The Week in Pictures: Celebrexit Bonus Edition!

Congratulations to Britain for its exit from the European Union yesterday. Next up: the United Nations perhaps? Trump should propose it, just to watch the media . . . what? Lose their mind? How can you lose something already lost? Speaking of lost, how’s that whole impeachment thing going? Coronavirus seems to be more popular. Strap in folks and order a double espresso, because we have extra special bonus video content at the end.

Reminder of how much smarter is the media than us mere plebes:

This problem seems to be spreading:

Headlines of the week:

Apparently for real.

With apologies to Rob Long. . .

And finally (except not quite this week) . . .

Bonus Brexit material—we posted this once before, but this is an updated version (language warning):

And Margaret Thatcher vindicated—No!