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Featured image There’s a whole lot of crazy going on this week, and it’s only Monday. • The latest issue of the New York Review of Books, which I read so that you don’t have to (it’s opposition research) always offer a fill of amusement. There’s a James Mann review of yet another new book on Robert Welch and the John Birch Society, and you can just guess the theme of the »

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Featured image • Today in Wokery: The only surprise about this story is that it took two weeks to happen: The World Health Organization will officially rename monkeypox, in light of concerns about stigma and racism surrounding the virus that has infected over 1,600 people in more than two dozen countries. . . More than 30 international scientists said last week that the monkeypox label is discriminatory and stigmatizing, and there’s an »

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Featured image • Why the United Nations is a joke, chapter 12,186: North Korea, Under Sanctions for Developing Nuclear Weapons, Takes Helm of UN Disarmament Body GENEVA — Dozens of mostly Western countries criticized North Korean “reckless actions” in its weapons programs as its government on Thursday took over the rotating presidency of the U.N.-backed Conference on Disarmament. But apparently no one in the UN can rouse themselves to kick the Norks »

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Featured image • You know what’s really going to hold up Russia’s war against Ukraine? Climate change. Because of course it is. The latest extreme unction from the climatistas is a primal scream in the New York Review of Books about how climate change is going to ruin Russia, and why its fossil-fuel dependent economy may have helped cause this war in the first place. That’s the great thing about climate change »

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Featured image • No, no, no, no, NO! Those pillowy golden puffs of classic movie-theater popcorn, covered in fake butter and all-too-real salt, could be in short supply. “Popcorn supply will be tight,” Preferred Popcorn chief executive Norm Krug told the Wall Street Journal. Just when we’re gearing up to watch MSNBC on what is likely to be the Democrats’ worst midterm election night wipeout since their last midterm election wipeout, this has »

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Featured image • I think we can inaugurate a new catchphrase today for corruption and stupidity: “All the rectitude of a DC jury.” Or: “The OJ jury: ‘We are impressed!‘” Or, move over “faster-than-a-speeding-bullet” Superman: “Faster than a DC jury acquitting a Clinton crony.” • News item: Gee—who could have seen this coming? San Francisco’s Lowell High School is seeing a record number of failing grades in its fall 2021 class – »

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Featured image • As reported here periodically, it is a project of the identity politics left to portray free market economists as racists, because at its heart the project of the postmodern left is to overthrow a free economy to make way for socialism. Nancy Maclean’s egregiously bad book Democracy in Chains is example number one, but our pal Phil Magness keeps close tabs on all the parallel efforts. And he passes »

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Featured image • Okay, this whole inflation/supply chain thing has reached full-blown crisis stage: Burger Prices to Remain High as Cattle Ranchers Shrink Herds Burgers and steaks are set to stay pricey as U.S. cattle ranchers shrink their herds, further constraining U.S. beef production in the months ahead. Rising costs for feed and other expenses are leading ranchers to sell their calves into feedlots at a faster pace, according to federal data, »

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Featured image • As if we didn’t have enough bad news this week, oh look, the baby formula shortage is getting worse: Baby formula shortage: Out-of-stock rates surge to 70% For the week ending May 22, the out-of-stock rate for baby formula rose to 70% nationwide, according to recent data by retail data firm Datasembly. It’s a significant increase from the week prior when the national out-of-stock rate for baby formula stood »

Updates: Musk for the Win, and the Progressive Roots of “Replacement Theory”

Featured image • When I posted in Loose Ends earlier today about Tesla being booted off the S&P ESG ETF, I neglected to speculate that it was Musk’s recent declaration that he’s going to vote Republican because Democrats have become too radical that might have triggered the step the woke capitalists have taken. And Musk has gamely responded: You know, I’m starting to think Musk is even better at Twitter than Trump. »

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Featured image • Always behind on my weekend reading, so I just today caught up to Holman Jenkins’s Saturday column in the Wall Street Journal on “What Did the Steele Hoax Cost America?” The whole article is smoking hot great and worth reading all the way through if you have a Journal subscription, but this one passage stands out as the perfect summary for how to think about Trump: Mr. Trump may »

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Featured image • Another Biden achievement reached today: Gasoline prices at the pump reached a new milestone on Tuesday. For the first time ever, all 50 states recorded gas prices above $4 a gallon, after prices in the three holdout states — Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma — increased overnight, according to AAA data. Chaser: • Long article in the New York Times today about rising second thoughts about the use of anti-psychotic »

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Featured image • So Democrats couldn’t even get to 50 votes in the Senate for their complete abortion-on-demand at any point for any reason bill, which was clearly written with the express political purpose of making it impossible for pro-choice Republican senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins to vote for it. The bill exposed the Democrats’ hostility toward religion with a clause that would have required Catholic (and other denominational) hospitals to »

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Featured image • Remember how during the Iraq War the deranged left fingered Leo Strauss (d. 1973) as somehow the intellectual inspiration behind the neoconservative drive to war in the Middle East? It was downright silly, and in any case Thomas G. West provided a thorough refutation of this nonsense in the Claremont Review of Books. Better get ready for a sequel. A few years ago there appeared a new edition of »

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Featured image • Oh goody—the identity politics crowd has come up with a substitute term for “Latinx,” which is hugely unpopular among hispanics according to repeated surveys. Campus Reform reports: New York University’s LGBTQ+ Center announced via Instagram that the university would be holding a slew of “Cultural and Identity-Based Graduation Celebrations” to “acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of graduating students of color and LGBTQ+ students.” Among the celebrations listed was an event titled »

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Featured image • The Ukrainian crisis may have reached a turning point with the announcement that Russia is cutting off oil and gas shipments to Poland and Bulgaria: Moscow is making good on a threat to halt gas supplies to countries that refuse President Vladimir Putin’s new demand to pay for the fuel in rubles. The European Union has rejected the demand in principle but now payment deadlines are starting to fall »

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Featured image • A few days ago I remarked that the Biden Administration would have to appeal the district court ruling striking down the mask mandate despite the political unpopularity of masks because preserving the power of the administrative state is a core principle of the left today. I just didn’t expect The New Republic to come right out and admit this point: Biden had no choice but to appeal. That’s because »