The Heng aftermath

The highlight of the Dem presidential candidates’ debate last week was the 30-second advertisement run by Elizabeth Heng’s New Faces GOP PAC. We posted the video along with an admiring note here over the weekend.

The truth quotient of the advertisement stood in stark contrast with that of the Dem presidential candidates. If we could divide by zero, we could put a number on the quotient.

Speaking of zero, however, CNN’s Chris Cuomo fabricated a controversy out of the graphic image of firing burning through the photograph of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that is used in the video. Monica Showalter documents the controversy in a detailed post at American Thinker.

Monica regrets the particular transition used in the video and provides some alternatives to it. I think the controversy represents the Dem/media ability to make something out of nothing. BizPac Review’s Samantha Chang comes to Heng’s defense here. Below is a mercifully brief clip from the epically stupid segment.