guess what, mom: Reid has lost to the exercise band a second time, when a jury ruled against him in his »

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Featured image Another crazy busy week, but I hope to catch up with several stories by the weekend. In the meantime, as couple quick drive-by shots at things goin on: • I heard the other day that Trump might appoint an “immigration czar” for deal with the border crisis. A czar? A CZAR!! Why is it taking so long for Adam Schiff to claim that this is proof of Russian collusion? • »

Who Declared This To Be Crazy Week?

Featured image Did I miss something, or did Trump use his power under the National Emergencies Act to declare this week to be Crazy Week? Because there sure does seem to be an extra helping of crazy going on, and it’s only Wednesday! • The college admission scandal is just too delicious to be believed. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of hypocritical, liberal-run institutions. One aspect of the scandal is »

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Featured image • Our favorite comic (after Ammo Grrrl), David Deeble, lives in Germany much of the year, and likes to joke that there are two things Germans don’t joke about—Hitler, and everything else. German politicians might be advised to take this to heart: Merkel successor slammed as intersex toilet joke falls flat German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s anointed successor, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, faced harsh criticism Monday over a carnival joke that ridiculed intersex »

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Featured image • Climate change watch: Los Angeles just experienced a February in which the temperature never reached 70 degrees for the first time in recorded history (LA temperature records go back about 130 years). And the midwest is in the grips of another bone-chilling polar vortex, because the damn groundhog lied. • Meanwhile, in other climate news, did you know climate change is causing an increase in kidney disease, because climate »

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Featured image • Apparently something called “The Oscars” are on right now. The only “Oscar” I care about are the ones followed by “Mayer Weiners,” or “Robertson.” • Did you hear un-funnyman Bill Maher say that Blue states “have chef Wolfgang Puck, they [Red states] have Chef Boyardee. Our roofs have solar panels, theirs have last year’s Christmas lights.” First of all, Wolfgang Puck!?!? He’s so 1990s. Second, the only reason those solar »

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Featured image I’m struggling with a painful condition that has not yet been subdued by medication. The condition is disrupting my sleep and the medication is suppressing my energy. (I should add that my painful condition is only painful. It does not have any other physical effect.) Borrowing the heading from the old National Review Notes & Asides column in which William F. Buckley responded to letters from readers — he compiled »

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Featured image Lots of news to catch up with and comment on today. • An RBG sighting! After weeks of being out of public view and prompting a ton of rumors, Justice Ruth Buzzie Ginsburg appeared—in person—at the Supreme Court yesterday, just in time to hand down today’s unanimous ruling that the 8th Amendments’s “excessive fines” clause applies to the states through “incorporation” of the due process clause. This ruling will greatly »

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Featured image • So this is interesting news: Snow falls in Hawaii a few times a year in winter on the state’s highest peak, Mauna Kea rising 13,803 elevation in feet, but the white stuff is rarely seen at elevations below 9,000 feet to 10,000 feet. On Sunday, Maui’s 10,ooo-foot Haleakala received a thick dusting and snow also accumulated at 6,200 feet in Polipoli State Recreation Area. Officials at the Department of Land and »

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Featured image • Factoid: Federal district courts have issued 30 nationwide injunctions against Trump Administration actions. Aside from the legal argument about whether federal district courts should be able to issue nationwide injunctions, this is more injunctions than all other U.S. presidents combined. #JudicialResistance? • Oh goody: • AOC chaser: Not being transgender makes me privileged says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she says: ‘I will never know the trauma of feeling like I’m »