The Week in Pictures: Sharpie Edition

Everyone says that Trump uses Twitter like a laser pointer, herding the media and his hysterical opponents like cats. This week Trump proved you don’t need electrons—all you need is a Sharpie, and a sharp sense of humor. (Next to the dullards of the media, it’s not hard to seem sharp.) Trump drew a semi-circle on a hurricane map, and you’ll never guess what happened next! Of course, I think Trump was inspired by CNN, which somehow managed to make the entire state of Alabama disappear (see fifth shot below), which is certainly a Freudian slip, since we know CNN wished that Alabama didn’t exist.

Headlines of the week:

Italian hurricane track forecasting?

Never heard of this movie, but it looks awesome and I want to see it as a double-feature with Roadhouse.

Carlos Santana on the cover of AARP magazine? A sure sign it’s over for baby boomers.

And finally. . .