The Coronavirus Week in Pictures: Special CDC Edition

Are there really conversations like this going on in America:

“Honey, I’m going to head out to five stores and buy all the toilet paper I can, because coronavirus!”

“Good idea—I hear toilet paper prevents the transmission of the virus.”

“Also, lots of bottled water, because we can’t trust the tap water. I hear on the media that the alligators in the New York City sewers are spreading the virus into the drinking water supply!”

“Also, tell the kids to cancel their Tinder and other dating apps. Tinder is warning its users that you risk catching the cororavirus through using their app to meet people.”

“Yeah, now Tinder warns us about catching social diseases!”

“And can you believe that we’d actually take the risk of going back to daylight saving time in the middle of this crisis?!”

Whatever. In any case, this calls for a special Sunday afternoon short TWiP gallery.

And finally. . .

Special bonus video entry: