A Decade of Political Correctness

In today’s London Times is a column by Rod Liddle that, I suspect, no American newspaper would print: “Rod Liddle’s politically incorrect Quiz of the Decade.”

OK, boomers — wassup? I’ll tell you wassup. This was the decade you got left behind.
[C]is is short for cisgender and refers to someone whose current gender is the same as the one they were “assigned” at birth. Yes, I know — scientifically that means everyone. It’s all there in the chromosomes. It is an indisputable fact. But don’t come the essentialist with me, boomer. For the generations that have followed you — the millennialists and now the zoomers — science and fact are an irrelevance.

They can be anything they want to be, utterly unconstrained from the suffocating straitjacket of, er, reality. White people can be black, or Chinese, or Tamil. People born male can be female or something in between. Today you can identify as anything you like and nobody will gainsay you. Or some old tossers might, but they are bigots and should be paid no mind.

And today there is a hierarchy about what you can be. It used to be all about equality, which seemed a reasonable goal to attain. Not any more. In these woke times, if you are gay, it is better than being straight. If you are transgendered, it is better than being “cis”. If you are black, it is better than being white. If you are a vegan, it is better than being a carnivore.
You may find all this extremely liberating. Or you may, like me, find it the natural consequence of an incalculably narcissistic, deluded and perpetually indulged culture and that the concomitant rise in mental health issues is really no coincidence.

Then follows the quiz, which is entertaining as well as disheartening. It is all worth reading, but you probably can’t access it without a subscription.

1. In 2016, the National Union of Students voted to remove special representation from which of the following groups, saying they were not oppressed and often misogynistic?

A Lunatics
B Students
C Gay men
D Women

2. Which of the following did the idiotic Huffington Post worry might be racist in 2018?

A Air
B Water
C Bees
D Milk

5. In 2018, the black vlogger and commentator Candace Owens was hounded out of a restaurant in the US by white liberal Antifa activists because, they argued, she was…

A Not using her cutlery appropriately
B Not choosing from the “meat free” options
C A white supremacist
D Not in the right part of the restaurant for black people

8. The ultra-woke US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez considered which of the following vegetables to be responsible for colonialist oppression?

A Turnip
B Okra
C Cauliflower
D Mangetout

9. In 2013, the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Rennard caused a #MeToo outrage in his party when it was revealed that he had asked a female colleague if she would like a…

A Cup of coffee
B Threesome with that Swinson lass
C Tickets to the annual Lib Dem conference
D Box of Milk Tray

10. A painting by the 17th-century Flemish artist Frans Snyders was removed this year from Hughes Hall, Cambridge University, because it might cause offence to which group of people?

A Walloons
B Druids
C Women
D Vegans

12. The US professor Rochelle Gutierrez announced that which of the following was responsible for underpinning white supremacy in society?

A Books
B Trees
C Cheese
D Mathematics

17. At what age was the youngest child referred to the Gender Identity Development Service at the Tavistock Centre in London for potentially invasive transitioning surgery?

A 3
B 6
C 9
D 12

18. The cricketer Maxine Blythin recently improved her batting average from a meagre 15 to a remarkable 124. How, chiefly, was this success achieved?

A Long hours of training and practice
B She hired Sir Geoffrey Boycott to coach her
C She bought a new bat
D She transitioned from being a man and now competes against women

20. The students’ union at Lincoln University banned the college’s Conservative Society because it had…

A Held a Third Reich fancy-dress party
B Burnt £10 notes in front of poor people
C Invited Jacob Rees-Mogg to speak on campus
D Objected to limitations on freedom of speech at the university

Answers, and more questions, at the link. I’ve often said that we live in a world gone mad, but that isn’t the worst of it. We live in a world gone totalitarian.

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