The Week in Pictures: Trite Supremacy Edition (With Jeffrey Epstein Updates)

I’m looking for a stockbroker who can point me to a company that manufactures dog whistle detectors, because they are selling like hotcakes to liberals right now. But apparently they are all made in China and are blocked by Trump’s tariffs, which is why so many dog whistles are going unheard by the American people. You just knew that Trump’s tariffs were really about assuring white supremacy, because why else would Trump impose them? File it all under “trite privilege”—a better term for the presumptuousness of the left.

UPDATE: Oh c’mon! Jeffrey Epstein “commits suicide” late on a Friday night after the Week in Pictures has been posted? Alex Jones smiles. (And there goes the rest of my Saturday.) This aggression cannot stand, man! The gallery must be re-opened!

The possibilities are mind-Buggling!

In California, we use AP gas prices.

Headlines of the week:

And finally. . .