Nunes Sues Fusion GPS

Congressman Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has sued Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson and left-wing front group Campaign for Accountability, Inc., in federal court in Virginia. It is in considerable part due to Nunes’s tenacity as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee that we know as much as we do about the biggest political scandal in American history, the Russia collusion hoax. His lawsuit alleges a campaign to smear him and to obstruct justice by the defendants.

The lawsuit is pled as a RICO case. I am not an expert on RICO, but I am skeptical that it will go far on that basis. Its allegations seem to sound more in defamation, but there is no such cause of action asserted. (Nunes separately sued Twitter and McClatchy newspapers for defamation in April.)

Nunes’s complaint is embedded below. It provides a good, concise summary of what we know about the Russia hoax, and how it unfolded. In paragraph 47, after referring to the false testimony that Glenn Simpson gave before the House Intelligence Committee, the complaint alleges that “It was immediately obvious to Representatives and reporters alike that Simpson had lied in his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee,” followed by a link to this post by me on Power Line. It is always nice to see our work pop up unexpectedly! Here is the complaint: