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Featured image • Feel Good Story of the Week (and it’s only Monday): NYT Columnist Discloses “Insomnia” She’s Had Since “Cursed Night” of Trump’s Election New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg indicated on Friday that President Trump’s election was so upsetting that it gave her years of insomnia. That tidbit came in a column about Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg making what she calls a “thrilling prediction” that 2020 will see a “blue wave” that »

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Featured image • My money is still on Elizabeth Warren to be the Democratic nominee. I didn’t think so six months ago, but I think she is showing some versatility, and she has a broader range than Bernie. (The Daily Beast—discount the source appropriately—reports that the Trump team thinks so too.) Still, she has made her first significant blunder with her pledge to stop all new  oil and gas production on public »

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Featured image • First it was bedbugs at the New York Times. Now this (and behave people, despite the obvious and overwhelming temptation): The New York Times may have bed bugs, but the Washington Post has a roach problem. “We have a growing pest problem,” Post director of newsroom operations Jillian S. Jarrett wrote in memo to newsroom employees August 14. “We’ve gotten several reports of cockroaches in the newsroom.” Lest you think this »

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Featured image • What’s this? Joe Biden falling, and Elizabeth Warren ascending (as I predicted several weeks ago on one of our podcasts)? Notice the trends in this Monmouth Poll released today: Also, note that Sanders is not going away, and that Warren’s gains seem not to be coming necessarily at Sanders’s expense. Which suggests more upside among “progressives” for Warren. Chaser: Over the weekend, up in New Hampshire, Biden said, “I »

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Featured image Busy road trip this week with lots of meetings (and great podcast interviews for coming weeks!), so I’m behind on the news. Trump say anything yesterday? I should think I would have heard something. Herewith a few odds and ends: • Covering (I guess?) the important issues: Why Are Fewer French Women Sunbathing Topless? I can think of several theories, but let’s go to the reporting: In 1984, a survey »

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Featured image •  The New York Times had a whimsical story over the weekend about vegetarians and vegans who gave it up to be come butchers.  The best parts of the story: Before she was a butcher, Ms. Kavanaugh was a strict vegetarian. She stopped eating meat for more than a decade, she said, out of a deep love for animal life and respect for the environment. . .  She returned to »

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Featured image  • This explains a lot: Bernie drank the Kool Aid (or is this just a booster shot?): • Isn’t Marianne Williamson wonderful? It appears that a lot of viewers think so. Here’s a before and after graph of Google searches for the Dem field from last night. I think Williamson is like Herman Cain and Ben Carson in the last two GOP nomination cycles—a shiny new thing that generates a lot »

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Featured image • Want some really great feel-good news? Boris Johnson has barely been in office 24 hours, and already he’s being declared the worst! The Scottish National Party said [Boris] Johnson’s new government was “shaping up to be the worst since Thatcher” and was “packed full of extreme Brexiteers and rabid right-wingers who want to drag us back to a bygone era.” “This is a Tory Cabinet from hell, which Donald »

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Featured image • Right after the mid-term election last year, Trump was asked how the Democrats taking the House would work out for him. He replied: “It will probably be very good for me politically. I can see it being extremely good politically, because I think I’m better at that game than they are, actually.” Based on the events of the last couple weeks, you’d have to say he has a point. »

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Featured image • The lede for this story has to rank right up close to the NY Post‘s famous headline, “Headless Body in Topless Bar”: Lesbian mother who fled with sperm donor arrested A British woman who left her wife in Canada for their sperm donor and allegedly abducted their child has been arrested after landing an inflatable rubber dinghy in the Channel Islands. Though I admit I may not fully comprehend »

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Featured image • You may have heard, last month was Pride Month. It was in the news, a little bit. Everybody recalling getting Stoned by a Wall 50 years ago or something. Anyway, this item caught my eye, and almost qualified as a standalone Civil War on the Left item, except that the Democratic presidential campaign is currently monopolizing that space: Linked Protesters Block San Francisco Pride Parade Route Multiple protesters dropped »

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Featured image • Comment of the day on the Democratic presidential field comes from Washington Post columnist Robert Samuelson, who says it’s not as much a genuine field as it is “a gaggle of graduate students.” Heh. • A close second in the Baghdad Bob DNC sweepstakes appears in Tim Alberta’s survey of the debate wreckage in Politico: “Three days after the maelstrom in Miami, top Democratic officials insist there’s no sense »

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Featured image • Caught this news item this morning: Wait—doesn’t Michelle know that dodgeball is a tool of oppression? How could she? One of gym classes’ most common games is being used as a tool of “oppression,” according to a team of Canadian researchers. Dodgeball in phys-ed classes teaches students to dehumanize and harm their peers, professors from three Canadian universities said in a presentation this week at the Congress of the »

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Featured image • I was going over the general scene with a sage friend who pointed out that it is inevitable that the Democrats will impeach Trump. Not because Trump has committed an impeachable offense, but because the Democrats are in deep trouble if, as is highly possible, the forthcoming Justice Department’s inspector general’s report and U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the FBI “monitoring” of the Trump campaign »

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Featured image • Yesterday I mentioned that California received something like 160 percent of normal rainfall this year, but that was going by rough memory of a media report. It might be higher. In any case, I just now saw the official figures for Colorado’s snowpack: 432% of normal, and 1,638% higher than last year. Here’s the chart: • So this is interesting: North Korean “leader” and all-around bro Kim Jong Un »

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Featured image I am waaaay behind on things, partly because my summer session class, which meets every day, is consuming both time and concentration. But anyway. . . • Bob Mueller today made life even more miserable for Nancy Pelosi. Just who is he working for? Don’t be so sure you know (or that Mueller knows). • From a survey of the media tonight, “the dam is about to break” is replacing »

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Featured image • You’ll never guess what the UN is worried about now: How dare Amazon name their digital assistant Alexa! “Alexa: How can we liberate you?”  How come I suspect Alexa’s answer will be essentially, “Buy more things from Amazon!” Chaser:   • The Climatistas are always telling us that their prescriptions won’t shrink or slow economic growth, and won’t significantly impinge on the lifestyle of citizens. To the contrary, if AOC »