Loose Ends

Loose Ends (63)

Featured image • I assumed that the following letter from President Trump to Speaker Pelosi was a fake, like yesterday’s fake edition of the Washington Post, but no—it’s real, and it’s spectacular!  The White House has clarified that all congressional junkets will be postponed, not just Pelosi’s trip, which was supposed to depart this afternoon according to press reports. • Speaking of Democrats, save up for this, which sounds like the best »

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Featured image • Yeah, yeah, I know—I haven’t posted anything yet on AOC’s beloved “Green New Deal,” but that’s because I can’t stop laughing. I’m sure a “Green” New Deal will be just as effective as the original New Deal, which prolonged rather than ended the Great Depression, though it did succeed in vastly expanding the permanent power and reach of government, which was its real goal of course. • As a »

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Featured image Heading into the first weekend of 2019, a few stray stories worth noting. • This story out of Canada is so stupid that I can’t even give it one of our coveted Green Weenie Awards: Sometimes being energy conscious can mean geeking out on gigawatts, or studying the latest heat exchanger technology. But in this case, it involved splurging on a $2,000 cat door. The super-insulated, radio-frequency-controlled designer cat passageway »

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Featured image • RIP, Bre Payton. I only ever met and spoke with Bre Payton in person twice that I can recall (both times about our common roots in southern California, and my high regard for Patrick Henry College, this upstart institution in northern Virginia that is turning out impressive graduates like Bre because it stands for something), so I can’t claim to have known her well. But I was following her »

Loose Ends (59): Christmas Eve Edition

Featured image • Finally! A stock market I can like! I hate stock markets that are at record highs. I love stock markets that are battered and bruised. One of the great things about being a conservative is that the essential contrarian nature of a conservative can and should extend to the stock market, too. When the Wall Street touts and CNBC shills say “It’s different this time,” a conservative will immediately »

Loose Ends (58)

Featured image • About the “government shutdown,” a few questions and observations: Are the police and fire departments in your city still on patrol? Will city hall and the county courthouse be open for business next Wednesday after the Christmas holiday is over? Will your local public school open up again after the holiday break? Then “government” isn’t really shut down now, is it? If you count all the way down to local »

This Week’s Biggest Twits on Twitter

Featured image Everyone knows Twitter is an abyss, but some people abuse the privilege and have clearly been working overtime this week. Like this: John Dingell in a “hipster” coffee shop? More likely a hip-replacement coffee shop. I’m sure he just misheard. Twitter is the perfect medium for romper-room socialism: Oh please, please propose a wealth tax for New York City! I suspect that eight of the ten richest people in New »

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Featured image Scott has his spindle for his accumulated news items, and after nearly two weeks on the road I need a forklift for all of the news items that have landed in my pile. So let’s clear some of them out. • Speaking of forklifts: Trump Assassination Plot Foiled After Man Stole Forklift to Flip President’s Limo . . . “The intent was to try to get to the limo, flip the »

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Featured image • After the “renewable energy” scam, the next greatest rent-seeking scam has to be urban “light rail” transit, or what I have sometimes called “The Quest for the Holy Rail,” or “A Desire Named Streetcar.” Construction costs are always underestimated (funny how consistent this is) while ridership projections are always way higher than reality. And then after a while, like San Franciso’s BART or Washington DC’s Metro, “deferred maintenance” results »

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Featured image • I really thought this Chuck Schumer tweet had to be one of those fake Babylon Bee contrivances, but this is real, and has to be a contender for the most clueless tweet of the year, since it implicitly acknowledges that Trump was right about federal judges: Of course, Schumer is not without some vigorous competition, like this tweet: So who is this guy? It figures. • If you think »

Loose Ends (54)

Featured image Some various feel good and absurd stories ahead of the holiday turkey shoot: • This is one of my favorite things about Bulgaria: Russia Wants Bulgarians to Stop Painting Soviet Monuments To Look Like American Superheroes Russia is demanding that Bulgaria try harder to prevent vandalism of Soviet monuments, after yet another monument to Soviet troops in Sofia was spray-painted, ITAR-Tass reported. The Russian Embassy in Bulgaria has issued a note demanding that its former Soviet-era ally »

Loose Ends (53)

Featured image • Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving: • But running a close second is this theme from the left, as is expressed in this tweet by a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin: You can see why political “science” is in such trouble these days. Law professor David Bernstein makes quick work of this stupidity: Though I have to say, runner-up in the stupid tweet-take »

Loose Ends (50)

Featured image After a long week on the road last week, I’ve got a long backlog of things to catch up on. Let’s start with these. • Question: In what way does the progressive left’s attack on white males differ in essence from what the Nazis said about the Jews in the 1930s? (Asking for a friend. . .) • Speaking of Nazis, I did drop in briefly on St. John’s College »

Loose Ends (49), On Khashoggi and “Caravans”

Featured image Seldom has a series name been more appropriate than today, because there are loose ends all over the leading “news” stories of the moment. • About the Jamal Khashoggi story, there are enough loose ends to knit a thick wool sweater. There’s a lot to this episode that still doesn’t add up, and I doubt we’re anywhere close to knowing the full story. And once again, journalists seem to have »

Loose Ends, Mostly About Podcasts and Things

Featured image • You may have heard that outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley killed it at the Al Smith dinner this week, especially with her quip that “I get it, you wanted an Indian woman, but Elizabeth Warren failed her DNA test.” Boom! In any case, here’s the whole 15 minute speech, which works pretty well I think. Nikki 2024!   • Not sure whether I’ll be able to get this week’s Power »

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Featured image What a week. A few stray thoughts on this and that: • I’m starting to wonder whether Michael Avenatti is a deep cover Trump plant inside the left. It is pretty clear to me that Sen. Susan Collins was deeply offended at the way Democrats rolled out their last minute smear of Kavanaugh, and the preposterous Avenatti charges of a “rape gang” was a key turning point. Robbie Soave of »

Loose Ends (46) for a Crazy Week

Featured image • Has anyone stopped to notice that amidst all the extreme political turmoil of the week, the stock market has leapt sharply to a new record high? It’s almost as though the real economy of the real world isn’t much concerned about the madness in Washington. Or maybe the market is discounting favorably the likelihood of increased gridlock in Washington. Gridlock, as my late mentor M. Stanton Evans liked to »