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Featured image • Today in anti-Semitism: Pro-Hamas demonstrators are blocking the Oakland Bay Bridge: The Bay Bridge is SHUT DOWN Biden will not get away with genocide, Biden will not get away with staying in San Francisco without EVERYONE knowing he is supporting the slaughter in Gaza No more genocide, ceasefire NOW pic.twitter.com/iQWWevwclA — Ariel Koren (@ariel_koko) November 16, 2023 Chaser—Iowahawk wins Twitter for today: But we have worthy runner-up: • Joe »

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Featured image • You may have heard that President Biden was heckled by a pro-Hamas “rabbi” at an event last week. Here’s  a photo of the “rabbi,” Jessica Rosenberg: Oh-kay. • Gee—maybe this is one reason why younger Americans and Brits have a much higher rate of pro-Hamas sentiment than older Americans: Nearly two-thirds of US young adults unaware 6m Jews killed in the Holocaust Almost two-thirds of young American adults do »

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Featured image • Tweet of the Day (and it’s only morning): • New York Times correction of the week (and it’s only Monday): Of course, this is an easy mistake to make, given the subject is DiCaprio. • Best protest sign of the week: Chaser—I heard some lefty claim that Israel has bombed every university in Gaza. I wanted to respond, “Stop giving me such hope!” • One of the typically strong »

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Featured image This edition of Loose Ends will comprise mostly videos that are on point. • Let’s start with Gavin Newsom trying to do his best imitation of Larry Bird, but coming up instead with the perfect metaphor for his governance of California: Block or charge?pic.twitter.com/Ldcvn6iCaP — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) October 29, 2023 • Glenn Loury throws down again on Ibram X. Kendi and the “equity” race-mongers: pic.twitter.com/Hb69xFP4PR — Nashville Tea »

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Featured image • It’s not every day you get to bring complete joy into someone’s life: • But here are some people I won’t be following on Academia.edu—the hits just keep coming: Provosts—ostensibly the quality control executives in higher education—at universities have the power to stop this nonsense. But they never do. • The Wall Street Journal has one of the best Letters to the Editor sections of any American newspaper, and »

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Featured image • The rainbow-fascists, struggling to make the trans run on time: World Aquatics’ plans to debut an open category for transgender athletes at the World Cup in Berlin this week have been cancelled after no entries were received. Swimming’s governing body, which voted last year to ban transgender women from the elite female category, had promised to stage the “pioneering pilot project” to promote its “unwavering commitment to inclusivity, welcoming »

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Featured image • Missed the GOP debate since it went off in the middle of the night over here in central Europe, but I have caught a couple of highlights on Twitter that have me amused. First, this from Vivek Ramaswamy: Zero-based budgeting? Where have I heard this idea before? Oh that’s right—it was a centerpiece of Jimmy Carter’s 1976 campaign. And he got nowhere with it once in the White House. »

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Featured image • Gavin Newsom is running. His surprise veto of the gender identity bill, coming on top of his previous tough talk on immigration, shows he is already tacking to the center. It’s only a matter of time now. One or two more polls like today’s Washington Post poll and Democratic panic will reach critical mass. What about Kamala, you say? Surprising that no one has figured out that Newsom also »

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Featured image • It’s almost as if Zelenskyy wants Republicans in Washington to block further aid to Ukraine: Zelenskyy: "Humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives" pic.twitter.com/h2w54lXL9Z — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 19, 2023 • Meanwhile, the invasion of the Italian isle of Lampedusa continues: In the past 24 hours 20 more boats have arrived. Total over over 18,000! More boats are underway towards Lampedusa, Italy. The local population of the island »

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Featured image • I’m so old I can remember that when the Obama Trump Administration did this it was considered the greatest human rights violation since Hitler and the Nazis: Border Patrol temporarily separated families this summer, court filing says A pediatrician tasked by a federal court in Los Angeles to monitor the conditions of migrant children in U.S. government custody revealed in a recent court filing that some children were temporarily »

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Featured image • Mitt Romney is a monster (and good riddance, by the way): • Even Nancy Pelosi knows that Kamala Harris su- – – (no, I won’t go there) is bad at her job. Of course, Pelosi is conflicted big time by her familial tie to Gavin Newsom, and better for Newsom if someone else clears out Harris. Still, it is striking that Pelosi can’t even manage some kind of pro-forma »

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Featured image • Exactly what does New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham think she is doing suspending the 2nd Amendment because of an “emergency”? The state’s attorney general (a fellow Democrat) has told the governor her act is unconstitutional and that he will not defend it in court. Even one-time teen gun-grabber heartthrob David Hogg has called her move unwise and unhelpful: But Governor Grisham is doubling down. Theory: this is an »

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Featured image • Headline of the day: Biden books are still bombing The few books that have been written about the Bidens have not exactly been flying off the shelves. . . New York magazine writer Gabriel Debenedetti’s “The Long Alliance: The Imperfect Union of Joe Biden and Barack Obama” has sold fewer than 1,500 copies, according to NPD BookScan. The Associated Press’ Julie Pace and Darlene Superville’s “Jill: A Biography of »

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Featured image • Feel good headline of the day: CNN — The Environmental Protection Agency and US Army on Tuesday released a new rule that slashes federally protected water by more than half, following a Supreme Court decision in May that rolled back protections for US wetlands. The rule will invalidate an earlier definition of what constitutes the so-called waters of the United States, after the Supreme Court ruled Clean Water Act protections extend »

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Featured image • It was hard to tell whether the supposed “coup” or “insurrection” (since that is the preferred term these days) that the mercenary Wagner Group instigated in Russia recently was authentic, or some kind of false-flag operation designed to smoke out disloyal military officers and senior civil servants in Putin’s government, or as a distraction/cover for rearranging troop and weapons placements or some similar purpose. Among other things, the disposition »

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Featured image • Paul Krugman in the New York Times, July 17: “We absolutely should politicize the weather.” Paul Krugman, August 13: “The fact that the climate war is now part of the culture war worries me, a lot.” His cat better be hiding somewhere. • I haven’t had a chance to dilate the news a couple weeks ago that Fitch has downgraded U.S. debt, in the absence of any acute political »

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Featured image • Given the condition of San Francisco today, isn’t it overdue for Hollywood to reboot Dirty Harry? Or at least run Dirty Harry for mayor? After all, Clint Eastwood was mayor of Carmel. Or is the place so far gone that John Wick might be necessary? (Or Robocop?) • Word out today is that Georgia is going to indict Trump for RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) violations. This is »